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Если вы хотите избежать наплыва туристов, это лучшее время. Плюс цены падают на 14%.
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  • Ищете авиабилеты недорого? 25% наших пользователей нашли билеты по этому маршруту за 7 428 ₽ за перелет в один конец и 13 965 ₽ за перелет туда-обратно (или еще дешевле).
  • Билеты из Санкт-Петербург в Киев Жуляны в среднем выгоднее покупать за 73 дн. до вылета.
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  • Высоким сезоном считаются август, сентябрь и октябрь. Самый выгодный месяц для перелета — март.
  • Вылет утром в среднем примерно на 107% дороже, чем вечером*.
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LOTОбщая оценка на основе 5377 отзывов
Отзывы пассажиров

Latte 6 hours

Подробнее об а/к LOT

Latte 6 hours

Comfortable plane, attentive crew, excellent food. But I did have a free upgrade to Business Class.

Плюсы: "My seat didnt have much room in front of me and I really missed the maps option on the TV screen in front of me. I really liked having a USB port so I could charge my phone."
Плюсы: "On time, good service and economy food was better than any other airline I have ever flown."
Минусы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "The food was very poor, the staff hardly offer any liquids through out the flight."
Плюсы: "All except food"
Минусы: "Food"
Плюсы: "Aircraft"
Минусы: "Timing."
Плюсы: "Delayed without explanation"
Минусы: "The flight was delayed for other travelers but that caused me to miss my driver"
Минусы: "Рейс задержали на час, посадили в автобус, а потом отправили обратно в здание вокзала - лифта там нет, так что пришлось носить чемодан вверх-вниз. Покупала билет Аэрофлота, оказалось, что этот сегмент выполняет ЛОТ: по сравнению с Аэрофлотом статистика задержек рейсов неудовлетворительная, и на борту не кормят."
Плюсы: "The flight was relatively short, so that was nice."
Минусы: "It left a lot to be desired for a Business Class fare."
Минусы: "Polish airline Should not be allowed to fly tomUs"
Минусы: "No vegan meal, although specified at booking, broken entertainment center, lost luggage."
Плюсы: "Roomy, offered water"
Минусы: "Food selection"
Плюсы: "The seats and entertainment on the screen."
Минусы: "2 hour flight delay in LA. Then had to stand in line for 2.5 hours for rebooking the following morning. Then my new connected flight was delayed 1.5 hours. Then they left my bag in warsaw and it's been 2 days and I can't get a hold of anyone for my bag"
Минусы: "Flight could not taken off in 7 hours delay"
Плюсы: "The crew was fine and polite, the plane made on time despite 40min delays on the tarmac"
Минусы: "going through Warsaw border control took forever, long lines, bad set up for transit passengers."
Плюсы: "Flight is very fast, crew was amazing"
Минусы: "The flight was late and there was no information, just few times delayed boarding time. And people (especialy young lady) behind boarding desk looked very unhappy that people were asking questions"
Плюсы: "The food, crew, entertainment"
Минусы: "Boarding was completely awful"
Плюсы: "There was nothing to like, I will not fly with this airline again if I can help it."
Минусы: "Almost everything can be improved! The crew was trying to be helpful but obviously lacked the proper training, the seats are ergonomically incorrect, breakfast did not exist- I had to get a horrible lunch sandwich at 7 am, and the “complimentary water” consists of a gulp in a tiny half filled cup."
Плюсы: "The service was top notch, the entertainment selection was great, and the meals were excellent. Free beer and wine on long flights. The engine noise on the Dreamliner is incredibly quiet."
Минусы: "The seats aren’t the most comfortable. On a long flight no matter what you need to get up and move around."
Плюсы: "On time"
Минусы: "Baggage destroyed"
Плюсы: "I liked the quality of the food and seat comfort. Crew were nice and worked efficiently."
Минусы: "The delay. And entertainment. Poor selection and unit got cut off each time there was a turbulence. My unit stopped working and when I checked the other seat unit it was working. Luckily none was sitting there."
Плюсы: "All stuff members spoke good English."
Минусы: "I was in the business class. Food was too salti Cabin stuff were clumsy Plates and glasses fell of their hands on the pasengers Many times dueing the flights. Chairs wrre stuck and a stuff member need to come every time i needed to change position."
Минусы: "Departing flight left 2.5 hours late. Missed my connection. No one from LOT met us at the connecting airport to explain how our transfers would work. Airport security at the connecting airport bounced us back and forth a few times before deciding we should enter the transfer terminal and hope someone from LOT was still on duty. LOT put us up in a hotel overnight and booked us on a flighty the next day. The hotel was 1 hour drive, 50miles, from airport. I reached my final destination 13 hours late."
Плюсы: "Business Class on LOT Flight No. 21 from Warsaw to Los Angeles is excellent! The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a beautiful plane and the Business Class seats are very comfortable. The food was pretty good and the flight attendants were extremely nice!"
Минусы: "There was a two and a half hour delay for technical problems for our flight from Warsaw to Los Angeles on Tuesday July 24, 2018. There had been a two-hour delay for my flight in from Warsaw to Moscow, also for technical problems, on Friday July 13, 2018. Obviously, LOT needs to insure its planes are safe, but it needs to do so sufficiently in advance of take-off so that its passengers are not inconvenienced by lengthy delays."
Плюсы: "Everything overall"
Минусы: "Nothing in specific"
Плюсы: "On-board crew is polite and helpful. Boeing 787 Dreamliner is great. Overall, the flight was fine."
Минусы: "The gate agents were forcing random people to check in their hand luggage, even before weighing that luggage. They also check the hand luggage to make sure it fits in the "template" and weigh it (a second time) at the gate. Once on-board, they then announced that they were waiting for other connecting passengers. Took about 45 minutes. It would be nice to know that before booking that they do this, and also before boarding, even if it makes more sense to start boarding before they arrive (but 45 minutes before?). The live map on the public screens in economy showed a dummy/overview map with "waiting for data" the entire flight, rather than the actual live map. Premium did have the data on their screens, and the individual screens also worked fine. Not sure what happened there..."
Минусы: "Рейс задержали на 5 часов"
Плюсы: "The crew were ok"
Минусы: "Delays and bag checkin policy."
Плюсы: "Everything was well organized and orderly, though the staff were not too cheerful or friendly. Even though it was a short 1 hour flight I saw flight attendants giving crayons and papers to the kids and everyone was offered a small chocolate cookie, a tiny packet of sour gummies, and a cup of water for free which I didn't expect. The plane was very small but clean and I was fairly comfortable in my seat for the short flight. There was a magazine in the seat pocket in English and Polish. Mostly I liked the cheap ticket price and that it was an on time flight."
Минусы: "When we landed we went down 5 steps to the ground outside and got in a bus to go in the terminal. The plane was so small that there is very little space for carry on bags so that was a problem for some people, and as we entered the plane I noticed that the ceiling of the aisle is so low that my husband could touch his head on it if he went on his toes a bit (he's 6'4") It was odd to me that they had my husband and I assigned to seats an aisle apart, but a kind stranger agreed to change places. Lastly, the carry on baggage weight allowance is very low and they weighed our bags and we had to pay 24 dollars each for our overweight carry on roller bags which were then checked."
Минусы: "Мало предлагают пить воды ( в перелетах она очень важна)"
Минусы: "Long lines, rude customer service"
Плюсы: "Service and overall experience"
Минусы: "Media system was not working correctly"
Плюсы: "Service, personal space. New aircraft."
Минусы: "Wifi would be good"
Минусы: "Baggage policy was confusing end I ended up with baggage fees about the same cost as the flight"
Плюсы: "Ничего"
Минусы: "Летели в Прагу задержали вылет на два с половиной часа, а обратно так вообще рейс отменили и сообщили об этом за 2 часа до вылета. не советую ее использовать"
Минусы: "Жутко неудобные сидения и климат контроль дающий либо некомфортный обдув холодом либо жару в етом самалёте"
Плюсы: "nothing"
Минусы: "I booked a flight from Los Angeles to Kiev and all my flights were cancelled. I had to spend 5 hours on the phone to fight for my refund. On the way going our plane got cancelled at the airport..It was impossible to rebook...they care nothing about their passengers."
Плюсы: "the crew was great and nice. it was a really long flight and the captain explained the route clearly."
Плюсы: "Interior seats in Premium Economy class."
Минусы: "Employees at the WAW airport. They hired new people. Young people. And they act like Gods. From shaking heads to improper comments to the passengers. Quality of sound at the airport sucks. All announcements hard to understand."
Минусы: "За багаж пришлось доплачивать! Хотя я оформляла вроде багаж включён. На борту не кормят."
Минусы: "За 17 кг. Которые были включены в билете пришлось доплачивать! Не кормят на борту!"
Плюсы: "Quick, efficient check-in and boarding, friendly staff, clean airplane."
Минусы: "(there was nothing I disliked... a good experience overall)"
Минусы: "The airline left bagages of 30 passengers at Origen since AC was too small. Two hours at the airport to file report, have to wait for next flight Never again LOT"
Плюсы: "The staff were great. Very attentive and professional. I wasn't aware that you have to order a vegetarian meal in advance. When I told the gentleman that I needed a vegetarian meal he said there were none available but he did his best to accommodate me with putting together bits and pieces of other meals. He did manage to find a vegetarian meal for me for breakfast."
Минусы: "I am a vegan. I thought they would have some vegetarian meals for dinner without me having to order them in advance. They should have more options than chicken or beef."
Плюсы: "Everything from the flight, food & service exceeded expectations. Business class was exceptional."
Плюсы: "boarding hour late all other ok."
Минусы: "everything ok"
Плюсы: "Getting iff"
Минусы: "Overcrowded Poorly organized"
Минусы: "Expect flying without delay"
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43 288 ₽
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7ч. 40м.IEV-LED
44 584 ₽
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11ч. 05м.LED-IEV
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7ч. 20м.IEV-LED
47 175 ₽
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11 127 ₽
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19 967 ₽
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38 487 ₽
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41 002 ₽

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