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APA Resort Myoko-Pinevalley - Миоко - Здание
7,6 Хорошо (Отзывов: 145)
от 4 114 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Этот APA Hotel & Resort Jyoetsu Myoko в городе Миоко находится в горах. Парк развлечений Myoko Sunshine Land и Лыжный курорт Акакан расположены в 15 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатный (проводной) доступ в интернет, бесплатные газеты в холле и химчистка или прачечная. Для проведения мероприятий предоставляется следующее: конференц-залы и конференц-зал. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Amazing sorounding for nature lovers. The onsen is exactly as seen on the pictures nice breakfast
Минусы: A bit old fashion
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: The views of the Monut Myoko from the hotel room were spectacular and amazingly beautiful. The hotel has good infrastructure and nice attractions such as illuminations, golf course and hot springs. The free shuttle service between the railway stations and the hotel was also very convenient.
Минусы: The hotel will be closed during the winter season, so, we will have no chance to come back there to appreciate the great and scenic Mount Myoko, certainly covered by deep snow.
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: quiet and nice surrounding
Минусы: far away from any shops and restaurants, 4,000 yen for A so so buffet dinner is robbery.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Room was absolutely spotless clean, comfy bed, quiet, wonderful Shiseido shampoo, conditioner and body wash available in the room, public hot bath (onsen), games on hire for free, free shuttle bus from Joetsymyoko JR station, great selection of Japanese and Western breakfast. Friendly and helpful staff, check in and check out process very efficient and easy. Great Wi-Fi access. I highly recommend the Illumination Park event for visitors outside the skiing season, it was very pretty and park tickets are available at all Lawson and 7-11 in Japan for a discounted price of ¥1400 (normally ¥1500).
6,7 Хорошо
Плюсы: The fresh air. The APALLUSION.
Минусы: There was NO reply from you inspite of repeated messages from me regarding pick up from train station. Also, very limited food options.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: English speaking staff that are so helpful. The hotel has a great hot spring and Onsen facilities. The rooms have a great view of Mt Myoko. The rooms are large, luxurious and with comfortable beds and linen.
Минусы: The buffet was over priced for the selection of dishes. Great Indian curries but most dishes seemed Chinese based and lacked the variety of Japanese dishes and fresh food we have seen in other hotels for 1/2 the price.
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: good location
Hotel Route-Inn Myoko Arai - Миоко - Здание
8,0 Превосходно (Отзывов: 125)
от 5 036 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Route-Inn Myoko Arai — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Мёко-Когэн и Kasugayama Castle Ruins расположены в 10 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации, услуги прачечной и лифт. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Breakfast was ok staff are all nice and helpful.2 thumbs up
Минусы: Location.quit far from were we went which is arai resort
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: I really like the Route Inn chain. This one has an onsen and breakfast included. Great value. But best was thing was that the staff were very helpful and interested in making your stay as enjoyable as possible.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great staff. Always helpful and happy.
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staff were very friendly and helpful. Rooms were nice and adequately sized. Has an Onsen which is a bit more rare for a hotel. Within 30-60mins drive from 5-10 different ski resort. Classic Japanese buffet breakfast. Right next to a Lawsons and plenty of restaurants within a medium walk or short drive
Минусы: Nothing to complain about
Hotel Taiko - Миоко - Здание
8,1 Превосходно (Отзывов: 58)
от 16 667 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Hotel Taiko — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 6 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Гостям предоставляются следующие услуги и удобства: сейф на стойке регистрации и лифт. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The wonderful onsen
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staff was professional, helpful and friendly. The onsen was awesome.
Минусы: Would love to have more clothe hangers and a place to hang some clothes in the bathroom.
4,0 Нормально
Минусы: I hadn't thought about leaving a hotel review until I received an unexpected email from booking.com and thought, why not? Let me start by saying I understand my booking was non-refundable, so the hotel's management are entitled to keep the money for a 'no-show'. My feedback is related to how, when I was trying to make my booking, the hotel were very responsive and helpful! I had hoped the same would apply when I politely asked if there was any chance of a re-booking or refund as a result of coronavirus making my travel plans impractical. Unfortunately, no one responded to my emails this time. I think the hotel could have done a little better here! I certainly wanted to visit in the future and would have been happy to be locked-in for later this year or next year. However, given this experience, I think i'll look for alternative accommodation instead or skip Myoko altogether. I've had other hoteliers be far more accommodating of unexpected/unavoidable cancellations in the past and tourist friendly (thank you the people of Taiwan). Ohh well!
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staff great, rooms big
Минусы: Our room had a septic tank smell
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The fact that they gave us a larger room when we complained about the smell in the bathroom
Минусы: The smelly bathroom
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The onsen has an outside pool which is perfect at sunset
Минусы: A bit of a walk uphill to nearest lift and bars
7,5 Хорошо
Плюсы: The knsen is good, good temparture.
Минусы: The food quality is below average except sashimi and grill fish.
Этот AKAKURA WAKUI HOTEL в городе Миоко расположен в национальном парке. Мёко-Когэн находится в 1 минутах езды на автомобиле, а Лыжный курорт Ikenotaira Onsen — в 8 минутах езды. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Услуга встречи на вокзале предоставляется бесплатно, и бесплатная самостоятельная парковка на территории отеля.
Soratobu Usagi - Миоко - Здание
8,3 Превосходно (Отзывов: 54)
от 5 603 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Soratobu Usagi расположен в городе Миоко, в национальном парке. Мёко-Когэн находится в 1 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen — в 9 мин. езды. Стойка регистрации работает по расписанию. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Loved the location, staff, breakfasts, and dinners were superb. They were totally Japanese cuisine and exceptional value for money.
9,2 Превосходно
Плюсы: Comfy bed in a warm and welcoming cabin. Amazing food every morning/night and wonderful, happy, helpful staff. Loved staying here.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: I love this place, the staff, the location, it’s amazing dry room, it’s simplicity. Of all my ski trips around japan I’ve kept coming back and loving it here. Just a pity this year the snow didn’t come. Oh well. We still had fun. Absolutely lovely staff who do a great job. I’ll miss it here. Returning to Australia soon but I hope to return one day.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: The staff
Минусы: All was amazing
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Big room. Kitchen in the room. Bowling the hot water yourself.
Минусы: Carpet floor somewhat hard to sleep.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Ski in ski out. Full facilities of kitchen. But it’s better to buy groceries upfront as no walking distance mini/supermarket around. My Japanese housemate help me to buy groceries online via Aeon website and deliver within next day late afternoon. Proper western bed and comfortable bed. Sufficient heating system. Great hospitality from owner and family. Great discount for 1 and 2 days ski pass. Provided wax table for ski/snowboard. Love the in house onsen. I was onsen 2 times a day. Almost prefect facilities for ski resort with amazing reasonable price and snow and trail quality. Suginohara trail is for intermediate level with huge width and long trail for up skill.
Минусы: No wifi in the hostel(different building). But 3-4 wifi router on main building. Suggest get your own data sim pack prior to myoko. Not sufficient adapter for 6-7 housemate but luckily during my 5 days stay was not full everyday.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: I stayed in the dorm, so that is a cabin down the hill from the main building. There are 3 floors to the cabin; 7 beds (or cots, rather) upstairs, and 3 cots in the basement floor. Common areas (kitchen, toilet and shower) is on the middle floor, where the main door is (see more below). Facilities in the cabin were fine; heater worked as expected. If you run hot, perhaps request a bed in the lower level or prepare to crack open a window xD Kitchen was quite well stocked; lots of different dishes, cutlery and pans. Rice cooker, kettle, microwave, and triple-stove is available. Refrigerator and freezer is full-sized. As other reviews have mentioned, you will have many stinkbug visitors; I ended up just catching them and tossing them out the window. Maybe 2-3 per day? Of course, there were more; they are attracted to the ceiling lights so you can find some strategic way of minimising them in your space xD There weren't *so* many that my bed (or food) had any in them. I used the shower/bath in the main building because the cabin one easily gets clogged with hair. The main building also has (coin) laundry and kitchen facilities, if you need. The drying room is really spacious. Wifi was decent (see more below). FYI, the local bus doesn't actually take you all the way to Suginohara Gondola; and even if it did, it's not like it's beside the gondola either. It's actually closer to the pair chairlift that takes you up to the green run that leads to the gondola. So the bus will actually take you to Suginosawa Onsen, which then you would have to walk uphill for ~10-min. OR, be really nice (and look pitiful) to the driver... I think he's used to it, he will drive you a bit closer (where you would then walk a few minutes downhill to the main building). ALSO, btw... it's ski-in/ski-out, but it's not SB-in/SB-out. You need to 1foot-out. Not a bit deal, but just FYI.
Минусы: [1] There is no wifi reception in the cabin. You need to be near/within the main building for that. [2] There aren't really any "common" areas, other than a few spots in the main building. [3] The beds are cots with basic thin mattresses; not the most comfortable. But they do provide many blankets. [4] Because the space is so tight and cramped, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with so many people. In my particular instance, there was a group of 5, so of course, their noises can easily dominate the space. [5] You have to pay 100 yen per bag to dispose of our rubbish. Since it's a dorm, are we supposed to each keep our own trash separated? Where is the space for this? Who becomes responsible when everyone is coming and going? This isn't a major issue, but for 100 yen, why doesn't the hotel just deal with it instead of creating complicated matters? [6] Kind of weird to only have 3 chairs for 10 people, right? Why not put in a bench? Or even a bench outside? [7] Check-in process was really minimal. Basically tell you where the cabin is, and you're on your own. Not such a big deal, but feels like quite a departure from other Japanese places. [8] They also don't have daily cleaning or anything; you are absolutely on your own in that cabin. So... best of luck that you get decent housemates.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The lodge was super clean and the food was amazing. They make every effort to help you enjoy your stay. We were given a beautiful sashimi and sushi dinner on our last night.
Минусы: There was no pick up and we had to get a taxi to the lodge. Taking the shuttle bus with our heavy bags would have been awful.
Akakura Hotel - Миоко - Вид снаружи
6,9 Хорошо (Отзывов: 23)
от 13 901 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Этот Akakura Hotel в городе Миоко расположен рядом с лыжными подъемниками. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 7 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: хранение багажа, услуги прачечной и микроволновка для общего пользования.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The onsens were well maintained and super relaxing
Минусы: There was a lot of noise from the boiler early in the morning. They did let us know this, but it woke me up most mornings.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: В стоимость включен очень хороший завтрак по принципу шведского стола. Наличие онсена в гостинице несомненный плюс. Отличное месторасположение, все в округе в шаговой доступности.
Минусы: Довольно прохладно в гостинице в целом, в ее коридорах, холлах и в одном из обеденных залов, а так же по пути в онсен. В номерах так же временами прохладно, во время отключения центрального отопление, в работе которого имеются проблемы, т. к. гостиница довольно старая. Каждое утро, около 6-7 часов, по всей гостинице звучат металические удары труб системы отопления, поспать под которые не удастся. Сауна работает только с 15:00, а хотелось погреться и в первой половине дня.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Onsen facilities on-site that can be used basically 24/7. Free buffet style breakfast every morning.
Минусы: I liked everything.
Hotel Myosen - Миоко - Спальня
6,8 Хорошо (Отзывов: 1)
от 6 596 ₽
HOTEL MYOSEN — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 6 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
Edelweiss Akakura — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 11 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
Hotel Korakuso — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 6 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen.
Pension Petite House For You — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 14 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и хранение багажа. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
Star Hotel Akakura - Миоко - Здание
9,2 Превосходно (Отзывов: 1)
от 6 809 ₽
Star Hotel Akakura — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 5 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
Pension Milepost - Миоко - Здание
8,9 Превосходно (Отзывов: 51)
от 5 745 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
PENSION MILEPOST — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 9 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Гостям предоставляются следующие услуги и удобства: хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Breakfast and dinner were outstanding and the chef was receptive to our dietary restrictions (no pork). Definitely worth enjoying, regardless of the fact that there is nothing within reasonable walking distance of the property. It snowed 3 feet overnight and the owners were up early ensuring the parking lot and roadway were clear of all snow so we could still make the first lift. They even helped us clean our car off. A shuttle service to the slopes (for a fee) is also available. Bathrooms were clean and comfortable. Staff was really nice. Drying room is big enough for everyone. Very easy to get to/from the slopes if you have your own car or are using their shuttle service. Small discount on lift tickets if you ask. Massage chair!
Минусы: It wasn’t obvious before we arrived that only cash was accepted as payment and that you must pay at check in. If there is a lot of snow/ice, I would not recommend planning to walk to/from this property into the main town area due to how hilly the terrain is. If there is a lot of snow in the forecast, I would not recommend driving to this property without snow tires or chains since the single road to get to the hotel can become quite treacherous. Found a few stink bugs walking around the room.
6,7 Хорошо
Плюсы: Amazing view of river.
Минусы: So many rules; can’t shower in the morning, pay to use fridge, pay to use toaster / microwave, pay to rent towel, night curfew, have to leave the key at reception. Felt like I was on high school trip. Also a very long walk from town after a day on slopes and if you want to get food in town. You can only get lift one way in morning only.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Hosts were very accommodating. Rooms were simple but were fine when you are skiing all day.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The staff were so friendly, they picked us up and dropped us off. Very cute dog there as well and the beds were very comfortable!
Минусы: It is located down a hill from the main street, so it can be a little tiresome to walk to down especially with all your gear.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: traditional japanese breakfast was fantastic, very friendly hosts.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The hosts were incredibly helpful, friendly, and professional. The house is very well run. The location is excellent, being close enough to Akakura Onsen to walk, but far enough for it to be peaceful and quiet at night. We absolutely loved the location. We also loved having a private onsen. The hosts offer excellent value services such as transfers and meals. For us the meals were the greatest highlight. Incredibly well prepared food with fresh and quality ingredients resulted in some of the best Japanese food we have ever tasted. The taste was worth well above what we payed and we had nothing this good in any of the restaurants we visited - highly underrated.
Минусы: There was nothing.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Wonderful hosts Clean and comfortable room Nice breakfast Lovely hot ofuro Good drying room for ski gear
Минусы: Nothing
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The family was very lovely and always wanted to help! They drove us up to the ski resorts every day we wanted to go and then were happy to give us lifts for 1000yen. Plus, they have an adorable little dog called Mai! Thank you guys! I have recommended you to all our friends!
Минусы: Nothing, it was great!
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: We loved that this felt like our own secret getaway from the main area. You felt miles away, but were really only a picturesque 10 minute walk (a little longer if it’s snowing or slippery). The surroundings are absolutely beautiful and we had a stunning view of the wintery forest from our window. The place was warm, comfortable, quiet and spotlessly clean. The owners were so lovely and drove us into the slopes every morning and offered towels and a laundry service for a small price (300 yen). If you don’t feel like walking into town, a home cooked breakfast and dinner is available at the house (1000 yen for breakfast and 2000 yen for dinner). We had friends in town whom we met each night so didn’t get to try dinner but the other guests said it was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed our delicious breakfast daily. There’s also male and females shower with Onsens, dry rooms for all your snow gear and a fireplace with massage chair if you want to read a book. This is the ideal place for those who aren’t too interested in the party scene in Akakura (the door is locked at 10.30pm), and are looking for a quiet escape in a traditional home with picturesque surroundings. Having said that, we didn’t find it too difficult to have a few drinks in town on most nights - you just have to be happy to walk home or wait for a taxi (which may not run if the snow is too thick). We loved our stay! Thank you Pension Mile Post. We’ll be back :)
Hotel Senke - Миоко - Здание
8,8 Превосходно (Отзывов: 44)
от 7 376 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
HOTEL SENKE — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 3 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Стойка регистрации работает по расписанию. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great Hotel, Nice size rooms, very clean, excellent onsen, wonderful owners & staff, fantastic restaurant ( great burgers), great location, definiately will be back next year
Минусы: I could not fault Senke, nothing I didn't like, a fantastic place too stay
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location - 5 minutes to the lifts and right next to many good restaurants. Ski rental shop next door where we got 10% discount. Family owners - Very attentive and polite, tried to accommodate us as much as they could. Picked us up and later dropped us off at the train station. Genuinely kindhearted and hardworking people. Onsen - Authentic and excellent after a day of skiing Beds - unlike some of the Japanese tatami accommodations we stayed elsewhere, these beds and pillows were soft and very comfortable. Breakfast - We optes for western style most days but tried the Japanese style once. The Japanese breakfast was excellent and very tasty.
Минусы: I thought it would be more convenient if there were tea pots available to bring the hot and excellent tea (free at each level). Instead there were only small tea cups and we had to go out for a refill every a few minutes. The towels were replaced every day which was nice but seemed a bit excessive and not environmental friendly. We would have been quite happy to re-use the towels for 2 or 3 days at least. The above was merely observations.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very clean and comfortable and good central location. Very nice onsen!
Минусы: We stayed on the top floor closest to the main street, theres a bar next door and the noise must travel up so very noisy each night. A nice view though.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great location with close access to Akakura Onsen and Kanko slopes and restaurants. Terrific onsen.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very friendly and helpful staff
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Location was great.
Минусы: Room was small and not what the pictures were like. Our Family room was crowded with 2a 2c. We were warned to bring all our snowboarding gear into our room as things had been stolen from the drying room. It made our room feel even smaller and there was no storage for any luggage.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: -The Hotel location is in the center of restaurants, bars and mini mart, so easy to get around. -Our Japanese style room was very clean and you get fresh bath towels daily. -Host Miwa was wonderful, always asking if we were ok. -The hotel also has a restaurant with very reasonable prices. -Natural Onsen which was really nice. Massage chair just outside the Onsen entrance - (My favorite) Note: Always good to have a healthy appreciation for Japanese culture and traditions when staying in any traditional style room, such as Hotel Senke.
Минусы: - Need to include breakfast when booking your room, otherwise there are no other options at the hotel.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great location and natural onsen. The house breakfast is a traditional japanese one and about as authentic japanese experience as you could wish for and was always amazing!!! We ate breakky in the restaurant while the family ate at the same time above on the mezzanine floor. Well worth trying! A lot of people we spoke to in the building had also been and come back multiple times for cost and location so if a traditional experience is one you’re after try hotel senke.
Минусы: Property is a traditional japanese style accom so mattresses on the floor are probably different to most aussies may be used to but I will definitely be using this place for next years trip.
Mont Cervin - Миоко - Здание
9,2 Превосходно (Отзывов: 57)
от 6 100 ₽
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Mont Cervin расположен в городе Миоко, рядом с полем для гольфа. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 13 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и хранение багажа. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
7,9 Хорошо
Плюсы: Great hosts - shuttles to the village and ski fields- options to dine in - did I mention great hosts? Very accommodating and lovely people, and probably enough to get you back despite some location issues. Lodge accommodation provides a good setting to meet other guests and can be an opportunity for single travelers to find ski buddies.
Минусы: Just a bit away from the main village - OK in good weather (which you don’t really want) but a struggle in “normal” snow years if you want to stay beyond the 8:00pm shuttle back home.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: The property is very cozy and the owners make you feel like at home. The food there is the best we have tried in Myoko. Totally recommend their dinner.
Минусы: Everything was good. One of the toilets (women) was locked so only one available and only 1 shower, so need to be aware of time.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The hosts were amazing. Anything they could do to help you they would, providing shuttles, cheap lift passes and the Sashimi dinner was the best meal we had while staying in myoko! Very nice Japanese house and hosts! He even threw us a little sake party. Will stay again
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The Hosts are very adorable and did the best all the time. breakfast was also good they have a cozy bathtub which was nice to enjoy
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Felt very at home in this accommodation. The facilities were very clean and well maintained. The owners were very warm and friendly. Our car got stuck in the snow and the owner came to tow us out while it was still snowing heavily. The food prepared was amazing as well. The accommodation is about 15 minutes walk to Akakura onsen but the owner offers to pick up and drop us off for free every day. He also offers to send the guests to town at night to get dinner. Would definitely come back again! Thank you!
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The owners/hosts were so friendly and accommodating. The breakfasts were great, the daily drop off and pick up from the mountain were always on time. The room was a good size and the beds comfortable. Every night there was also a drop off and pick up at the Main Street for dinner.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The owners were always there to help. They truely made you feel at home.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Clean, comfortable, warm...hosts awesome...beautiful people... Shun driving us everywhere... Takako welcoming
Japow House - Миоко - Здание
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JAPOW HOUSE — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 7 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Гостям предоставляются следующие услуги и удобства: хранение багажа и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Easy place to stay, short walk to ski lifts. Owners were so helpful: late night train pickup, local information on skiing, very accommodating. Absolutely would recommend again.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: the owners were amazing and everything was fantastic. we loved it there!!
Минусы: nothing
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Awesome place, nice staff, good breakfast, short easy walk to town
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Lovely family at japow house that make you feel very welcome and help you out so you can enjoy ya holiday. Kimi knows the mountains well and great to talk with. Always a pleasant stay at japow house and always nice atmosphere to be around and comfy rooms thanks for the stay.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: Miyu and Kimmy were wonderful hosts. They have a lovely home and my two kids felt at ease immediately. They especially loved playing with the host children. The house is not too far from town and a shuttle to the centre was offered each day so that we could get the kids to ski school on time. They also do great beers at night with a fun atmosphere. Unfortunately we were on bunk beds but this was expected as I knew what I had booked before I got there. Nevertheless there was lots of room and the beds were comfortable for us. Breakfast with coffee is included and Miyu makes wonderful soups for every morning. Kimmy drove us to Myokokogen station for a reasonable fee on our last day and they even helped us organise for our snowboards to go directly to the station. We will definitely try to visit again. Thank you for being so hospitable to us and our girls this week.
Минусы: There was only one family/ women’s shower area but this cannot be helped. We were happy to time our shower at a time when it wasn’t busy. The hosts can also recommend a good onsen instead for a good price.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The beds and blankets were very nice. Hospitality and service was fantastic. Well kept and clean as well as good sized amenities.
Минусы: The walls were quite thin and with curfew of 11 it was quite loud and hard to sleep late into the late. Would prefer an earlier curfew of 10.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: We stayed at Japowhouse for 5 nights, and Kimi and Miyu made us feel instantly welcome. The house is warm and cozy and a home away from home. The rooms are spacious and clean and the downstairs lounge/bar is a great communal area to meet other skiers. Kimi is a wealth of knowledge on the local mountains and Miyu makes a mean Katsu sandwich. We will definitely be coming back to Japowhouse again!!
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Kimmy & Miyu are the best! Japowhouse is lovely, modern and clean. The bar area is very welcoming and cozy. Kimmy loves to talk snow and skiing and is stoked for you to have fun in Myoko. Both he and Miyu are ready to answer any questions you have about where to ski, onsen or eat. All their recommendations were were on point.
Минусы: Very little not to like. Only thing you could complain about is that it’s a bit of a walk to the center of town. But honestly it’s kind of nice that it’s a bit quieter.
Hotel Moc - Миоко - Спальня
8,3 Превосходно (Отзывов: 51)
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HOTEL MOC — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 8 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, хранение багажа и услуги прачечной.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great access to the ski resort with gondola straight across the road , staff were great and gave us a lift to train station when we were leaving , very friendly and helpful , thank you .
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The staff offered us a ride from the hotel to the Akakura bus terminal when we checked out. We really appreciate that.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very friendly and very helpful staff , even gave us a lift to the train station at no charge which was about 10 min away , which was really appreciated Great location , right opposite the gondola
Минусы: Breakfasts weren’t the best , could have been a little better
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Amazing breakfast. Lovely hosts and staff. Location was great for us. 5-10min walk into Akakura town itself, but opposite the Kanko resort and the bus stop that could take you to other resorts. Had a wax room to use. Good drying room for skis/boards etc. Has a small Onsen that was excellent after a day skiing. Restaurant was also able to dinner, and we regret not making a reservation. If I come back to the area it I’ll probably stay again.
Минусы: Nothing
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great location, large rooms
Минусы: Would be better if the hotel had double beds.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Proximity to lifts
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Short walk to town, very close to the Kanko gondola. Awesome friendly staff and fantastic breakfast.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great location and super friendly staff, its runned by a lovely Japanese family. Just next to the gondola. Loved it!
Akakura Park Hotel расположен в городе Миоко, рядом с лыжными подъемниками. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 6 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
Woody House Kazamidori - Миоко - Здание
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Woody House Kazamidori — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Рядом с ним находится Мёко-Когэн, а в 15 минутах ходьбы — Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen. Стойка регистрации работает по расписанию. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Amazing stay again with Midori, great breaky and well looked after
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Stayed for 6 nights & Madori surprised us with a differing western style breakfast each morning. All we needed to hit the slopes each day. Location is a 15min walk downhill from town. Kaz "Husband" does scheduled runs into Anakurra Onsen town for skiing drop off, diner & pickup at 9pm. So don't fret staying a little out of town. As a family of 4 we stayed in the cottage with a private bathroom & onsen in a little hut to the side. He also collected us from the train in Myoko-Kogen station, 10 mins to location. This is traditional Japanese, be prepared for sitting on the floor, hard beds & lumpy pillows. But that is why we picked traditional village to ski in. On comparison to other friends accommodation, this is fantastic value for money. English is very limited, but with google translate we were able to communicate.
Минусы: It was a little dusty. Native flying bugs, but there is bug spray & we just threw them out into the snow. Not intimidating at all. Do not let this deter you.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Kaza and Midori were really friendly and helpful hosts. Discount ski tickets. Warm and friendly lodge.
Минусы: Need to catch bus to ski fields. Although this is normal for Myoko Kogen.
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The host is very friendly and kind, but she was too busy as she manages the place herself. They let us check in few hours earlier when we arrived at the place. We had dinner at the place and it is great. It is recommended to oder the dinner at the place.
Минусы: The breakfast offers a dish of various foods and changes everyday. However, it was always cold as the host pre cooked first. There is only one bathroom and shower place which is very inconvenient for woman guests. The place is a bit damp and cold as the heater is not always on in common area. Also, there is no dry room for ski equipments which is not comfy when we returned from a day of skiing and snowing. Our ski boards were icy until the next morning Overall, the place is ok but I think the value should be like a youth hostel, not a hotel.
Tsubame Highland Lodge - Миоко - Спальня
8,7 Превосходно (Отзывов: 106)
от 11 915 ₽
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TSUBAME HIGHLAND LODGE — хороший вариант в городе Миоко. Мёко-Когэн находится в 1 мин. езды на автомобиле, а Лыжный курорт Akakura Onsen — в 6 мин. езды. Стойка регистрации работает по расписанию. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
8,8 Превосходно
Плюсы: It’s location behind Akakura Onsen and the beautiful ski in from the back country to Akakura Onsen ski area. However the lodge is very isolated. The tranquility of the location is very special.
Минусы: Perhaps a little choice with the food as the food waste was quite high. A family of four - sleeping Japanese style was a little uncomfortable but it was an authentic experience.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: All the food was amazing.having breakfast and 3 course dinner for you everyday is amazing.
Минусы: Nothing. Even though it's out of the way it's perfect
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The hotel staff were nice and friendly, food was great, we had a different meal everyday. The onsen was great, they have both hot and cold one. It was nice to be in the forest and up in the mountains, which is what makes it special. I would stay here again next time I come back
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Excellent service, Warm staff, Delicious food.
Минусы: Nothing.
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: -Great hospitality from the staff -Food are great and diversify with traditional japanese and western food.
Минусы: -Room is not as expected comparing to shown in the images -Toilet is not fully clean up. Ventilation is full of dust, toiletries are not provided -Room is very traditional japanese style but it is not well maintenance. Lights are doomed -Location is distanced to main ski resorts. It is also required experienced driving skill as it is upto the hill during winter season. Some of the roads are one way by the cliff.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The family run lodge, with rich history and stories, has an exemplary hospitality standard. They are considerate and kind despite the language barrier. They try their best to make try stay cozy and comfortable. Breakfast and dinner are fascinating and abundant -- perfect for a full day of sports. The staff are super helpful. The tuck away location is unique. It takes about 15 to 20 mins drive to major ski resorts but it's an enjoyable drive in the mountain. And one can't complain the fact that the lodge sits close to two major onsens in the area, Seki and Tsubame.
Минусы: The wifi was surprisingly speedy but sadly only available in the lounge area.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very nice staff and yummy meal. However, location is up hill but hotel will provide shuttle to around ski resorts.
Lodge Myoko в городе Миоко — вариант с отличным расположением: Мёко-Когэн находится в 1 минутах езды на автомобиле, а Озеро Нодзири — в 11 минутах езды. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: хранение багажа, сейф на стойке регистрации и микроволновка для общего пользования. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.