Найдите дешевые авиабилеты из Middle East в Воронеж

Найдите дешевые авиабилеты из Middle East в Воронеж

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Плюсы: "comfortable seating..."
Минусы: "Nice experience ..."

Плюсы: "The seats were spacious and comfortable. Ample room for the long flight."
Минусы: "Desert option: warm cookies"

Минусы: "Kids food. Chairs weren't comfortable until I reclined it back. Felt like I was bending forward when in the upright position."

Плюсы: "Lots of entertainment options. Good leg room. Good food. Made a 16 hour flight about as tolerable as one can hope for."

Плюсы: "The crew helped us get seats together as a family and also made a request for that seat change. They allowed us to board earlier which really helps since we have two kids under 4 years of age."
Минусы: "The announcements at Chennai airport are not always audible"

Плюсы: "Today amazingly the service was too good, the hostesses were coming forward and asking if we needed something and making the journey comfortable."
Минусы: "Was nicr"

Плюсы: "Great value"

Плюсы: "entertainment options"
Минусы: "They ran out of chicken for the back part of the plane so we all had salmon"

Плюсы: "Entertainment was awesome. Lots of new movies"
Минусы: "Flight was 1 hr delay and we missed our connection flight. That was the most frustrating from the trip. Crew and aircraft was okay nothing special like I expected."

Плюсы: "nice people, good food"
Минусы: "the process in Dubai for boarding is strange, first they make you go into a smaller room where there aren't always enough chairs, then you have to wait there until your section is called. Why not just do it all at the same time?"

Минусы: "Because my husband and I couldn't complete the online check in, we ended up sitting on different ends of the plane."

Плюсы: "Excellent!!!"

Плюсы: "It was wonderfull"
Минусы: "Legroom"

Плюсы: "Good flight and on time."

Плюсы: "The ICE entertainment"
Минусы: "Nothing"

Плюсы: "Information from the captain"
Минусы: "Serving alcohol to someone who had consumed a lot, difficult for the crew to know though."

Плюсы: "Ya"
Минусы: "I like it"

Плюсы: "Modern spacious plane, on-board experience all fine. Flat beds in Bysiness are great."
Минусы: "Boarding is shambolic - no signs, no announcements, first class passengers get herded into a large pen with the others , which leads to no reliable priority boarding. Flight was delayed 25 minutes (advised by kayak not Emirates); no acknowledgement of it - departure boards never reflected it, no announcement."

Плюсы: "Everything was perfect"

Минусы: "Before I start my complaint I would like to say that my family and I had 6 emirates flights this year and 5 of those flights were very good and we thoroughly enjoyed our traveling with emirates but this 1 flight came out to be the worse flight of my life. I made online check-in and chose our seats and all was successful but when we reached the airport and I opened my app, it displayed that online boarding pass was not available. After moving slowly in a long queue, when I reached near boarding counters, an official checked my name in a list and informed that there was some new tax applied on us and thus I had to visit counter 5 or 6 to pay that tax. We joined the queue of counter 5 but it was not moving at all and I noticed some people being served at counter 5 who were not in the queue, thinking that counter 5 might take longer, I joined counter 6 queue where there were only 1 family and 1 passenger ahead of me, for next half hour we stood there but that queue didn't move. Finally after some time another counter called me, he confirmed that I had made online check-in. We were given boarding passes and were asked to wait for tax processing, After another 15min, we were given all papers and were requested to move to the immigration counter. After immigration when we were going through final security check, the emirates official asked me to hurry up, I showed him that the security process was going on in front of him, upon that he asked why I was late to airport, I informed him that I made online check-in and I was required to be there 90min before the flight but I was there 150min before the flight and it was in front of him how long the tax processing took, upon that he said that I should have been at the boarding counter 240min before the flight and that I should be aware of the facilities at the airport (although it was my 1st time there). I had not made any complaint on what had happened so far to anyone and I was not rude to anyone although I was with my wife and 1.5 years old son who was crying coz of warn weather and thirst, we couldn't provide him with water coz we were standing in queues all the time. But hearing such comments from Emirates official were quite unbearable but still I stayed calm and reached at the gate. When I handed over the boarding passes, I was told that my boarding pass was missing and I was quickly blamed by emirates officials that either I reached there without a boarding pass or I had lost it. When they checked in their system it showed that I was already boarded, I understood that they gave my boarding pass to someone else but they kept on saying that I had lost it and also informed the same to plane crew, then they made a manual boarding pass for me and let me pass the gate. We were the last passengers to enter the plane. When I reached at my seat, there was someone else sitting there, upon taking attendant's help, it was discovered that the passenger sitting there had my boarding pass."

Плюсы: "The entertainment was comprehensive. I also liked the number of options for the complimentary beverages."
Минусы: "The economy seats are not as comfortable as advertised. The breakfast was good, but the chicken dinner was bland."

Минусы: "Почему-то нельзя было отправить багаж с получением в Санкт-Петербурге, надо было получать его в Москве. Хотя на рейсе из Питера в Дубай мы багаж не получали в Москве."

Плюсы: "Everything was very good"

Плюсы: "Emirates was top in service, organization, personnel. Planes were clean, staff attentive and personable and wanting to help. Been a long time since service this good and on such long flights. Cabin personnel of multiple nationalities and languages only added to the flight. They even returned my phone mistakenly left on board. Would recommend them to all."
Минусы: "Entertainment system on smaller planes not as responsive as newer models. They need to improve web info to share layover process for hotel vouchers and visa."

Минусы: "see above"

Плюсы: "Good inflight entertainment"
Минусы: "Inflight service perfunctory Food of adequate standard Both used to be much better on Emirates"

Плюсы: "Leg Room"

Плюсы: "The planes are always beautiful, clean and atmospheric. The staff is always polite and friendly, and well put together. Never have I ever had a bad experience with Emirates."

Плюсы: "Entertainment system is very good. Crew was marvelous"

Плюсы: "excellent services thanks"
Минусы: "services provided to impaired handicap persons ,need improvement thanks"

Плюсы: "Food and entertainment"
Минусы: "Tiny seats. No leg room. No storage under the seats."

Минусы: "Booked an aisle seat in early April. Emirates reassigned me a middle seat, this on a 13.25 hour flight! Refused to rebook me back to original even though I showed them my original booking. Never Emirates again! Ever."

Минусы: "Airport staff were not very descriptive or helpful with directions. Talked to me like I was dumb...."

Минусы: "Broke my bags."

Плюсы: "Развлечения и комфортность сидений эконом-класса"
Минусы: "грязные столовые индивидуальные приборы"

Плюсы: "Crew and the upgraded entertainment system. Especially, the nee touch screen and 3.5 mm support in the headphone jack."

Плюсы: "I appreciated the attention to detail along with the entertainment. The Salmon was great along with the refreshments."

Плюсы: "Service Gluten free food provided."

Плюсы: "Flight was comfortable, plenty of legroom, good entertainment options and food was okay"
Минусы: "All flights were consistently delayed"

Минусы: "Waiting for 4 hours for boarding due to silly mistake of agent for booking my ticket with wrong spelling & keep me on hold for hours & hours. will never recommend such site to others."

Плюсы: "The in flight entertainment and food was enjoyable. Overall service of the crew was excellent."
Минусы: "I flew from Singapore to New York with a 1 hour 15 minute layover in Dubai. Passengers with layovers were instructed to be at the next gate 45 minutes in advance of boarding. This was seemingly impossible and cause myself and many other passengers severe anxiety running through the airport. The first flight landed 10 minutes late in Gate C, took another 10-15 minutes to off board, at which point we were held by a flight attendant who later guided us to get on a bus to take us between terminal A and C. The entire trip between gates was approximately 30 minutes and we inexplicably had to pass through security 3 times during the layover. It seemed poorly organized and myself and other passengers just made the second flight before the doors closed."

Плюсы: "Bad food in flight back from dubai to dallas."

Плюсы: "Food was great. Service was great."
Минусы: "Need to have more leg space for a long haul flight."

Минусы: "Departure was delayed 20 min and luggage 1 waited 1 hour !!!! I missed my next fly . Connection was 2 hours . Bad management in Emirates in Madrid"

Минусы: "Check-in counter staffs in Dubai are poorly trained and do not have service-mind at all."

Минусы: "Business class was beyond amazing"

Плюсы: "I was pleasantly surprised how great our travel with Emirates was. We usually fly in business class when traveling to Europe, but this time we were pleasantly surprise that the economy on our flight was as good as business on most American airlines. We are looking forward to another flight with Emirates!"
Минусы: "Everything was great, I can't think of one thing that disappointed me."

Минусы: "The service i received from airfare.com and Kayak."

Плюсы: "Emirates has a great reputation, and now I've experienced first hand why that is! Great (complimentary!) food and beverages, clean comfortable seats, generous luggage policies, and impressive customer service. The crew on our flight represented 19 different countries and spoke a total of 19 different different languages. The woman ahead of me was very unpleasant about her screen not working, and every attendant she spoke to was infinitely polite and pleasant. They tried to reset her screen, and eventually found an empty seat and moved her to first class!"
Минусы: "Only that I can't take an Emirates airbus for all of my flights! I was detained for awhile during boarding because I was chosen to have my carry-on bag checked, and it took awhile because I had filled a water bottle after passing through security and it took some discussion before being approved (my husband didn't know where I was and had already boarded and was worried)."

Плюсы: "Crew was courteous and helpful."
Минусы: "Seats are cramped a bit"

Плюсы: "USB charger!!"
Минусы: "Already perfect!"

Плюсы: "Evry thing but the dilay"
Минусы: "If we arrive on time"

Плюсы: "The crew"
Минусы: "Food. Not enough vegetarian options"

Плюсы: "On time, organized , quick, polite staff, good food"

Плюсы: "Delayed flights cause missed transit flight. No apology, no compensation. 7 hours stuck in airport. No food on stop or flight"

Минусы: "Toooooo hot"

Плюсы: "Aeroflot was a classy airline, I didn't expect it but appreciated it"

Минусы: "Еда отвратительная"

Минусы: "Flight cancelled without communication, zero customer service, awful experience, will never fly Aeroflot again"

Плюсы: "Service was excellent. For this long flight, we chose premium economy. It was very good and a lot more room then standard economy"

Плюсы: "The best crew ever. I was impressed with this airline"

Плюсы: "Ручная кладь 10 кг, большой кофмортный самолет, много новых фильмов"
Минусы: "Посадка завершилась вовремя, отъехали от гейта, взлетели вовремя. В итоге опоздание на полчаса. Багаж опять долго не выдавали. В итоге те, у кого был внутренний трансфер выглядели грустно"

Минусы: "Соседи сзади"

Плюсы: "Всё по расписанию."
Минусы: "В бутерброде попалась пищевая плёнка. Маленькое растояние между креслами. Долго подавали телетрап."

Минусы: "Через час после взлёта перестал работать экран. И почти до конца полёта не работал.жто конечно очень , очень плохо. Ни кино ни посмотреть, ни навигацию не узнать."

Минусы: "Задержка на 6 часов."

Плюсы: "The crew was nice and the food was ok for such a short flight"
Минусы: "Had to change terminals which took forever, almost missed this flight because the previous one was delayed. They lost my luggage, which didn’t arrive till later at night"

Минусы: "I came 18 min befor depretur insted of 20 min & airflot didnt let me go on the plain becus of 2 stuped min " this is airflot polocy " thy told me "you have to be 20 min & mor befor deprtur " Shem on you airflot !!!!!!! I hade to spend mor 130£ &50 £ for hotel & wheit to next flight in morning"

Минусы: "багаж получил на следующий день"

Плюсы: "Комфортные сидения"
Минусы: "Очень долго ехали на автобусе от гейта до самолета - около 25 минут. Притом было ощущение, что сначала ездили кругами. Проверка посадочных талонов при входе в самолет. Все остальные авиакомпании последний раз проверяют билет при входе в гейт, поэтому после прохода уже прячешь билет подальше. А тут потребовали предъявить. Пришлось долго искать в сумке, пока все остальные пассажиры ждали своей очереди на улице."

Минусы: "Не работала обещанная развлекательная система"

Минусы: "Задержка рейса, при том, что другие рейсы вылетели в Иркутск без задержек. Как результат опоздал на свой следующий рейс"

Минусы: "Очень небольшие расстояния между рядами. При росте 190 см это ужас."

Плюсы: "Allowed 2 suitcases per person, served food, new planes"
Минусы: "Limited entertainment options"

Плюсы: "Comfortable . No surprises"

Плюсы: "Очень понравилась люлька для ребёнка. Ограничение 11 кг по весу чада."

Плюсы: "Экипаж отличный."

Минусы: "Что я давно отменила рейс, а вы мне шлете напоминания о нем и анкету, чтобы я оценила то, что я не совершала!!!"

Плюсы: "Вежливость, улыбчивость экипажа."
Минусы: "Очень маленькое расстояние между креслами, в то время как в рейсах в Европу расстояние нормальное."

Минусы: "food could improve"

Минусы: "Багаж не прилетел..........!...................."

Плюсы: "Almost all"

Минусы: "Уже в Самаре несколько лет не используют аэродромные автобусы-скотовозы, но "передовой" а/п Шереметьево - круглосуточно... Осталось ещё новую полосу запустить и скотовоз станет единственным вариантом для "нового советского человека"."

Плюсы: "Вполне удобные кресла и расстояние для ног."
Минусы: "Прилететь без багажа в зиму, теперь придется покупать все вещи заново! Кто мне возместит траты на зимние вещи и в чем нам ходить ?! Да и лететь не 10.30 часов , а 12 было утомительно , а никаких прикольных не было дополнительно предоставлено, хотя бы для детей...ну и потом вся эта бумажная волокита в аэропорту, почти сутки потратили на прибытие из Хошимина в Москву."

Плюсы: "Без эксцессов: - с размерами ручной клади - никто не лютовал - на посадке задержек не было"

Минусы: "Такое впечатление, что самолет раньше самолет эксплуатировался на китайском рынке - между сидениями очень мало места"

Минусы: "Не дали рукав"

Минусы: "they didn't let us to take to the plabe both our small trolleys - showing us some unrealistic iron bars it should fit into. They promised to give it us with regular luggage in AMsterdam, but at the end both were lost!!! we were in short shirts in -7 frost !"

Минусы: "i not recive my logich until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Плюсы: "Nice attendance, food"
Минусы: "I got my suitcase after 4 days"

Минусы: "Забрали ручную кладь в багаж. Подход к ужесточению контроля за ручной кладью формально правильный, но Аэрофлот потеряет своих лояльных клиентов. Размер рамки не совпадает с размерами, утверждёнными мировыми практикам и соответственно выпускаемых мировыми брендами Samsonite, Tummi ручной клади. Подход "коверный" , в том числе и для бизнес класса, для Skype priority!!"

Минусы: "Everything went smoothly"

Минусы: "Посадку начали с опозданием. В бизнес-зале посадку не объявили вообще. Успели чудом. Сидели на space + в экономе, но ручную кладь смогли положить только в хвосте. Хотя бизнес был пустой, и положить туда можно было легко. Весь полет температура в салоне была выше 30 градусов. Неоднократные просьбы сделать что-то не помогли."

Плюсы: "Even though there was a significant delay there was recompense for Hotel or fare."

Плюсы: "Отличное обслуживание (летел комфорт-классом), вкусно кормили. Понравилась мягкая посадка."
Минусы: "Рейс задержали на 17 часов по погодным условиям. Перед самолетом долго держали в автобусе. Я ожидал, что в комфорт-классе кресло будет удобнее. С моим ростом (193) было так себе -хотя гораздо лучше эконома"

Плюсы: "Экипаж старался сгладить опоздание, командир честно сказал о поломке. Никакого там вокруг да около"
Минусы: "Конечно, факт опоздания на 4 часа не радует, но что поделаешь, безопасность важнее"

Плюсы: "Удобные кресла, комфортное расстояние между рядами."
Минусы: "Рейс задержали на пол часа. Из напитков не предложили соки, только кофе, чай и вода."

Плюсы: "Tha personal"
Минусы: "Very happy and will fly again"

Плюсы: "Борт проводник Эмма была безупречна"

Плюсы: "My first time flying with S7 — very pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. I will definitely use S7 for domestic travel in Russia in the future."
Минусы: "Seats a little cramped, but par for the course."

Плюсы: "excellent crew, the commander of the ship made a nice soft landing, but for some reason water was dripping from the ceiling ... the flight attendant explained that it was condensation"
Минусы: "отлично,.."

Минусы: "Small plane but got us to where we wanted to go"

Плюсы: "Вежливость бортпроводников чистота и комфорт в салоне."

Плюсы: "Чистый салон."
Минусы: "Грубость стюардессы Альбина ."

Минусы: "Baggage check in was delayed 3 hours stupid and unacceptable"

Плюсы: "Everything was awesome. Thanks a lot nothing"
Минусы: "Nothing."

Плюсы: "Flight registration was smoothness."
Минусы: "No charges in plane. No entertainment. Flight attendants ignored our request for a glass of water."

Плюсы: "The seats were nice."
Минусы: "Having to pay for bags. It was not clear that we had to pay for bags when we purchased the tickets."

Минусы: "Very efficient. They feed you even on a flight that’s less than 3 hours"

Минусы: "Better care about passenger's fragile baggage"

Минусы: "Airline charged for baggage even though I already paid for baggage to be included when making a booking on Kayak."

Плюсы: "Новый самолет."
Минусы: "Попросил воды- принесли в бу стакане из под сока. Причем не известноькто пил до этого."

Плюсы: "Долетели, все же"
Минусы: "Задержка рейса - два из двух за неделю. Высадка пассажиров - один автобус был, второй и третий приехали через 15 минут."

Плюсы: "Всё как обычно. Отличный экипаж. В Токио посадки при сильном боковом ветре, но пилоты посадили мягко. Бортпроводники вежливые."
Минусы: "Раньше на этом рейсе был обед, сейчас сендвичи."

Минусы: "I couldn't change seats on line I did prepay the baggage, printed the receipt, when I started checking in, they won,t honor their own reciept, they could not find my prepayment, the call center was no helpful, I had to pay again. The checking in agent placed myself and my wife far from each other, and the plane was half-empty"

Плюсы: "Вежливые стюардессы, вкусный обед, пилот объявлял какие города мы пролетаем."
Минусы: "В самолёт очень долго садили с холодного автобуса."

Плюсы: "Modern, efficient, friendly, and economical (good price)"
Минусы: "Very confusing regarding cost of checked bag, traveling with pet. Some airlines give option to select this ala carte on website and this seems most efficient way to make money for airline and make easy for customer. Please try this."

Плюсы: "Giving aisle seats to the tall people makes sense. Thank you."

Плюсы: "Красивый сти(ьный салон. Достаточно комфортный эконом-класс."
Минусы: "Питание - отвратительное"

Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Everything"

Минусы: "Длительная задержка вылета"

Плюсы: "В ножках кресел были гнёзда USB для зарядки устройств. Оригинальная подставка для телефона или планшета."

Плюсы: "Nothing good"
Минусы: "Couldn’t even get to the airport, wasn’t given any directions on transit visas. So I missed a wedding I was supposed to be present at."

Плюсы: "Вежливый персонал, своевременный вылет и прилет, достаточно чистый самолет, мягкая посадка."
Минусы: "Потряхивало, говорят что турбулентность. За перевес в 5 кг заплатили 50 евро (достаточно много по 10 евро за кг). Еда не вкусная."

Плюсы: "Staff"

Минусы: "Luggage is to pricey ."

Минусы: "1) очередь на паспортном контроле 2) ошибка в дате прохождения контроля 3) задержка с вылетом из Аликанте"

Плюсы: "Good new and clean airplane. Good meal"
Минусы: "Boarding was poor"

Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "They did not let me board they moved me from gate to gate until finally i was able to fly but not to kazan"

Плюсы: "Plane arrived on time with my luggage."
Минусы: "Plane was older. No entertainment but did not care. Seats not ergonomically comfortable. My knees almost touched the seat in front of me. I’m 5’6”. Even worse when seat is reclined. Forget about trying to exit to the aisle when this happens."

Минусы: "I had paid for 4 pieces of luggage when I bought the tickets online, but the airline did not have a record of this, because Kiwi.com failed to send them the money. So I had to pay for my luggage twice! Crazy and ridiculous customer service... last time I will use both S7 and Kiwi..."

Плюсы: "The attendants were Very Gracious"

Плюсы: "Everything was smooth and on time"
Минусы: "Price was too high but I waited til the last minute"

Плюсы: "On time arrival in Moscow"
Минусы: "Didn’t like boarding up a ramp in the mid day heat"

Плюсы: "Overall"
Минусы: "Limited crew who sling another language"

Плюсы: "Plane was new, crew pleasant and flight easy"

Минусы: "Задержали самолет нв 1 час, объяснив что он из другого места не успел прилететь. Чартер какой-то, а не регулярный рейс"

Плюсы: "Everything was fast."
Минусы: "The plane was a bit cramped."

Минусы: "Замена места с 3А на 11А сотрудником при посадке, без извинений. Я специально купила билет с возможностью выбора места, в он-лайн регистрации я выбрала 3А. По какой причине меня без моей на то воли при посадке пересадили на место 11А, без пояснений и извинений? Нет никакого более желание летать на рейсах S7!"

Плюсы: "Рейс гонконг-владивосток. Вылет по расписанию, прилетели даже раньше запланированного. Взлет и посадка достойные. Плюс пилотам."
Минусы: "Пледы выдаются по требованию,а не лежат на креслах, как в других авиакомпаниях. Из развлечений только поход в туалет. Что все пассажиры и проделывали бесконечно весь полет, при этом нещадно громыхая дверями. Научите стюардесс нормально улыбаться!"

Минусы: "S7 didn't send any conformation or information about my flight. I missed one of them in order of that."

Минусы: "Грустняша("

Плюсы: "nothing"
Минусы: "Our son missed the outbound flight from Berlin, Germany, to St. Petersburg, Russia. The airline does not have any representation in Germany except in Frankfurt. He could not get hold of them by phone from Berlin, so we had to call from the United States. It turned out that we could not call S7 directly at all - instead we had to call Vyama. They told us that by missing the outbound flight, he also missed the inbound flight. Therefore, we had to buy a new ticket and pay whole price again for the flight two days later. This is not the practice that is used by other companies - which offer at least some credit."

Минусы: "Задержали рейс более чем на 2 часа. Посадка была плохая."

Минусы: "Семьи с маленькими детьми стоят в общей очереди. Им никто никак не помогает."

Плюсы: "The flight was smooth, and the flight attendants were hardworking and attentive."
Минусы: "The meals smelled so bad when the trolley went past that I actually thought it was a problem with the toilets. A roll, a slice of brown bread, no butter, a packet of ketchup, and a yellow jelly/jello with tiny pieces of canned pineapple suspended. The main course featured rice that somehow managed to be dry and overcooked at the same time, and a flavorless chicken patty. Our flight was nearly four hours late taking off, because the incoming flight required a replacement aircraft. We were promised a complimentary drink that never appeared. No entertainment on a four-hour flight, which is standard."

Минусы: "Бортпроводница очень тихо читала сообщение вначале."

Плюсы: "вежливость, хорошее расстояние между креслами, давали пледы, еду, напитки"
Минусы: "Командир не назвал свое имя, стюарды ходили с напитками и едой весь полет, потом сразу закрыли туалеты, а мы не могли приземлиться около часа из-за погодных условий. Надо как-то компактнее носить еду и напитки, а не весь полет."

Минусы: "I didn't like that the air company charged me additional $70 for bagadge."

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Информация о COVID-19

Меры безопасности на рейсах из Middle East в Воронеж

Для удобства пассажиров авиакомпании, выполняющие рейсы из Middle East в Воронеж, изменили условия оказания услуг и ввели дополнительные меры безопасности. Внимание: условия оказания услуг разными компаниями варьируются.

Строгий санитарно-гигиенический контроль

Ежедневная чистка салона, HEPA-фильтры на всех рейсах из Middle East в Воронеж

Защитные маски

Маски от перевозчика для пассажиров всех рейсов из Middle East в Воронеж

Социальное дистанцирование

Места в середине ряда на рейсах из Middle East в Воронеж недоступны

Медицинские осмотры

Тесты на антитела, проверка симптомов перед вылетом на рейсах из Middle East в Воронеж

Гибкие условия отмены

Посмотрите билеты из Middle East в Воронеж с бесплатным изменением бронирования

Бронируйте дешевые авиабилеты Средний Восток - Воронеж

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