The Crossroads Hotel & Suites

3135 East John Carpenter Freeway, Ирвинг, TX 75062, США
+1 972 894 1900

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The Crossroads Hotel & Suites - Ирвинг, TX, США
пт 26.02
сб 27.02
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5,1 km

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14,4 km


пт 26.02
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4 494 ₽ за ночь
4 494 ₽ за ночь
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  • Ниже среднего
    апр 2015

    Wish I'd read more reviews before I stayed here.

    I should have known I wouldn't get much for $35 a night, and I didn't. The only reason I didn't go elsewhere was that I was very tired and the room was just barely inhabitable. Pluses: o Working power, plumbing, air conditioning, clock radio. o Plumbing fixtures worn but working. Lots of hot water. o Floors, furniture, bedding, toilet, shower clean. o Nice soap, shampoo, hand lotion. o Bed a little hard but I slept well. o Bath linens thin but adequate. o Curtains made room very dark. Don't know: TVs and room phone (I didn't use them)

    Minuses: o Most table and counter surfaces dirty or showing smears from whatever rag they were wiped with. o Several light fixtures unplugged because knobs were missing; one fixture didn't work at all). o Bare light bulb in living room ceiling. o Lock hardware on door was loose. I tightened it myself; only after doing so did I feel safe staying there. o Rip in arm of couch. o Dark, depressing paint and paneling. o "Kitchen" is a fridge, tiny microwave, greasy plug-in 2-burner unit on counter top. o NO COOKING OR EATHING DISHES AT ALL. o Air conditioning: both worked but one had a broken temperature knob; together they cooled the place enough. o Sketchy clientele, hung around outside in groups. I felt unsafe, and I'm a big guy and I can defend myself. o WiFi: slow, kept getting disconnected, 5-6 networks and I had to keep trying them to find one that worked. o One trash can for whole suite. o Patchy paint, sloppy around edges, visible spackling in several spots. o Hair dryer broken. o Ironing board but no cover and no iron. o No drinking cup or glass in bathroom or kitchen. o Toilet flapper valve stuck open once; I had to manually untangle it. o Outdoor fire hoses absent. o No stopper in bathroom sink (made shaving difficult). Guest service: o Terrible phone connection at front desk. o Clerk barely spoke English. o No air conditioning in front office. o Took 15 minutes to find my reservation (made through The kicker: When I checked out, the man at the desk, who sounded like the owner, told me proudly that my room was one of their best.

  • Так себе
    апр 2015

    Give your review a headline

    Got bit by bed bugs all over my back Had to wait to buy a soda 10 minutes while clerk talked on phone Burned out light on ceiling fixture. Difficult to get to.

  • Так себе
    мар 2015

    Cheap and Dismal

    The parking lot was well lit.

    I've been homeless and prefer that to staying here. Seriously, stay away. The staff barely speaks English and are unwilling to work with you on modifying your reservation. They charge more than the cost of staying the night if you want to check out a day early. The toilet runs, the faucet drips, the lights are bare bulbs, the door doesn't seal, room service opens my bags, there is no hot water after 7 AM, the AC unit rattles loudly, and you can smell when someone next door uses the bathroom. It's located in an industrial section, so food, shopping, and even fuel stations are miles away. Oh yeah, and bed bugs. In summary: if you want an inexpensive way to spend the night, threaten small children until the police show up, resist arrest, and spend some time in jail. You'll receive better service.

  • Ниже среднего
    дек 2014

    Just say NO!!

    I walked into the lobby. No one was at the front desk but 3 people were on the couch speaking a different language. I announced that I had made a reservation. They continued to talk and eventually got around to helping me. It was difficult to understand their English. Although I made the reservation for 3 people, when I got to the room there were only 2 towels and the pull out couch did not have a sheet, blanket, or pillows. I called to correct the problem and was told that I would have to wait until morning. They didn't have any extra linens or towels at the front desk. My son ended up having to sleep directly on the mattress with a blanket and pillow we happened to have in the car. When the maid finally came late in the morning it took me some time to communicate what I needed. She finally gave me a blanket, sheet, and extra towel but didn't bother to make his bed and I gave up trying to get a pillow for him. The entire time they never did clean the room. I found a lot of trash under the couch, battery by the TV, smoke alarm in one of the drawers, the shower had a black ring. They were very cheap about giving you towels or supplies. The morning we were supposed to check out our keys stopped working so we ended up getting locked out of our room while we were loading our car. When I did our laundry I came back to find my still very warm clothes had been taken out of the dryer by another guest. One night my husband didn't have warm water to shower with and the next morning we saw a huge pit had been dug in front of the motel and water was in the bottom of the hole.

    Absolutely nothing! Worst experience I ever had. I normally use and have never had any problems like this. I will never use this service again to book a hotel.

  • Ниже среднего
    ноя 2014

    Worst Hotel


    Room smelled like stale cigarettes Room gross and dirty Bed had Bedbugs Woke up after an hour of sleep to bites all over my body. Leff hotel in the middle of the night to sleep at the airport NEVER AGAIN!

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The Crossroads Hotel & Suites находится в городе Ирвинг, рядом с аэропортом. Центр проведения мероприятий Ирвинга и Развлекательный комплекс Toyota Music Factory расположены в 10 минутах езды на автомобиле. Для удобства гостей предоставляется следующее: круглосуточная работа стойки регистрации, услуги прачечной и лифт. Если вы планируете деловое или развлекательное мероприятие, отель предлагает вам пространство площадью 111 кв. м, на котором расположены конференц-залы и конференц-зал. Предоставляется бесплатная самостоятельная парковка.



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Низкая раковина
Кабельное или спутниковое ТВ
Использование противовирусных чистящих средств при уборке
Ковровое покрытие
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Дезинфекция номеров перед заселением
Заглушки для розеток
Туалетная бумага
Опечатывание номеров после уборки
Вид на город
Полотенца/постельное белье (платно)
Полка для одежды
Возможность отказа от уборки в номере
Животные не разрешены
Бесплатная автостоянка
Доступ к верхним этажам на лифте
Строгий контроль соблюдения персоналом правил безопасности согласно указаниям местных органов власти
Письменный стол
Торговый автомат (напитки)
Торговый автомат (снеки)
Ванная в номере
Ресепшн 24/7
Зона для курения
Сушилка для белья


The Crossroads Hotel & Suites - Ирвинг - Здание
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The Crossroads Hotel & Suites - Ирвинг - Здание
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6,1 Хорошо (отзывов: 211)
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4 646 ₽+

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