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Отели г. Уруапан: популярные вопросы и ответы

Останавливаться в отелях по направлению Уруапан во время пандемии COVID-19 (коронавируса) не опасно?
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Hotel Plaza Uruapan - Уруапан - Спальня
8,9 Превосходно (Отзывов: 141)
от 5 320 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Plaza Uruapan расположен в сердце города Уруапан. Региональный музей La Huatapera и Рынок Antojitos находятся в 5 минутах ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатный (проводной) доступ в интернет, бизнес-центр и бесплатные газеты в холле. Предоставляется бесплатная парковка сотрудником отеля.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Excellent service, clean and friendly staff.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location, most everything besides lack of A/C
Минусы: No A/C
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: The restaurant
9,1 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staff 300% +
5,8 Нормально
Плюсы: I love the location and that they have a parking garage.
Минусы: There were several things that were broken. One of the access doors was not opening and the personnel took about 30 minutes to come and let us in. The was not lights on the hallway floor where we were staying and we have to use the flashlight of our cellphone to light our way out.
Hotel Pie de la Sierra - Уруапан - Спальня
8,5 Превосходно (Отзывов: 273)
от 3 405 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Pie de la Sierra — хороший вариант в городе Уруапан. Barranca del Cupatitzio (национальный парк) находится в 8 мин. езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, химчистка или прачечная и круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации. Предоставляется самостоятельная парковка (за дополнительную плату).
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: An older facility but well kept and very clean. All the amenities one needs. very friendly and accommodating staff. Large rooms,
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: This is a large “events” or convention style hotel just outside Uruapan. It is situated a little above the town and there are views from location on the property of Uruapan; like from the top floor of the restaurant. The grounds are nice. Only one or two other rooms were occupied the two nights we were there (mid Feb. 2019). Still the restaurant was open and the from desk staffed. The room was spacious and clean and comfortable. The signal from the Wi-Fi router was strong but the Internet service was awful. Another oddity was the hot water and this is likely related to the hotel not being occupied. It took 15 minutes of running’s the hot water in the shower for the hot water to arrive. Once it made its way to the shower it was quite nice. The rate was very good and we enjoyed seeming to have the place to ourselves. We asked when the hotel was busy and were told Semana Santa and Noches de la Mireya. I don’t understand how they keep the lights on but I’m glad they do.
Минусы: The Internet was virtually non existent.
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: Out of the city, it has perfect view and is not that far from the city centre. The stuff was good, the breakfast was fine. The pool was great.
Минусы: It was a bit cold at night. As well, the hot water was a bit of a problem but mainly because the hot water was put to the right.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Everything was good
Минусы: Check the hot water on the shower
6,7 Хорошо
Плюсы: Nice vintage style properly with ample green space and spectacular views
Минусы: Too close to the main highway. Heavy trucks braking an accelerating all day and nught create uncomfortable noise nuisance
Hotel Mi Solar - Уруапан - Спальня
9,1 Превосходно (Отзывов: 148)
от 3 334 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Mi Solar находится в самом сердце города Уруапан. Рынок Antojitos и Региональный музей La Huatapera расположены в 5 минутах ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатный (проводной) доступ в интернет, прокат автомобилей представительского класса и ускоренная регистрация при заезде.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very nice hotel in colonial style. Interior design in typical Mexican style. Helpful and friendly staff.
Минусы: Nothing. A suggestion to the hotel is that they could offer breakfast.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: This was a cute boutique hotel right in the center of the city. They have their bar across the street which was super convenient. We stayed in the Junior Suite which was on the third floor, and even though they do NOT have an elevator they helped us with our luggage. The room was great, comfy bed, a/c and a sofa/sitting area, perfect to do your make up. Staff was nice and friendly and again location, location, location. Definitely will book again.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Everything was great but they could invest in a bigger TV
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Bed was huuuge, decoration was beautiful!!
Минусы: No breakfast available when we stayed here, I think they were redecorating their dinning area
9,1 Превосходно
Минусы: The gym area is not really something you can use much
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: It was so quiet, nice and clean...
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Our room (suite) was large, comfortable, quiet. Staff was very helpful, stored our luggage for a few hours after check out. Location was good - safe, walking distance to main plaza and restaurants and national park.
Минусы: Restaurant was closed during our stay but staff recommended good nearby restaurants.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Hotel was great, clean, and comfortable. The staff were super helpful and courteous. Will definitely stay here again on a return trip. The location was great as well.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: The house is amazing and the rooms are clean
Минусы: Hasn’t restaurant
Holiday Inn Uruapan - Уруапан - Ванная
8,8 Превосходно (Отзывов: 157)
от 6 171 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Holiday Inn Uruapan — хороший вариант в городе Уруапан. Региональный музей La Huatapera и Рынок Antojitos расположены в 15 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: круглосуточный бизнес-центр, бесплатные газеты в холле и химчистка или прачечная. Отель предлагает вам 3 конференц-зала(-ов) для проведения встреч и мероприятий. Предоставляется бесплатная парковка сотрудником отеля.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Rooms clean, Restaurant food good, facilities suficiente and personal excellent.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Good places closed every thing good service and food
Минусы: The room and food
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Nice, clean and great space.
Минусы: Employees did not provided me on how turn the lights and WiFi password. Had to go down to get info. You could hear the people outside of the room.
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: Most of the staff were very friendly.
Минусы: The bed sheets was dirty when we unfolded the comforter, it was so late at night that my husband did not want to call housekeeping and we had to sleep on top of the comforter. We left a note for the housekeeper to change all the sheets in the bed and she did. Also room has no fridge and breakfast is not included, we ordered room service 3 times but 2 out of the 3 they didn't have the items on their menu.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Friendly
Минусы: Not walking distance to downtown
Mansion del Cupatitzio - Уруапан - Бассейн
8,8 Превосходно (Отзывов: 101)
от 6 383 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Этот Mansión del Cupatitzio в городе Уруапан — вариант с прекрасным расположением: Barranca del Cupatitzio (национальный парк) находится в 0,1 км, Археологический памятник в Тингамбато — в 30,8 км от него. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Excellent customer service; friendly staff; beautiful; clean; beautiful flower gardens; excellent food
Минусы: Slippery floors
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Everything ok perfect
Минусы: Nothing
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location
Минусы: Tv 20yrs old tvs
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: The best thing about this hotel is its location. They have a VERY professional staff. The room service waiters and the porters are VERY professional. Also the food is quite good. The grounds are very pretty and well maintained. The hotel looks very nice from the outside. Also, it is right by the entrance to the national park. There is a restaurant across the street from the hotel overlooking the river in the national park, and the entrance to the park is a few blocks away.
Минусы: The room did not have an AC nor a heater nor a fan. I was looking for a quiet room- This was not quiet. The way the door and bathroom window are fitted, there is a lot of space around them, so all the noise came right into the room. There were screaming children at night and during the day... like blood curdling screaming. At one point a whole group of staff members had a loud conversation with beeping and walkie-talkie right outside my room door. I heard other people in other rooms at various hours. This is NOT a quiet place. Also the overall feeling of the room is shabby... it feels old and the carpet is shabby. If they weren't marketing themselves as a 4 star hotel, it wouldn't matter, but the room did not feel 4 star. Most important of all, the WIFI is TERRIBLE!!! I tried to move out and get a refund after being there one hour. They would not refund my money, even for the following day I hadn't stayed there yet. The reason I requested a refund was because I needed to get work done that evening, and I could not even SEND a TEXT email. It took forever to send, or it would drop. I would switch back and forth between the many wifi routers they had as each one would fail. I recieved either very slow or intermittent service. At one point, one of the staff came into my room to show me that Youtube worked fine on his phone, but when he showed it to me, it was buffering constantly. The front desk assured me they would reset the routers, but they still ran the same way -- very slow, intermittently not working at all. At 2 or 3am, when everyone else a the hotel was asleep and not using the wifi, I could barely use the internet to check my banking, send an email, or use booking.com - Anything else was too much for th einternet. What really bothered me was that I could not get a refund... After I was told there would be good wifi, and the wifi didn't work, a refund should have been issued.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Pillows and sheets very comfortable, excellent service.
Минусы: The water of the pool is cold
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Beautiful w/ great service and location. The restaurant was also excellent.
Минусы: The beds were too hard for me.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Everything was pretty and beautifully maintained.
Минусы: Decorations were American, pictures were of Boston! When they remodel, they should go for a Mexican theme.
Hotel Palacio - Уруапан - Здание
8,2 Превосходно (Отзывов: 11)
от 1 703 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Отель Palacio расположен всего в 2 км от центра города Уруапан. К услугам гостей камера хранения багажа и бесплатный WiFi на всей территории отеля. Кроме того, помещения отеля оборудованы для гостей с ограниченными физическими возможностями. Все номера этого отеля оснащены телевизором с кабельными каналами, вентилятором и шкафом для одежды. В собственной ванной комнате с душем предоставляются бесплатные туалетно-косметические принадлежности. В пределах 300 метров от отеля Palacio расположено множество ресторанов. Продовольственный рынок Уруапана находится в 800 метрах от отеля, а поездка до международного аэропорта Уруапана занимает 10 минут.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: WiFi was great. In general, good value for my money.
Минусы: Pillows we're kinda hard.
Nuevo Hotel Alameda de Uruapan - Уруапан - Спальня
7,9 Хорошо (Отзывов: 69)
от 2 270 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Отель Nuevo Alameda de Uruapan с бесплатным WiFi и круглосуточной стойкой регистрации с сейфами находится в центре города Уруапан. Номера, оформленные в строгом стиле, располагают гостиной зоной и оснащены кондиционером и телевизором с кабельными каналами. В собственной ванной комнате с душем предоставляются полотенца. Гости могут посетить рестораны и кафе в городе Уруапан, где предлагают блюда мексиканской кухни или блюда в международном стиле. Кроме того, гости могут воспользоваться услугами прачечной. На территории отеля обустроена бесплатная парковка. Отель находится в 15 минутах езды от автобусного вокзала. Мини-маркет расположен всего в 10 метрах, а местный рынок – в 40 метрах от отеля Nuevo Alameda.
3,3 Так себе
Плюсы: the beds where hard as a rock
5,8 Нормально
Плюсы: Close to the center plaza
Минусы: Room in not so good condition and humid, bathroom with fungus, one day stay and we did not took a shower, afraid of getting infections.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The TV had several English stations. The Alameda is just off Uruapan's main square.
Минусы: I had to look at three rooms before I found one I liked. The first they offered me was on a noisy hall opposite the elevator while the second was unmade with no sheets on the bed. The third (number 309) was at the end of an internal side corridor and quite fine.