Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово


Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово

Сравните цены на сотнях сайтов в один клик и выберите самый бюджетный рейс в г. Москва Домодедово. Бронируйте авиабилеты и отель в одном комплекте и экономьте!

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Меня интересует Москва Домодедово. Можно ли сейчас туда улететь? Есть ли какие-то ограничения по направлению Москва Домодедово?

Москва Домодедово сейчас разрешает въезд без ограничений и самоизоляции?

Моя цель — Москва Домодедово. Мне нужно делать тест на COVID-19 (коронавирус) перед вылетом?

Какие еще ограничения в связи с COVID-19 действуют в регионе (Москва Домодедово)?

Сколько времени длится полет из Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас в Москва Домодедово?

Какими авиакомпаниями дешевле всего лететь из Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас в Москва Домодедово?

Как KAYAK находит такие низкие цены на авиабилеты Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас — Москва Домодедово?

Как «Прогноз цен» от KAYAK определяет лучшее время для покупки авиабилетов Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас — Москва Домодедово?

Что означает надпись KAYAK Mix на карточке рейсов Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас — Москва Домодедово?

Зачем нужна опция «Гибкие даты» и как именно она поможет мне найти бюджетные авиабилеты Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас — Москва Домодедово на KAYAK?

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Оценки на основе отзывов пользователей KAYAK:

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Отзывы пассажиров

Минусы: "30 min late, exaggerated extra charge for a small suitcase, food was a dry sandwich."

Плюсы: "Service and comfort."
Минусы: "It would be nice if both flights had vegetarian snacks and food options to accommodate this population of passengers. If 2 types of meals sre generally offered, it would be nice if both are not meat options, and one vegetarian."

Плюсы: "Seats super comfortable. Big screen entrainment."
Минусы: "One more time offer drinks for a very long travel time (other 10H)."

Плюсы: "The price!"
Минусы: "Much more but with this price you can not expect much!"

Минусы: "The boarding process was awful! The airport itself is difficult to maneuver in. No information provided regarding the flight. Airport security and police very very rude!"

Минусы: "It was cancelled with less than 12hrs notice !! I had to rebook on another airline costing more than twice as much !!"

Плюсы: "The overall experience was great"
Минусы: "It was indeed a good experience"

Минусы: "The entertainment is very poor. The programs are not on demand and the screeen is old, small and very poor quality. The A330-200 I flew from Boston to Lisbon was excellent and had the new lie flat seats and on-demand entertainment. Big difference between the two airplanes."

Плюсы: "I did like that the flight wasnt full"
Минусы: "Website was not intuitive with regard to baggage fees. Paid $100++ for ONE bag ans then they failed to transfer my bags to the connecting flight. Still waiting on the status of my belongings."

Минусы: "Everything was good"

Минусы: "Very warm in cabin, no means of controlling air flow. Seat space very cramped. Very tall person next to me in my space"

Минусы: "Missed, even on time at Lisbon"

Плюсы: "The staff were somewhat helpful, and fairly friendly"
Минусы: "The seats for a 5-hour flight couldn’t recline. The plane was freezing, there was no entertainment on the flight, and the seating wasn’t evenly distributed. There were many economy rows with only one person, then rows right next to that full with three people. The food wasn’t good either."

Плюсы: "Great flight, friendly and helpful crew."
Минусы: "Didn’t connect to entertainment didnt"

Плюсы: "nothing."
Минусы: "The flight was cancelled few hours before departure. I called the customer service and they a flight to Tel Aviv a day after with 3 stops. It was imposible to accept, so I've cancelled and bouhgt another ticket from other airline and ask for refund. Three months later I still waiting for the money. Not recommend at all TAP."

Плюсы: "The fact that I made my flight."
Минусы: "In incompetence of the clerk that checked me in, and the fact that I was thrice charged for my bag, because he didn’t know how to use the computer."

Плюсы: "In flight meal was one of the best I have ever had."
Минусы: "Could not choose when to start a movie. If you wanted to watch one, you had to turn it on from the beginning or you would start in the middle. Plane could have been cooler as well."

Плюсы: "The only good was that we were rebooked on another route the same day"
Минусы: "Airlines should have informed passengers by e-mail about changes in their itineraries. Cancellation was shown on a web a night before."

Минусы: "The plane was very small service was not good and the crew were not that friendly"

Минусы: "This survey is useless. Keeps putting things wrongly and drops things"

Минусы: "I was not informed my flight was cancelled until the day of the flight. I was able to get in touch with someone to pay for another flight but the communication was lacking."

Минусы: "Flight was three hours late."

Минусы: "Seats are very tight had more room on earlier jet blue flight"

Плюсы: "Price"
Минусы: "Business flat seats quite restrictive"

Плюсы: "Food was good and there were a lot of good movie selections."
Минусы: "The process and lines at airport were extreme. I also had thought one bag was included in flight cost. I am an organized traveler and know I read this. But when at check-in, I had to pay 75E for one checked bag. So I feel the website needs to be more clear. Food"

Плюсы: "Check in was handled professionally and personally. Service throughout the flight was cordial."
Минусы: "The entertainment system was non existent on the Airbus 319."

Минусы: "my luggage was opened somewhere along the way. My gift for my child was stolen. Ugly ! Very ugly !! I got home, I unzipped my bag and I do not have a pair of sneakers that were a gift for my baby and some other sweets, my luggage was half empty! The face of my disappointed kid broke my soul, that should not have happened."

Плюсы: "Flight was on time and landed early. We got small samdwiches with a snack and juice."

Минусы: "I have traveled to and from Portugal in TAP for many years and never ever did I have to pay for a checked bag till this year. It is totally a robbery to be charging people for 1 checked bag of only 50lbs. not only is it ridiculous but robbery. You charge a lot of money for the flights as it is and to go and charge people to check a bag on an international flight is insane. It is to bad I have to fly back with you because I will not be flying with you ever again after this I will take my money elsewhere. Also you need to let people know that they are being charged for luggage when the are booking their flight because when I booked my flight nowhere did it say I had to pay for my luggage. It already was rediculous that we are only aloud 1 50lb bag checked and now you want people to pay for it too? Pretty soon you minus well have people just get on a plane naked!!"

Плюсы: "Accommodating flight crew. Good food. Nice landing and take off."
Минусы: "I am a permanent resident of USA and have a Green Card and the portuguese boarding crew gave me a hard time about my paper work. I was very disappointed by the way they treated me."

Минусы: "Too sleep deprived from earlier missed connection to notice much about this flight except for the complete mess when it came to boarding. You can't line up 4 boarding zones in an area that is maybe 10ft by 10"

Плюсы: "car rental service SIXT"
Минусы: "having to check bags that we didn't on the way to Faro was annoying long line at entry (my husband and I used EU) but they made my mom and sister go in the other longer line this time we had to run for connecting flight and my mother is elderly"

Плюсы: "Luckily had a 4 seater row for us 2 only."
Минусы: "Delayed 3 hours leaving Lisbon due to mechanical failure. As a hub more planes should be readily available."

Плюсы: "Ice cream for snack."
Минусы: "Flight from Oporto to Lisbon, when we landed they did not set up the ramp to exit the plane, I had requested mobility assistance. And the ramp was right next to the plane."

Плюсы: "I did like the crew and food were great!"
Минусы: "I am very unhappy as I paid extra for my seat selection and did not get a window seat. I will be following up about my complaint"

Плюсы: "Great service on board, very attentive crew. Great food (Yes, it was good), modern aircraft."
Минусы: "The boarding process at Terminal could be easier and simpler. They told us to set up lines way before the actual call."

Минусы: "Smooth flight food pilotes"

Плюсы: "We are still alive."
Минусы: "Crew was rude, unhelpful, and the business class seats were essentially coach with the middle seat unoccupied. It was extremely uncomfortable and made worse by the crew being very impatient and not helpful when we had people in our seats, a 3-year-old we were trying to seat, and all of the overhead compartments closed so unclear where to place bags. Boarding began 20 min late and then we had to stand on the boarding ramp for another 20 min while the crew finished "cleaning" the aircraft."

Плюсы: "Price"
Минусы: "Wait for boarding"

Минусы: "The flight was 45 min late and nobody seemed to bother about it"

Минусы: "The online check in open for a flight from the us to the europe must be open 24 before, indeed it has been opened only 16 hours before..."

Минусы: "Excessive baggage fees on 2 connector flights TAP BUT TICKETS BOUGHT SEPARATE."

Плюсы: "Very efficient and friendly crew and boarding personnel"
Минусы: "This time we got one of the older plane desperately needing some updating Old style entertainment system"

Плюсы: "Friendly crew!"

Минусы: "Not much leg room."

Плюсы: "It was s a good value especially as a Star Alliance Gold flyer."
Минусы: "No vegetarian option for sandwich snack."

Плюсы: "Great service, spoke English, and offered a meal for the flight! Fantastic, will fly with TAP Portugal again."

Плюсы: "Finally getting to JFK"
Минусы: "Crew with the attitude, limited access to toilets, late departure for the unexplained reasons"

Плюсы: "My check in was by far the easiest it has ever been on any of the international flights I've taken over the years. This was my first flight with TAP Portugal and I will certainly by happy to fly with them again. The next time, I'm going to take advantage of their offer to stop over in Lisboa."

Плюсы: "Worst flight ever!! 7 hour delay because the plane broke down!! Never fly United again!!"
Минусы: "They should have offered free flight vouchers!! We got a lousy $20 meal voucher after waiting for 7 hours, delay was originally 1 hr then 2 then 3 etc On Father’s Day, it was the worse day ever!!"

Плюсы: "I liked the service of the flight attendants and the crew."
Минусы: "The wifi partially worked but I was trying to download songs onto my device and the wifi didn’t let me download anything."

Плюсы: "Crew was very nice!!"
Минусы: "Space on seat not comfortable for tall people"

Плюсы: "The flight attendant was very sweet and helpful."
Минусы: "Every.single.time I take this flight we sit and wait for upwards of 30 minutes for someone to be available to park/unload the plane. The wait is so consistent it’s ridiculous."

Плюсы: "Nice crew."
Минусы: "So cramped it’s not even funny anymore. I’m 6 foot and average build. The seats are so narrow, thin, and with such little legroom, I just can’t imagine who can comfortably fit in a United economy seat anymore."

Плюсы: "On time. comfortable aircraft."
Минусы: "Retrieving cabin luggage at other end: THey make you line-up in the jetway waiting for the handlers to bring it up the stairs. Took a while to get that sorted."

Плюсы: "I LOVED that they got me on the next flight without any issues. Wait time was just an hour longer"
Минусы: "No ear buds for sale or offered. No charger plug ins in the seat"

Плюсы: "I had a great experience flying with United Airlines right from the moment I boarded the plane. The flight crew welcomed me (not that I expected them to do), the crew were very nice and in positive attitude. But above all, I loved the flight information videos on my screen. They were very informative, very entertaining and engaging, and funny. I think United Airlines did a great job creating these in-flight videos."
Минусы: "Alcoholic beverages were expensive on board the plane."

Плюсы: "Отличный самолёт, сервис - вполне, развлечения отлично - большой выбор интересных фильмов."
Минусы: "Если не повлияло 1 января, если аэропорт Newark всегда так загружен, то это - ужас! Я с двумя дочками 8 и 12 лет приехала за 1 час 40 минут, летела из этого аэропорта впервые, выстояли очереди на оформление багажа, check-in и потом в зал, где начались очереди на паспортный и пограничный контроль. Мой багаж отправили на детальный осмотр, как потом оказалось, из-за обычного ноутбука. Передо мной сотрудница то ли таможни, то ли пограничница, изучала багаж такого же человека 20 минут, и по мере моих просьб только замедляла скорость. На мои просьбы о том, что началась регистрация на рейс, что осталось 25, 20 и в итоге 10 минут до вылета !!!!она ответила только: «Не мешайте мне делать мою работу». Дети мои пережили мамин стрес и наблюдали мои отчаянные попытки взять себя в руки. Рядом в истерике билась ещё одна такая же, как я. За 10 минут до вылета нас, наконец, пропустили, стараниями ее коллеги, который меня пожалел. все это время мы бежали к нашему Гейту, который оказался в другом конце терминала. Это был адский ад. Сам полет был вполне хорош, если не считать того, что по прилету в Киев мы не досчитались чемодана младшей Ани, его потеряли на пересадке в Мюнхене. Слава Богу, сообщили только что, что вроде нашёлся, прилетит на следующий день, ждём. 2018 год для нас начался с большого стресса!"

Плюсы: "When we finally got in board and going the pilot got us there quickly to make up for lost time. Staff was nice, it was beyond their control."
Минусы: "We waited an hour to board due to a seat that would not stay upright and mechanics fixing it. I was very tired after international travel and it was my last flight to get to my car and go home."

Плюсы: "I finally got to Portland."
Минусы: "The plane did not arrive at gate, they gave us poor/invalid excuses as to why there was no plane. We moved from gate 73A to gate 82, in another terminal back to gate 73A for no explainable reason. Finally we left after having to checked in now at gate 73.....what a mess and over 2hrs late!"

Плюсы: "Speedy boarding process no hassle and wait"

Минусы: "Severe lack of legroom. In my 45 years of flying I have never seen such outrageous lack of space. Callous attitude when I approached management about it afterwards. Because of this I will not fly United again ."

Минусы: "Long check-in time, bad in flight service, dalyed luggage arrival."

Минусы: "Самолёт лететь 3 с лишним часа, но не дали еды ни разу. Америка могла бы быть на уровне..."

Минусы: "Sitting on tha runway in LA for one hour"

Плюсы: "It was a typical flight."
Минусы: "The screen/ video entertainment system was broken and the flight attendant was rude about it."

Плюсы: "Great flight"
Минусы: "Everything regarding food $ wasn't aware of it"

Минусы: "Missed both my connections"

Плюсы: "???"
Минусы: "Cancelled my flight because of "weather" so no financial liability for keeping me in Chicago for an extra day - Flights going in and out like crazy!!! As far as I am concerned, United are big fat liars."

Плюсы: "The staff was great, very helpful and courteous."
Минусы: "Theres no food whatsoever and no options for the tv unless you pay. The seats aren't spacious."

Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Being in the plane for 3 hours with no AC"

Плюсы: "Crew service was excellent."
Минусы: "Not as comfy seats. No connection to movies error script on each attempt."

Плюсы: "The crew was nice. Coffee was great."
Минусы: "The plane was dirty. Doesn't look like it's been thoroughly cleaned in ages. My seat was broken. Had to sit upright the entire trip. Bathroom door wouldn't stay closed."

Плюсы: "everything's awesome"

Минусы: "Delayed by 6 hours"

Минусы: "I had an annoying passenger next to me who was drunk fell asleep on my shoulder. Plane left 2.5 hrs late."

Плюсы: "Flight attendant was fine"
Минусы: "Was told upon checking in that they did not have s seat for me. United airlines informed me that third party websites do not guarantee seats. You must book directly on united. They over book the flight and several passengers were not allowed on the flight"

Плюсы: "United flights are always over booked/ full. But the crew always remains patient and smiling."
Минусы: "The snack provided really could be improved with flights over 3 hours."

Минусы: "all"

Плюсы: "Zero"
Минусы: "UA5132 SBP -> LAX -> ORD My return flight wasn’t better. I arrived at the airport early because I couldn't check in online. First United staff couldn't find my reservation for 10/9. When they finally did I was informed that the flight, once again, was delayed for more than an hour and that there was a high likelihood that I'd miss my connection, once again, to my final destination. I ended up having to select a completely different flight the following day. So I missed an entire day of work. Not surprisingly, this flight was also delayed, landing 30 minutes late."

Плюсы: "Connections were on time. Staff was nice."
Минусы: "Wish I had a shorter wait in Denver. I had a 3-hour wait between my Las Vegas landing and take off for Omaha. Very tired."

Плюсы: "The entire crew was so nice! They engaged with everyone!"

Плюсы: "Flight staff was wonderful."
Минусы: "Newark Airport. The terminal was probably 60 degrees. Navigation signs were the least helpful of any airport I've flown out of or into."

Минусы: "I did not like the idea of having passengers wait so long to board the plane. I already had a stressful day before arriving the airport and did not need any more delays."

Плюсы: "That I finally made it to Orlando"
Минусы: "Flight was delayed 3 1/2 hours... Took forever to get on plane once on plane people were in wrong seats so I had to keep getting up so they could figure out who was in the wrong seat. Just a mess. Even crew seemed annoyed. Finally got to Orlando at 3am suppose to be there at midnight."

Плюсы: "standard flight"
Минусы: "my luggage didn't arrive till over 24 hours later"

Минусы: "We booked with Air Canada but it was actually United. The flight was delayed five hours. This always happens with United and they seldom provide explanations or updates."

Плюсы: "N/A"
Минусы: "Seats were uncomfortable, no TVS & food was horrible"

Плюсы: "Everything was great"
Минусы: "No complaints"

Плюсы: "Crew was nice and friendly."

Минусы: "Seating is just ridiculous these days. Even w/low expectations, I was disappointed. It isn't just the lack of space for my legs; it is nearly impossible to get to your things under the seat. Also, we couldn't hear the gate announcements in the terminal gate area."

Плюсы: "Everything was great!"

Плюсы: "I was satisfied with the friendliness of the flight crew. The comfort of the flight was satisfactory also."
Минусы: "I was unhappy with the handing of my luggage when unloaded plane side in Houston. The unwillingness of the representatives of United to help was extremely dissapointing. My flight being delayed I guess was just the icing on the cake."

Плюсы: "The flight attendants were great, the in cabin service was perfect, and the blanket provided was a sweet gift"
Минусы: "N/A"

Минусы: "The fact the flight was delayed 3 hours was nothing to like! It messed up my whole day!"

Плюсы: "Flight quick, everything went smooth. Staff was helpful and friendly."
Минусы: "No negative comments."

Минусы: "The flight coming back to Houston was late."

Плюсы: "organized; smoothest landing i have ever felt/ or not felt, could not tell the difference between in the air still and rolling down the landing runway. Awesome Pilot."
Минусы: "your computer automatically slams internet buyers into a window seat, very cramped, ... no option provided at time of purchase visible without hunting it down."

Плюсы: "Something to entertainment"
Минусы: "Dont have music or screen tv"

Подробнее об а/к TAP AIR PORTUGAL
Информация о COVID-19

Меры безопасности на рейсах Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово

Для удобства пассажиров авиакомпании, выполняющие рейсы Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово, изменили условия оказания услуг и ввели дополнительные меры безопасности. Внимание: условия оказания услуг разными компаниями варьируются.

Строгий санитарно-гигиенический контроль

Ежедневная чистка салона, HEPA-фильтры на всех рейсах Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово

Защитные маски

Маски от перевозчика для пассажиров всех рейсов Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас — Москва Домодедово

Социальное дистанцирование

Места в середине ряда на рейсах Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово недоступны

Медицинские осмотры

Тесты на антитела, проверка симптомов перед вылетом на рейсах Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово

Гибкие условия отмены

Посмотрите билеты Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас – Москва Домодедово с бесплатным изменением бронирования

Бронируйте дешевые авиабилеты Сан-Паулу Виракопус/Кампинас - Москва Домодедово

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