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Days Inn by Wyndham Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
8,4 Превосходно (Отзывов: 317)
от 5 426 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Этот Days Inn by Wyndham Holbrook в городе Холбрук находится в национальном парке. Колледж Нортленд-Пионер и Музей исторического общества округа Навахо расположены в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, бесплатные газеты в холле и круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The bed was comfortable. And the room was clean.
Минусы: The only downfall was that we couldn't go swimming or that they didn't have a big variety for breakfast
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: I really liked that it was a very clean,quiet,and comfortable room. The staff was very friendly as well.
Минусы: N/A
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The person at the front desk was friendly, welcoming, and very efficient. The location is perfect, close to freeway and dining.
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Location
Минусы: Staff
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Very nice and clean place, great staff very helpful
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: It was very clean, quiet and convenient.
Минусы: No. We liked everything.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Breakfast was great! Beds and pillows were great, AC, great. Quiet and comfortable.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Staff was professional and helpful.
Минусы: Because of the covid stuff the breakfast wasn't much and the pool was closed.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Breakfast was only cold cereal
Минусы: Breakfast
6,8 Хорошо
Минусы: Front desk at check-in seemed like I was interrupted her.
5,7 Нормально
Плюсы: The pool and hot tub were great!!
Минусы: Front desk girl refused at first to offer us a 1st level room because she said they were "reserved " for people with pets. She finally gave us 1 but I felt like I had to beg for it. We found out later most of the families on the 1st floor did not have pets??
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
8,3 Превосходно (Отзывов: 627)
от 4 570 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Holbrook находится в самом сердце города Холбрук. Рядом с ним находится Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт, а в 12 минутах ходьбы — Колледж Нортленд-Пионер. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и многоязычный персонал. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
4,0 Нормально
Плюсы: The staff were nice and the hotel was close to the freeway.
Минусы: Well it started off by finding 3 different bugs in my bed. That was not really exciting. But it was 11:30 at night and we were so tired I did not have the energy to go back to the front desk. There was no toilet paper in our room and when my roommate went to get some the guy walked away from the desk. So then she had to ring the bell a second time and request toilet paper. They had staff serving wrapped up muffins in the morning and food.. They could have just as easily have the staff prepare a waffle and pass it through the window. What is the difference? They hand package the muffins. The staff were nice.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The room was clean and comfortable.
Минусы: The check in was very slow and not very friendly.
9,6 Превосходно
Плюсы: Вокруг свежий воздух, тишина. Обычный мотель, но все новенькое, чистое, много элементов современного дизайна.
Минусы: Поблизости практически нет магазинов, в супер надо ехать 5 км.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Good value and clean.
Минусы: Could hear neighbor’s TV
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: All of the staff was very kind, super clean rooms and comfortable beds.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Really enjoyed the room and most all of the staff were really friendly and helpful.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location and staff.
Минусы: No
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Hot shower
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The rooms were clean with comfortable beds. The air conditioning worked well and the fridges were acceptable with freezers.
Минусы: The breakfast offered was cold cereal with milk that had been sitting out and not kept cool, which violates health codes. I do not eat warm milk on my cereal. There was nothing else but coffee or juice.
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: The evening front desk associate was really great. She recommended a great restaurant and was very helpful. The next morning, however, the manager was very rude and the lobby was such a mess and the breakfast so chintzy we didn’t even eat. Very disappointed. Will not return.
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: That it was close to the highway.
Минусы: Well first off when we arrived it took us ringing the lobby door bell for 20 minutes and then calling the lobby 3 times to get someone to let us in to even check in! Then when I guess the man who is supposed to be the gm emerged from the back to let us in he apparently was sleeping and that's what took us so long to get an answer. But okay we did arrive very late in the evening (midnight) but okay sure. So then he proceeded to check us in. I tell him my reservation name and he asks me for my id and credit card and starts writing stuff down and then hands me a paper and asks me to write my name address and phone number on it sure okay. Then as I look at the paper he handed me I notice he had written my credit card number exp date and cvc number on this piece of paper! Hold up what! So I asked him why and he tells me their computer was down and he would have to process it in the morning. Ummm should'nt you have told me that first! Okay handled that get checked in and to the rooms and at first glance they where sub-par carpet needs replacing as well as the ac unit (although it did work was pretty loud and outdated) as well as the mini fridge also bathroom could use some help as well and seriously there was no toilet paper in there like honest to god two spins around the roll and that was it! Thank god the box of tissues was full cause I was to tired to go back to that front desk. So get to sleep, wake up early to get back on the road start packing up only for my husband to find the biggest cockroach I've ever seen in my life I about threw up! So after getting my stuff out of there then unpacking it all outside my car to check for hitchhikers we where outta there. Best advice stay elsewhere I know I definitely will!
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The room looked nice and was updated. The price.
Минусы: Bugs everywhere as we tried to get in room, pool not open until 2 pm. 3 adults/1child put to book and had all week at different hotels. When I checked in she said it only said 2 adults so I had to pay an extra $10. Breakfast until 9 am-early for weekend.
Best Western Arizonian Inn - Холбрук - Здание
8,0 Превосходно (Отзывов: 218)
от 5 712 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Best Western Arizonian Inn — хороший вариант в городе Холбрук. Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт находится в 1 мин. ходьбы, а Колледж Нортленд-Пионер — в 7 мин. ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, бесплатные газеты в холле и круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Pet friendly and ground floor room available
Минусы: Pet friendly but no real area to walk dog
5,0 Нормально
Минусы: Breakfast was horrible. Lack of many things like yogurts, pastry, fruit, unlike other best western in other locations.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: This hotel is in a good location with easy access to Interstate 40. The staff is very friendly and professional. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The property is well maintained and clean. The parking lot is in good condition. Restaurant nearby.
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: Nothing !!
Минусы: We did not have any water until late at night. We did not have it at all all night long. And There was no breakfast
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Хороший кофе. Удобные матрасы и подушки. Чисто. Завтрак с овсянкой).
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: The clerk who assisted me at the front desk during check in.
Минусы: There was hair and blood on the bed comforter. The sheets were never changed and there was unidentifiable residue on the couch.
7,0 Хорошо
Минусы: old
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: the location right off the highway was convenient.
Минусы: During this Covid crisis, when everyone was supposed to wear masks, the desk guy who checked me in casually said as he shrugged, "I forgot my mask. I only brought gloves." He then didn't put any gloves on. I was standing there, an older woman at risk, wearing mask and gloves. This of course made me wonder about the safety of the hotel, which was confirmed the next morning when I saw the entire cleaning staff head off toward the rooms to clean and not one of the six was wearing any protective gear at all. Whatever they had was going to be transferred to the rooms.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Lobby staff was wonderful
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Clean, comfortable, friendly staff, very reasonably priced
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Comfortable beds, lots of pillows. Large room. Microwave and refrigerator. Proximity to Denny's restaurant.
Минусы: Front door threshold in disrepair, causing tripping hazard.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: For this trip we were traveling with dogs. This hotel was very accommodating, had a nice area to walk them. It was quiet even though it was fairly full. The price was very reasonable too. Good location with Denny's right next door.
Motel 6 Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
7,6 Хорошо (Отзывов: 257)
от 3 927 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Motel 6 Holbrook — хороший вариант в городе Холбрук. Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт находится в 1 мин. ходьбы, а Колледж Нортленд-Пионер — в 7 мин. ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The price was exceedingly awesome in a row of hotels that were two and even three times more expensive. Some of the higher-priced hotels were in obvious need of renovation and didn't look nearly as nice from the street as this one was.
Минусы: Nope, in fact this hotel catered to people traveling with pets and had a potty area designated for them and set up with a cleaning station. So much nicer than having to hunt out a strip of grass along the street or behind a dumpster.l
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Basic small room, linens were rough, no kleenex, pillows flat...no coffee or breakfast due to restrictions of COVID19.. fairly quiet...on old Rte 66.
Минусы: Newer linens
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: Room smelled of urine and mildew. We brought our own blankets (thank goodness)! Wouldn’t stay here again.
Минусы: The room odor. Even spraying a half a can of Lysol didn’t help!
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The complementary and the service.
Минусы: None
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: It was reasonably cheap.
Минусы: They advertised BBQ grills, I was counting on a BBQ grill to cook my dinner, they had "put away the BBQ grills for the season" and did not have them. False advertising.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The recommendation for dinner was great. I couldn't believe an Italian restaurant like the Mesa is in Holbrook.
Минусы: They need to fix the AC/heating.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: I liked how quiet the property was.
5,4 Нормально
Плюсы: Максимум на 1 ночь, месторасположение хорошее, в 10 минутах езды есть сейфвей.
Минусы: Очень маленькие номера, пришлось менять номер - в первом очень затхлый запах был, окна еле открываются, мотель старый, не реновировали. Ничего особенного, даже дороговато для такого качества.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: clean, quiet and comfortable with a friendly staff and good location
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: The front desk agent was very nice. Big smiles and very friendly. She helped me get my room fast.
Минусы: It was dirty. The floors were very dirty. Looks not to have been mopped or swept In a long time. There was no toilet paper. The sheets had stains and the blankets had rips.
2,0 Так себе
Плюсы: Well it is cheap and it has a denny's next door. You can also bring pets.
Минусы: Terrible bed and hair in the sink. There was mold on the ceiling and water built up in the shower light.
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: There was no breakfast.
Минусы: The room smelled musty. The toilet was too low. The fan in the bathroom was way too loud. The towels were too thin.
Lexington Inn Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
8,3 Превосходно (Отзывов: 184)
от 7 068 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Lexington Inn Holbrook находится в городе Холбрук, в сельской местности. Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт и Музей исторического общества округа Навахо располагаются всего в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и услуги прачечной. Предоставляется самостоятельная парковка (за дополнительную плату).
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: There wasn’t really any food at the breakfast
Минусы: The carpets were stained throughout the hotel, the breakfast That was supposed to be offered wasn’t it was just cold cereal.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The room was very clean and comfortable. The staff was helpful and friendly. Location is right off the freeway so its very convenient.
Минусы: Breakfast was very minimal and the television didn't have very many channels.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Indoor halls, big rooms, good breakfast, nice staff. Best hotel in Holbrook.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Breakfast, price, friendly staff, pool.
Минусы: The carpets in the hallway need to be replaced and white door trim to rooms needs to be painted. The pull out sofa in our room was broken in the bottom right corner.
4,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Location was good and the beds were nice.
Минусы: The sign out front says free biscuits and gravy and pancakes and fresh fruit but all they had was bagels and danishes. Also the TV only has about 12 channels and you kidding me?
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: I liked the breakfast, very kid appropriate.
3,0 Так себе
Минусы: Don’t stop here if you have a dog. They charge a $25 pet fee.
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: I like that the room is clean and the fridge works good when you turned it to cold.
Минусы: It smell like poop when we arrive downstairs. The smell goes all the way up stairs. When I smell the sink in our room to check if it’s coming from there, yes the sewer smells bad. There was another door inside supposedly go to the other room and at night time my husband hear someone trying to open it. The neighbor was loud, we can hear them late at night in the room just screaming. We have to sleep and leave early and couldn’t sleep at all.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The lobby was inviting, room clean and comfortable, close to the freeway, and the indoor pool and spa were great.
7,1 Хорошо
Плюсы: Location and room was comfortable.
Минусы: Needs new hallway carpeting, better pillows, they were too hard and all the same. You should have a variety of pillows for different needs.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Good location right off highway. Stayed during pandemic, facilities were limited.
Минусы: Didn't find out about grassy dog-walking area until the morning we left. Front lot is unsightly.
6,3 Хорошо
Плюсы: It was quiet
Минусы: No plug in by the bed. M/wave not plugged in. Brought back “breakfast” pastry to eat in room. It was FROZEN. couldn’t use M/wave! Keurig wouldn’t work. I can’t remember what else. I give up. Just won’t be back!!!!!
Super 8 by Wyndham Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
7,2 Хорошо (Отзывов: 116)
от 4 093 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Super 8 by Wyndham Holbrook — хороший вариант в городе Холбрук. Рядом с ним находится Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт, а в 1 мин. езды на автомобиле — Колледж Нортленд-Пионер. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и хранение багажа. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Price and location
Минусы: Average hotel at a great price
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Price was reasonable. Easy highway access. Quiet.
Минусы: The counters seemed unwiped.
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: It got the job done for the night.
Минусы: I don’t know if it was the fridge or what, but something in the room was clicking all night. It wasn’t when I got there it just started in the middle of the night. Also, the bathroom vent didn’t work so it smelt of urine.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: location, and price
Минусы: that it was being remodeled when I was there....
1,0 Ниже среднего
Минусы: There was no coffee made at 6am, as stated, no beside lamps, slamming of door or other throughout the night, a shower curtain folded in half to replace a glass door, no bathroom tissue.
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: The staff was understanding, courteous, and helpful.
Минусы: Our room had Bes bugs, and we could not stay. Also, there was no elevator which is ok unless 1 in your party uses a wheelchair; which is true in my case.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Gracious and friendly staff
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The staff and cleanliness
Минусы: The shower curtain was broken and the room was a bit run down.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Free breakfast. It was great for a continual breakfast!
Минусы: Misread about the pool. Thought it was an indoor but it was an outdoor.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Stay was very clean and comfortable
Минусы: Had no problems with the room and Stafff
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Cleanliness and overall appearance especially including Rt66 items within the room. Ease of finding the location and not having a problem with accomadating the truck I was driving!
Минусы: The toilet ran all night long, even with a jiggle. I did mention to the front desk that all it would take to fix is a simple 5 buck flapper from home depot, but he seemed indifferent to the suggestion and just kind of laughed it off, oh well, that's youth for you
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: Pool empty. Carpet in hall dirty. Drapes off
Globetrotter Lodge - Холбрук - Здание
9,3 Превосходно (Отзывов: 372)
от 7 140 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Этот мотель расположен в городе Холбрук, штат Аризона, в 6,4 км от поля для гольфа Hidden Cove. Гостей ожидают тематически оформленные номера с кондиционером. К услугам гостей открытый бассейн и континентальный завтрак. В каждом номере мотеля Globetrotter Lodge установлен телевизор с плоским экраном и кабельными каналами. Все номера оборудованы ванной комнатой с раковиной, изготовленной вручную. Номера оформлены в стиле американских вестернов и обставлены деревянной мебелью ручной работы. Гости мотеля Globetrotter Lodge Holbrook могут поплавать в сверкающем голубом бассейне. Также к вашим услугам шезлонги и обеденная зона на открытом воздухе. Расстояние от мотеля до муниципального аэропорта Холбрук составляет 10,4 км. За 20 минут можно доехать до музея Рейнбоу-Форест.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The room was great, it was clean , the bathroom while small was impeccable. The staff was as friendly as I've ever seen.
Минусы: We didn't stay long enough to get in the pool
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Bed very comfortable. Room clean and nicely decorated.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Retro Western Kitsch charm. Lovely breakfast, with fillips. Austrian hospitality
Минусы: Not really anything.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Family run, great breakfast
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Always stay here if I'm I the area. The family who owns it is remarkable and friendly!
Минусы: No.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Close to my travel highway, easy to find and easy to make a reservation, warm greeting and personal attention to my needs on arrival, relaxing pool, comfortable, charming room.
Минусы: Nada
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: My wife loved the room. It felt like you were stay at a friends house and so nice.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The motel was excellent in every way, the owners are super friendly and professional. Ask for the scrambled eggs for breakfast, you won’t regret it. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the motel to anyone.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Wonderful furnishings, fantastic breakfast.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Персонал очень доброжелательный. Номер чистый, уютный. Внешний вид гостиницы аккуратный. Большого ассортимента на завтрак не было, но все было свежее. Вкусный кофе.
Минусы: Под утро было немного слышно звуки проходящих мимо поездов. Но это проблема всего городка, так как он не большой, а ж/д его пересекает.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Not fancy, a 50s throwback that is well managed with great service. Convenient to the National Park.
Минусы: Nothing not to like.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The absolute uniqueness and good taste in decorating, and the breakfast.
Travelodge by Wyndham Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
7,7 Хорошо (Отзывов: 149)
от 5 141 ₽
Обзор Отзывы
Travelodge by Wyndham Holbrook — хороший вариант в городе Холбрук. Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт и Колледж Нортленд-Пионер расположены в 5 минутах ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и многоязычный персонал. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Not bad
4,2 Нормально
Плюсы: Old run down needs major remodel/ tear down rebuild
Минусы: See above
7,0 Хорошо
Минусы: Noisey heater.
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Hot water switcher was almost broken. It’s very dangerous. Need to fix immediately
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Amenities
Минусы: Cleanliness of rooms
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: The staff was great
Минусы: There wasn't any "real pillows". They were just small acsent pillows. Bed was hard
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Cold AC and comfortable bed. Good water pressure in shower.
Минусы: Needed to do laundry. And the only have 1 washer and dryer. And the dryer was broken. So could not do laundry.
8,3 Превосходно
Плюсы: We had issues with the door lock.
4,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Staff was great and effort was put into making the room look nice, and would be great with new linens and towels.
Минусы: Towels were rough and dingy, room had an unclean look and feel. New linens and towels would do a lot to make this place better.
4,0 Нормально
Плюсы: The staff was really nice. The gal that checked us in was really sweet. The gentleman that was working in the morning was an interesting conversationalist.
Минусы: There was holes in the walls, the bathroom was gross, the water temperature kept fluctuating from hot to cold in the shower, and the indoor jacuzzi was broken.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Bkft..o.j.n cereal
Минусы: Coffee creamer. Coffee maker in room didn't work. Noisy heater.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Clean and comfortable.
Quality Inn Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
8,4 Превосходно (Отзывов: 92)
от 5 998 ₽
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Этот Quality Inn Holbrook в городе Холбрук — вариант с прекрасным расположением: Колледж Нортленд-Пионер и Музей исторического общества округа Навахо находятся в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бесплатные газеты в холле, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и кофе/чай в общественном месте. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: This is a perfectly acceptable motel.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Great location! Found the hotel quickly when driving to Holbrook. Also, the complimentary breakfast was very good. We enjoyed the DIY waffles!
Минусы: Not too much. The bed seemed small for the room size, but overall was sufficient.
10,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: It was located easy on/off freeway. Beautiful room andcstaff was amazing.
Минусы: No. very nice for sure
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: The room was very clean. The staff helped me with luggage to my room.
Минусы: No elevator to 2nd floor. Breakfast was measly.
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: The staff was nice and pleasant
Минусы: Old needs remodeling Very poor water pressure. They had not turned on the air conditioner. So being in AZ in summer the room was like a furnace when we first went in, we turned on the AC and left . Came back 2 hours later and it was bearable.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The staff were incredibly accommodating and kind. The hotel was clean. Dogs were welcomed. Hotel is older, and definitely not 2.5 stars.
9,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: Location was great.
Минусы: Oddly, I don't complain much but the pillows were strangely small...
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The location is very convenient to the highway. It was clean, the breakfast was very adequate.
Минусы: The stairs going to the second floor were not convenient for my husband who injured his leg two days earlier. It was difficult to find a parking place for a trailer that was safe.
Americas Best Value Inn Holbrook - Холбрук - Здание
5,2 Нормально (Отзывов: 111)
от 3 356 ₽
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Americas Best Value Inn Holbrook находится в самом сердце города Холбрук. Рядом с ним находится Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт, а в 5 минутах ходьбы — Музей исторического общества округа Навахо. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, ускоренная регистрация при заезде и бесплатные газеты в холле. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: Nothing
Минусы: Staff was never on spot, they left a phone number at the door which I tried contact but after calling over 10 times no answer, this was on a Saturday at 10am, which I assumed was working hours, but not for the hotel staff apparently.
8,0 Превосходно
Плюсы: The staff was very friendly and I felt safe staying at the hotel.
Минусы: Things could have been fixed in the roomy
4,0 Нормально
Плюсы: Front desk staff friendly Price included voucher for a breakfast from a menu selection of about 7 items at restaurant next door...nothing spectacular, but a hot, real breakfast. In general (with a few short drop-outs amounting to at most about 5 minutes at a time) Internet was amazing when it worked - Tested at 24mbps
Минусы: Heater (on AC unit) didn't work Bed was terrible - bouncy, noisy, loud Pillows were flat and insufficient Bedding was dirty (sheets) Floor was dirty - needed to be swept and mopped Black "droppings" on the floor beside refrigerator No accessible electrical outlets...AT ALL Tub had crumbles of drywall/gravel/rock (?) materials in it Spiders mating on ceiling near shower/tub Bathroom light could not be turned on without fan coming on, when the fan came on it sounded like an airplane with mangled steel engines was landing Paper thin walls, I could understand every word of the TV program in the rooms beside me, at a moderate volume. Paper thin ceiling...I could hear every time the upstairs room guests walked around...and especially every time (all day and night?) their child ran back and forth across the floor...over and over again Almost impossible to get into bathroom: You had to open the door, step around the door, close the door, then move to toilet/tub FWW, the sink was located outside the bathroom, so some might like that Curtains did not adequately cover the window, were falling/had fallen off the curtain rod on both sides of the window Bolt lock on door didn't work I have pretty low standards for a hotel/motel room. This one was not even close, even for my low standards.
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: the staff was friendly location was nice.
Минусы: My room had an under sized heater which did not keep the room too warm and the curtains did not fit the windows correctly. I found it a little insulting that I was only offered 20%. I would think the head house keeper would have noted things wrong
7,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: Entirely comfortable & convenient, very helpful & engaging staff. Good efforts to upgrade—love the wooden floors. Breakfast at the diner next door was modest but “just right” (still--they need ketchup!)
Минусы: It’s an old, worn place where great efforts like the nice new flooring cannot eclipse the worn bathtub or off-colour baseboards. Also the noise of the train was unfortunate but that’s a town issue, not a motel issue.
2,0 Так себе
Плюсы: It was close to where our meeting was.
Минусы: The room was so dirty we kept our shoes on. They didn't clean the room after the first night. They gave us a vacuum so we could tidy up ourselves.
3,0 Так себе
Плюсы: Location was good. Water was hot. Breakfast was provided. Everything worked as expected.
Минусы: Everything was really worn. Paint peeling, baseboards scuffed. Air vent falling off. Sink drain broken (but working). Electric switches not covering the holes in the wall. Hard to tell if it was clean due to all the wear.
1,0 Ниже среднего
Плюсы: Nothing. Looked nothing like the online photos.
Минусы: Dirty, needed repairs. Breakfast was horrible and uneatable. Website didn't disclose pet fee per pet, very deceiving.
4,3 Нормально
Плюсы: It was passable given that we were only staying for one night.
Минусы: The room we stayed in was "tired" and needs a re-do.
6,7 Хорошо
Плюсы: The breakfast in a nearby place was good. The room had everything that we needed for one night stay, fridge, microwave and clean comfy beds.
Минусы: The the bathroom and carpets were run down and the whole appearance of the motel was a bit shabby.
6,0 Хорошо
Плюсы: breakfast was a disappointment just a voucher for 1.25 off from place next door not a full meal.
5,0 Нормально
Плюсы: location
Минусы: the hotel is old and ugly, our room was not clean as it supposed to be, the tiolett was broken but they came quickly to fix it
3,2 Так себе
Плюсы: About the only thing I liked about this hotel was the cheap price.
Минусы: The air conditioner was loud, which actually turned out to be somewhat good as there was a distressing disturbance close by our door requiring police intervention at 2am. A lesson: you get what you pay for.
5,2 Нормально
Плюсы: Good prices, good location, friendly staff.
Минусы: Instructions to operate appliances were incomplete. Refridgerator had been shut off with door closed and smelled. Fan in bathroom inoperative. Notified front desk.
Magnuson Hotel Adobe Inn - Холбрук - Здание
6,1 Хорошо (Отзывов: 3)
от 4 258 ₽
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Magnuson Hotel Adobe Inn — хороший вариант в городе Холбрук. Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт находится в 1 мин. ходьбы, а Музей исторического общества округа Навахо — в 11 мин. ходьбы. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: бизнес-центр, круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации и многоязычный персонал. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
4,8 Нормально
Минусы: very tired
Golden Inn - Холбрук - Здание
2,2 Так себе (Отзывов: 1)
от 2 631 ₽
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Golden Inn расположен в городе Холбрук, рядом с аэропортом. Пустыня Пейнтед-Дезерт находится всего в 1 минутах ходьбы, а Колледж Нортленд-Пионер — в 10 минутах ходьбы. Гостям предоставляются следующие услуги и удобства: бесплатные газеты в холле и услуги прачечной. Трансфер из аэропорта и обратно (по запросу) предоставляется за дополнительную плату, на территории отеля есть бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.
2,2 Так себе
Плюсы: For the misshape the manager gave me a free room because me room key did work. I went out to have a drink and I came back to see if the front desk could open me room there was no one to be found.