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Kussharo Prince Hotel - Тешикага - Здание
7,8 Хорошо (Отзывов: 96)
от 9 301 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Kussharo Prince Hotel расположен в городе Тешикага, на озере. Озеро Куссаро находится в 1 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Дом для отдыха на перевале Бихоро — в 10 мин. езды. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной.
6,7 Хорошо
Плюсы: - Nice view - Spacious room
Минусы: - No meal was included, breakfast and dinner. We paid extra for the breakfast. A bit expensive for the choices. There are no restaurants around the hotel for dinner. - Furnitures in the room and decorations are a bit old.
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location, the open feel of the lobby
Минусы: The staffs couldn’t keep up cleaning for the demand while they were working hard.
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: beautiful location, in the middle of nowhere
Минусы: pretty steep pricing for BF and dinner, we drove out to town for meals
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: Nice lake view. Quiet n clean. Room is big. Breakfast is good at this price.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: The staff were friendly. View from the room was fantastic.
Минусы: A bit pricey.
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: All high standard
Минусы: BF bit expensive but good choice
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location, rooms, onsen, food and atmosphere.
Минусы: Poor internet, unstable.
Meito No Mori Hotel Kitafukuro - Тешикага - Здание
7,3 Хорошо (Отзывов: 4)
от 3 692 ₽
Meito no Mori Hotel Kitafukuro имеет хорошее расположение — Онсэн Каваю, Тешикага. Вулкан Иодзан и Озеро Куссаро находятся в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и хранение багажа. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
Kawayu Kanko Hotel - Тешикага - Здание
7,5 Хорошо (Отзывов: 31)
от 8 520 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Kawayu Kanko Hotel расположен в районе Онсэн Каваю, Тешикага. Вулкан Иодзан находится в 2 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Озеро Куссаро — в 6 мин. езды. Гостям предоставляются следующие услуги и удобства: круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и сейф на стойке регистрации. Услуга встречи на вокзале предоставляется бесплатно, и бесплатная самостоятельная парковка на территории отеля.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Wonderful natural hot bath, very confortable japanese style room, good buffet breakfast and dinner
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: staff was helpful as she gave us some recommendation of our dinner which located just 5mins walk from the hotel.
Минусы: lesser variety of breakfast buffet hotel looks a bit old
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: Good Onsen and good location
Минусы: No
5,8 Нормально
Плюсы: Breakfast is good, but room needs to redecorate
Hotel Parkway - Тешикага - Здание
8,2 Превосходно (Отзывов: 183)
от 3 195 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Parkway расположен в районе Онсэн Каваю, Тешикага. Вулкан Иодзан находится в 2 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Озеро Куссаро — в 5 мин. езды. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: The outdoor onsen is very pretty and we liked being able to bathe "together". Meals are pretty good.
Минусы: The smell of smoke is pretty prevalent in the whole hotel, as there are smoking corners on both floors. The rooms are a little tired and bathrooms and the onsen are a little run down.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staffs are very nice and friendly. Although the lady can’t speak much English, she helped us to book a trip to Lake Kussharo since we did noy have car with us. We ended up canoeing starting from Lake Kushiro all the way to Kushiro river. It was full of fun and the river was very quiet and beautiful. Set menu dinner was the best we had in Hokkaido. Breakfast was very delicious as well. We tried the indoor hotspring and it was nice. Location is very near to Kawayu Onsen station.
Минусы: No private bathroom. We need to take shower in onsen area.
6,3 Хорошо
Плюсы: that it is cheap for a Japanese style ryokan.
Минусы: Rather old and creepy. Onsen was a little old and small as well and that there’s no sink and toilet in the room. No air conditioning except heater which is not required for summer. Only electric fan was provided.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The staff was very friendly and helpful despite not speaking a word of English. Food was excellent too
Минусы: There is a curfew but apart from that everything is excellent
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: Staff are all very nice though can’t speak English
Минусы: Equipment of hotel are old
Kussharo Genya Youth Guesthouse - Тешикага - Спальня
8,0 Превосходно (Отзывов: 226)
от 5 041 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Kussharo Genya Youth Guesthouse – Hostel расположен в городе Тешикага, в сельской местности. Озеро Куссаро находится в 2 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Государственный заповедник Akan National Park — в 5 мин. езды. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: хранение багажа, услуги прачечной и кулер с водой. Услуга встречи на вокзале предоставляется бесплатно, и бесплатная самостоятельная парковка на территории отеля.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location is near 3 outdoor onsens.
Минусы: Room is very small
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Evening meal was substantial, well-balanced, healthy and delicious. They even used ingredients from their own orchard. Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: comfy bed and cosy bedroom, nice and warm during cold winter. Good bathroom facilities.
Минусы: The building was not very noise proof.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: - nice Japanese style breakfast - very helpful staff
Минусы: - microwave not openly accessible (but the staff will upon request heat it in the kitchen for you)
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The meals were Japanese and I liked the breakfast
Минусы: One of the male toilet cubicles is not in use, leaving just one cubicle and 2 urinals.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Comfortable bed and room. constant hot water and a lounge to hang out at. Because the place is located at a side road (easy access by car), there was not much streetlights which made star gazing possible! good wifi. Wash basin available in room
Минусы: open shower and in the room itself, the stairs to the second level where my bed was was quite steep.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: I dont like anymore Bookink !!!! You put a plac ,in the list of places l was looking for, which was not even close to the place Omachi, then icould not cansel it becaus of comuniction problems. I couldnot even find another place for the night and then you charge me for the all amount. After about 70 rooms i booked from you at this trip. I am waiting to hear from you about it !!!
Kinkiyu Hotel - Тешикага - Здание
8,0 Превосходно (Отзывов: 65)
от 8 946 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Kinkiyu Hotel имеет хорошее расположение — Онсэн Каваю, Тешикага. Вулкан Иодзан и Озеро Куссаро находятся в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и хранение багажа. Услуга встречи на вокзале предоставляется бесплатно, и бесплатная самостоятельная парковка на территории отеля.
6,7 Хорошо
Плюсы: Onsen facilities were nice. Different baths at 39/40/42 degrees. Food is good Eco museum nearby very interesting.
Минусы: Old building and old furniture. Smell of smoke in corridors and stuffy in the room. Restaurant decoration takes you back in the 60s. Plastic tablecloth and cups at breakfast time. Same song played for the entire dinner (more then one hour) Not worth the price. Internet only in the reception area but it didn’t work.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very quiet area and onsen is really good.
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: Spacious room, friendly staff. Pretty good location too, across the road from the info centre and foot bath. It’s a quiet town but there are a handful of nice restaurants very close by, and a seicomart about a 10- 15 mins walk away.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: - Traditional Japanese hotel experience with Japanese hospitality and service standards on its best - Great location in the center of Kawayu, near restaurants and convenience store, which makes the no-meal plan a good choice for those on a budget. Kusharo lake and Mount Io just a few minutes driving away - Large and free parking lot - Excellent onsen with different baths and temperatures according to your taste
Минусы: Just small things: - The coffee machine in the lobby is not free and doesn’t operate early in the morning. No hot drinks in the vending machines either - Wifi only in the lobby (usual for traditional Japanese hotels)
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very nice onsen hotel, the bath was great and the room was spacious and clean. Location is quite convenient really close to a bus station for kawayu onsen station and the eco museum, trailhead for iozan is also nearby.
Минусы: The wifi was basically nonexistent
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: Comfortable chairs in the room, several indoor and outdoor onsen with temperatures noted, amusing original cartoon in the hall warning of the fire danger of smoking in the onsen. The futons were thicker foam pads for better sleep. Both dinner and breakfast had wide choices - Chinese & western as well as Japanese.
Минусы: The music at breakfast and dinner was the same, a seeming very short tape loop, which grew irritating.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: the accommodation was superb, the hot baths were envigorating, the food was exquisite and so very Japanese, the staff were so helpful. the little restaurant opposite was also lovely
Минусы: nothing
Mashuko Youth Hostel - Тешикага - Здание
8,1 Превосходно (Отзывов: 181)
от 5 254 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Mashuko Youth Hostel — хороший вариант в городе Тешикага. Государственный заповедник Akan National Park и Парк Suigo Ryokuchi расположены в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: хранение багажа, услуги прачечной и торговый автомат. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: Located close near Akan Mashu national park. Large communal area.
Минусы: Toilets were stinky. Bathroom was communal, just FYI.
4,2 Нормально
Плюсы: Cheap, free parking.
Минусы: Hard matrass, weird smell in the room. Shared bathroom no separate stalls. No kitchen for cooking.
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: Great location, clean, the room was really big.
Минусы: The bathing facilities and beds were traditional Japanese, bath house and futon bed, but we expected this based on other reviews. The toilets were somewhat put toilets so there is a smell but otherwise clean.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: It's a good choice to stay the night when visiting Lake Mashu. There's a bus that stops right in front of the hostel from JR Mashu and also from the 1st observatory of Lake Mashu. The staff of the hostel are great, especially the manager Dai. He became the interpreter between me and a couple of other Japanese guests and helped me hitch a ride with one of them to Lake Akan. ありがとうございます!
Минусы: There are no stores in the vicinity of the hostel, so come prepared with food. You can use the kitchen. The closest convenience store is a short drive away, or about 30 mins walk.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Located super near Lake Mashu (15min drive). Great got fuss free travelers looking for an affordable accommodation. Host is super friendly and a great guy to spend time chatting with. Free parking for cars!
Минусы: Japanese bathhouse style bathroom (akin to Japanese onsen) might not be everyone’s preferred type of bathing facility.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: They have their own onsen!!! It counts!
Минусы: A little too pricey for what it was
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: The friendliness of Dai the manager, the old stile kitchen and the location next to Mashu lake.
Минусы: The public showers and toilets are insufficient, located on different floors and the toilets smelled .
Yunokaku Ikedaya - Тешикага - Здание
7,5 Хорошо (Отзывов: 37)
от 14 839 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Yunokaku Ikedaya расположен в районе Онсэн Каваю, Тешикага. Озеро Куссаро и Вулкан Иодзан находятся в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, многоязычный персонал и хранение багажа. Для проведения мероприятий предоставляется следующее: конференц-центр и конференц-зал. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Room was clean and hotspring was also good.
Минусы: Breakfast was only fried rice. It was not worth paying another 3000 yen.
5,8 Нормально
Плюсы: The staff are friendly and polite
Минусы: The facility is abit old.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: The room was large, and fine. But dinner and breakfast were exceptional, authentic, and totally eclipsed any concern we had about the hotel. The location is outstanding, and the communal onsen was old-fashioned, but very enjoyable.
Минусы: The hotel is tired and needs investment. It felt like a1970s Soviet hotel at first.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: It is a very fantastic traditional Onsen Hotel,the food there is very delicious, and the staffs are very kind and helpful,outdoor bath is good,strongly recommend
Минусы: too quite
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Outdoors private onsen was fun, first ever. Included breakfast was excellent, Japanese many small dish style, coffee after very nice, tatami style beds comfortable
Минусы: Entrance carpet to room clean but badly stained in spots. No food avail for evening meal, booking required for this and we were not made aware of this when booking
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Best place I have stayed in Japan. HUGE room. Japan style room for sleeping. Separate wester style room with couch. HUGE bath. 3 inside hot baths. One outside. One cold bath. Sauna!!!! Stay here! Also did large plate of dumplings. Room service. 1000 yen. All in
Минусы: The carpets do have stains. Both in common areas and room.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Big rooms - japanese style. Parking close to the entrance. Spa included. 400 meters walk to the center of town.
Yado Hanafurari - Тешикага - Здание
9,4 Превосходно (Отзывов: 188)
от 10 153 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Yado Hanafurari — хороший вариант в городе Тешикага. Озеро Куссаро и Государственный заповедник Akan National Park находятся в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Стойка регистрации работает по расписанию. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Our room on the second floor was very big and spacious. We followed the instructions to make our own futon, which was fun. They had breakfast and dinner options available. The owner and her parents were very friendly and their dogs Raku and TenTen super adorable.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Clean! Great American breakfast with homemade bread and jam by the host. You can also buy the jam back. We also had jingisukan dinner there and it was great! Host is more than happy to help you with your needs.
Минусы: Wish there was a proper place to hang out our clothes to dry after using the washing machine. Host has hangers for you to use but luckily we brought our own clothes string to tie across the room.
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: Breakfast was hearty and delicious, I loved the in house fruit jams. Location is quite easy to miss, you have to slow down when you are approaching Yado Hanafurari. Loved the view from the viewdeck, if you are up early and lucky enough you may spot some deers grazing in ther field
6,3 Хорошо
Плюсы: Location was good
Минусы: Poor air ventilation, room was very stuff despite window was open and air circulation was turned on. Room was very warm despite it being in October due to poor air circulation
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very quiet. I enjoyed view of the mountains, walking in the property. I did not expect to get a large bath to share with other guests. So, it was a nice surprise. I also enjoyed home-cooked foods.
Kawayu Daiichi Hotel Suikazura - Тешикага - Здание
9,2 Превосходно (Отзывов: 1)
от 15 549 ₽
Kawayu Daiichi Hotel Suikazura расположен в районе Онсэн Каваю, Тешикага. Вулкан Иодзан находится в 3 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Озеро Куссаро — в 5 мин. езды. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и хранение багажа. Услуга встречи на вокзале предоставляется бесплатно, и бесплатная самостоятельная парковка на территории отеля.
Asanebo Guesthouse - Тешикага - Здание
8,0 Превосходно (Отзывов: 86)
от 9 656 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Гостевой дом Traveler's Inn Asanebo расположен в 7 минутах ходьбы от железнодорожного вокзала Каваю-Онсэн. К услугам гостей уютные номера в строгом японском стиле. По запросу и за дополнительную плату для гостей приготовят домашние блюда и организуют экскурсии на озеро Масю, озеро Кусшаро, в Ширетоко и другие районы. На всей территории гостевого дома запрещено курение. На территории предоставляется Wi-Fi. Отель находится в 15 минутах ходьбы от горы Ио и в 20 минутах езды от обсерватории у озера Машу и купальни под открытым небом Котан Онсен. На территории обустроена бесплатная парковка. Для гостей могут быть организованы экскурсии с гидом вокруг озера Масю, озера Кусшаро, в Сиретоко и Акан Акан. Гости отеля Traveler's Inn Asanebo спят на японских матрасах-футонах, подготовленных в японских номерах, оформленных в строгом японском стиле. К услугам гостей отапливаемые номера и общие туалеты. Гости могут искупаться в общественных термальных купальнях в 5 минутах ходьбы от отеля (открыт до 20:00) (бесплатные билеты предоставляются в отеле). В распоряжении гостей отеля библиотека японских комиксов, общий телевизор и монетная прачечная самообслуживания. В гостевом доме Traveler's Inn Asanebo подают блюда, приготовленные из местных продуктов, а также завтрак и ужин в японском стиле. С 18:30 в гостевом доме сервируют ужин с барбекю, а в общей обеденной зоне с 7:30 подают завтрак в японском стиле. На ужин гости могут заказать пиво и саке.
3,8 Так себе
Плюсы: Nothing
Минусы: The host is not very welcoming and we had a very uncomfortable stay. The review ratings given is highly overrated. On arrival, we were each given a bedsheet and a pillowcase that are too small (please see the attached picture) for us to make up the futons. The small pillows provided have an unpleasant smell and the size is more suitable for kids. What was more unbearable was that the comforters we had to use were not covered with washable linens. That was really icky! No towels are provided and there is no hot running water. We had to wash our faces with icy cold water in the morning. Brrrrr! I cannot imagine how his winter guests are going to wash up. The room has no mirror. The only mirror is downstairs outside the toilets. I strongly advise travellers to avoid staying here. The owner is too money-minded. When I asked for a little milk for my coffee, unbelievably - he said it’s chargeable.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: quiet place, warm and comfortable, friendly host, good food
Минусы: nothing since I was driven to the onsen each night, otherwise it may be a little bit inconvenient and cold to walk back from bath during winter nights
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: I spent 2 nights/3 days at this guest house, and it has been one of my better memory of my different stays in Japan. Probably because of the owner Takashi san who has been especially very welcoming during my stay. The location, few minutes walking from Kawayu Onsen station is in fact very convenient and it has been easy from there to visit both Kusharo lake and Mashu Lake (and Kawayu onsen of course). The food and the drinks were also very good... A friendly place to stay !
Минусы: Nothing
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: We greatly appreciated the hospitality, the curiosity and the kindness of our host!
4,0 Нормально
Плюсы: We had plenty of nice talks with the other guests over dinner.
Минусы: In addition to not having a shower in the house (you need to go to the public onsen in the evening nearby), there is no hot water in the shared bathroom, not even in winter at - 10C. The rooms are very spartanic and you have to prepare the beds yourself. Furthermore, not enough linen has been provided : only 1 way too small bedsheet and no duvet cover for the unwashed blankets. The pillow case was also too small. When we asked for another piece of linen, the owner wanted to extra charge us (100 yens for 1 sheet!). The room was also extremely cold when we arrived and the only heater smelled strongly of petroleum. Food was OK, but in the morning we were even not offered a cup of tea. Coffee (instant) was charged 100 yens, as nearly everything. We found that unnacceptable for the price we had paid. All in all, it is a very simple stay that is extremely overpriced.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The Host was very helpful and friendly! He drove us to the onsen and showed us everything :) he seems to love photography like us and he even timed breakfast a little later so that we could take pictures of the swans early morning at the hot springs!
Минусы: Nothing
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Food was quite good
Минусы: No hot water at all. At the simple request for some hot water at 11 am the answer was 'I am on my break' Wanted to be paid in cash only but this was not mentioned on the entry of booking.com No shower either Room was extremely cold at night, heating consisted of an individual kerosene-fed heater that gave out a strong smell of gas & could therefore not be left on for long. Check out at 9, owner reluctantly accepted to let us stay in the lounge until our train departure at 10.30 Altogether unpleasant experience
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: We didn’t have high expectations as it seemed basic. We were even asked to bring our own towels. But the experience exceeded our expectations because the owner Taka was so warm and helpful. And he cooked us great tasty meals too. It’s a house with Japanese style rooms with tatami mats for beds. But it was comfy and clean and the heater provided us adequate warmth. There is no bathroom though. Taka brought us all to a nearby onsen. He was also helpful in providing us information for our travels and also called ahead to places we wished to visit.
Минусы: That there were no private bathroom and toilets. It’s shared toilets and downstairs so if you have to go toilet at night...
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Thank you Taka-San ! This guy is lovely and you can really enjoy being in a traditional atmosphere ! You go to onsen to wash, he picks you up at the station, he cooks food for you, you talk and listen to jazz with him for the evening ! I really enjoyed my stay here ! One of the best place I have stayed in Japan !!
Минусы: Nothing !
Hotel Masyu - Тешикага - Здание
7,2 Хорошо (Отзывов: 66)
от 6 816 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Masyu — хороший вариант в городе Тешикага. Горячий источник Масу находится в 2 мин. ходьбы, а Парк Suigo Ryokuchi — в 11 мин. ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Услуга встречи на вокзале предоставляется бесплатно, и бесплатная самостоятельная парковка на территории отеля.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great hotel for visiting the Akan/Mashu area without costing an arm and a leg. Room was also roomy and clean.
Минусы: For some reason, the hotel is labelled as hotel mashu on the car's gps.
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: Free use of bicycle to ride around.
Минусы: The toilet has a musty smell.
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: Room is a bit dated but very clean. It is close to Lake Mashu observation deck within 15 min especially when we needed to start early before 5am to see unkai above Lake Kussharo.
Минусы: No elevator but there is only one flight up so it it is not too big deal if you don't have heavy luggage.
6,3 Хорошо
Плюсы: Complimentary use of inhouse onsen. Fully equipped shared kitchen.
Минусы: Hardly space to move around in triple room. Wifi not working.
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: Owner of the hotel was very helpful. He offered to drive us to the bus stop & gave recommendation about how we could make use of our time. On the second day of the trip, we checked out and left our luggage in the hotel. We hoped to collect it in the afternoon after visiting Lake Masyu. He was so kind as to take our luggage to the station which saved us the trouble of returning to the hotel. Dinner was great. Very happy with our stay there.
Минусы: A bit far away from the JR station.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: I love Japanese style accommodation and this one is a very nice one. It is an oldie, might need some repairs, but it is such a comfortable one! I had a 5 tatami room with a sitting area, a good futon, a fridge, a heater, lots of space for storage, a nice bathroom, good working WiFi, an onsen open 24 hrs a day and much more. Staff is friendly, service is good and the pickup from and to the station is very convenient. There is a lot to see in the Akan area, this hotel is a good base for exploring. And if you don't venture outside, there are many interesting items to see inside the building as well.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Large and clean room topped up with a public bath. The breakfast and dinner were excellent. Everyone loved the dinner except my wife who didn't like raw seafood.
Минусы: No complain
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: Charming hotel with traditional beds. There is a public onsen available 24/7 at the hotel. Well located in the Akan national park. Staff helpful. Several nice restaurants very close.
Минусы: The rooms are a bit humid and smelly.
Kussharo Lake Hotel - Тешикага - Здание
8,8 Превосходно (Отзывов: 1)
от 5 467 ₽
The Kussharoko Hotel provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. In terms of transportation, JR Mashu Station is approximately 24km away. Seeing the sights from this hotel is easy with Teshikaga's attractions including Sunayu Lake Kussharo and Kawayu Onsen close by. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. Travelers requiring pickup service can book this directly through the hotel. According to our guests, this hotel provides a very high level of service.
Pension Polaris - Тешикага - Здание
9,6 Превосходно (Отзывов: 26)
от 18 744 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Гостевой дом Polaris расположен в 12 минутах езды от железнодорожного вокзала Машу. К услугам гостей номера для некурящих и бесплатный WiFi на всей территории. Из всех номеров открывается вид на широкую территорию Хоккайдо. В числе удобств номеров кондиционер и собственная ванная комната с феном и бесплатными туалетно-косметическими принадлежностями. В распоряжении гостей общий лаундж и библиотека. В ночное время гости могут понаблюдать за звездами в гостевом доме, а также узнать о звездном звезде владельца. В обеденной зоне подают ужин в западном стиле и завтрак, приготовленный из свежих местных продуктов. Озеро Кусшаро находится в 15 минутах езды, озеро Масю — в 20 минутах езды. Поездка до национальных парков Кусиро Ветлэндс и Акан Лейксайд Нэшнл занимает 60 минут.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The host has done everything he could think of to make sure the guests will have a nice stay while being there. The house, the information provided,the food, the surroundings and the cats are all great.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: The owner pays a great attention to detail, there are various amenities in the room provided to make your stay more comfortable such as black out curtains to providing free binoculars, telescope directed at the nearby birdfeeder so you can watch the local birds come and go at the bird feeder etc. The food was also very delicious and filling. The night was unfortunately cloudy and we did not get to see the stars that night but we hope to visit again in the winter and get the chance to see some stars. The owner was also very kind and provided us with advice on which route we could take on our journey to Obihiro the next day. I would not have thought to drive via Kushiro if not for him, and would have missed out on seeing 4 pairs of Japanese cranes! Thank you Ichiro san for your advice! He also kindly printed out various sightseeing stops along our journey AND also recommended some great eating places. We ended up having some zantare for lunch near Kushiro which was very yummy indeed. 10/10 would stay at Polaris again.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: love place and lovely cats! The meals are great and room is super clean.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very special place with unspoilt view from every room (only 3!). Owner has exceptional eye for detail, is a good source for information about many subjects, seems a little tense at times. House is stuffed with interesting items. Meals delicious mix of East and West.
Минусы: Were a bit uneasy about breaking or damaging something in the house.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Can see the stars in the night and vey delicious foods.
Минусы: No
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: Isolated guest house,quiet if u like,clean,half board-western food, and good WiFi
Минусы: Nothing to do after dinner,only WiFi
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: It’s great to stay in Polaris! We saw the starry night just outside the house and watched sunrise from our room. Everything is so clean and cozy in the hotel. I wish I can have the chance to come back to Polaris next time maybe in summer. The owner is super nice and considerate. I will recommend Polaris to all of my friends as it’s fantastic experience.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The starlit sky. The sunrise view by the room windows. The knowledgeable and very hospitable owner. The adorable cats.
Минусы: None.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Baba-San and his wife have made a special place. We regret we could not stay a second night. The tour of the night sky and the look at Jupiter and Saturn was an unexpected pleasure. We will recommend Polaris to friends with family in Hokkaido. The venison was also a very pleasant surprise. The planetarium in the room was just one of the many detailed touches that will bring us back to Polaris.
Минусы: Can’t think of a thing.
Tabino Yado Mashumaro - Тешикага - Спальня
8,2 Превосходно (Отзывов: 14)
Обзор Отзывы
Этот комплекс расположен в поселке Тесикага, всего в 15 км от озера Кусшаро. Коттедж Tabino Yado Mashumaro с видом на сад располагает бесплатным WiFi и бесплатной частной парковкой. Озеро Машу находится в 16 км от лоджа, а горячий источник Кавайю — в 11 км. Расстояние от лоджа Tabino Yado Mashumaro до аэропорта Накашибетсу составляет 61 км.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: The owners are very friendly. Nice place to stay, clean and quiet.
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: Homecooked meals were delicious and in generous portion. Host and wife provided map, insect spray and lend to us a bell to wear for our hike to mount mashu. They made sure that guests do not feel left out during conversations at meal times. I liked especially the soothing cd music played during meal times.
Минусы: Strong urine smell in the toilet.
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: Super nice host and Dinner and breakfast is super delicious, a true must have. You get all the information needed and they hosts are the best I experienced in whole Japan.
Минусы: Shower a bit old
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Nice couple owners. Good breakfast and dinner with reasonable charge.
Минусы: Can't use bathroom in the morning. Smelly toilet.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: First of all the owners They made this stay the best memory of our trip The tea parties The delicious Breakfast and lunch
Минусы: Nothing
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Beautiful wooden building, wonderful hosts
Минусы: Nothing to not like
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: The owner is really kind. The pension is well located in the forest. The room was clean and comfortable. Not too cold. The breakfast was really nice too. Thank you for the stay !