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Qatar AirwaysОбщая оценка на основе 11344 отзывов
Отзывы пассажиров

Comfortable aircraft and excellent service

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Comfortable aircraft and excellent service

More variety in the economy class food.

Плюсы: "Yes the crew was amazing and food was good"
Минусы: "Rest area could had been better"
Плюсы: "like all the crews. nice attitude and friendly. very helpful to your needs."
Минусы: "selected our (3 in a group) seats 24 hours before. but in Doha, the ground crew named Mohammed changed our seats . usually in usa you need to ask if you could do that. but that guy printed the new boarding passes and then said we change your seats. i told him that was rude and not courteous to passenger. he had no answer."
Плюсы: "The 1-hour complimentary wifi."
Минусы: "Hope they had the immigration/arrival card on the airplane."
Минусы: "Heating and serving food in plastic containers."
Минусы: "It was outstanding service !!!"
Минусы: "Better vegetarian food"
Минусы: "I don't understand how this company has a high rating in service. We missed our connection because the plane was delayed and they treated us poorly. How can you have a complimentary lounge for people missing their flight but not allow people in. I guess because we were only economy. When asked could we pay for an upgrade to business class, the attendant responded with "oh, its expensive" I didn't ask how much, I asked if we could. I never felt so insulted. The food was terrible. By the time they got to us, our food was cold and they ran out of the menu item we wanted. I have no intention of flying Qatar again. I will stick with Emirates"
Плюсы: "Yes"
Плюсы: "Nice crew, 1 hr free WiFi"
Минусы: "Significant delay on jetway, temps uncomfortable,"
Плюсы: "Crew not as nice."
Минусы: "More hospitable crew"
Плюсы: "The entertainment was excellent, the seats very confortable"
Минусы: "Some of the crew members where “to green”, perhaps a bit more of experience is needed."
Плюсы: "Entertainment"
Минусы: "Food"
Плюсы: "Crew was very active, attentive and bice, seats are wide and comfortable, food is tasty and delicious! Great experiencce!"
Минусы: "If all people would remain upright, that is actually saves more space for legs then horizontal position ;)"
Плюсы: "Летел Бизнес классом, питание, сервис, место все отлично плюс индивидуальный подход к каждому пассажиру."
Минусы: "Все отлично"
Плюсы: "Yes"
Минусы: "No"
Плюсы: "Good"
Минусы: "Food"
Плюсы: "Nothing amazing. Everything was okay and average."
Минусы: "They weighed carry on baggage and made me pay extra. No other airline does that. The check in crew at LAX were not friendly at all. No hot towel service after boarding. Food served was very small portion, not enough. Only 2 meal service during 16 hour flight. Not enough beverage service in between."
Плюсы: "Great crew. Met every request and did a very professional, yet personal job."
Минусы: "Overall meals were best I've had on flights. Did not care for last one but probably just a personal taste."
Плюсы: "как всегда у Qatar Airways отличный сервис, мягкие взлет и посадка, хорошая система развлечения, за шестичасовой полет два раза покормили. Большое спасибо за такой полет."
Плюсы: "Everything"
Минусы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Snacks and drinks could be betteri"
Плюсы: "Ground crew was especially helpful to my mother who could not speak English or Arabic, and had never flown before. She also had difficulty walking, so everyone assisted her in the airport and during her long connection in Doha."
Плюсы: "On time Very convenient price compared to other airlines"
Плюсы: "Spacious for economy, pleasant flight attendants"
Минусы: "Nada!"
Плюсы: "Great service, friendly and helpful"
Плюсы: "crew was lovely and plane was very new"
Минусы: "food quality is not very good: sometimes it was hard to see what it actually was and it tasted like that too. headrest in the new plane is not comfortable at all as it is rigid and can only be moved up and down."
Плюсы: "Все отлично, но на дневном рейсе А321, не совсем комфортно."
Минусы: "Мало фильмов и музыки, нет ВиФи. Старые экраны. USB зарядка очень слабая."
Плюсы: "They do their job well"
Минусы: "The gentleman next to me had broad shoulders, so I spent most of the flight with my body a bit twisted, and eating without being able to move my right arm normally was undesirable. The cabin was kept a bit warm throughout the flight. We had a long wait (30 - 45 minutes after leaving the gate) before takeoff."
Плюсы: "Qatar has the best crews. The 777-300 is the most comfortable aircraft I've ever flown on, and I'm always in the cheap seats. Plenty of food."
Минусы: "Some of the food dishes weren't appealing to me. But I get that trying to please everyone with everything on diverse international flights is impossible."
Плюсы: "Great Staff"
Минусы: "Asian Vegetarian meals needs some improvement. Lack of Africans as part of the crew."
Минусы: "The food options was bad...during my trip asked for certain meal they claim that they are out of it. I also did not like how they check you into room in Doha & Chennai way before boarding time that time could have used for shopping instead of sitting in the room."
Плюсы: "Food"
Минусы: "Need good wheel chair service."
Плюсы: "Heavenly for an airplane ride!"
Плюсы: "crew servious and food quality."
Минусы: "not so many Hollywood movie choices."
Плюсы: "Excellent airport; always on time; good meals; excellent entertainment"
Плюсы: "Great service. Great food. Great entertainment."
Минусы: "Space is somewhat small for a short flight and totally unbearable if you go Sao Paulo-Doha."
Плюсы: "Liked the in flight movie great distraction for the time."
Плюсы: "Much better than the flight from Mumbai to Doha. The crew was attentive."
Минусы: "Meals could have been better. The good didn't compare to business class on other airlines."
Плюсы: "Comfort and cleanliness."
Плюсы: "It is an average economy flight. Crew was very attentive and helpful. Service was excellent."
Минусы: "Not much to say for an economy flight. Comfort is always compromised regardless of airline. It gets worse as the flight is longer."
Плюсы: "Not crowded plane. Some fantastic flight attendants. Very helpful and dedicated to make customers happy and help us enjoy the flight"
Минусы: "Not very comfortable seating. A couple of not so friendly flight attendants. Crew on the ground in Doha not very attentive or cooperative"
Плюсы: "Crew were wonderful, spacious legroom."
Минусы: "Boarding was crazy."
Плюсы: "The crew were all lovely + meals were excellent."
Плюсы: "Nothing that i like"
Минусы: "Delay, bad food, no strict rules about passenger moving seats"
Минусы: "No lie flat seats."
Плюсы: "Courteous crew members Nice food tray containers"
Минусы: "Portions were a little too small for me"

Everything is fine

Airplane A380-800 is too big, fully booked. Too many people everywhere, which made me nervous due to Covid-19 infection risks. But food was good, and toilets were fine.

Плюсы: "Amazing crew. Seats comfortable"
Плюсы: "Inflight entertainment was superb, catering in main cabin was also excellent. The crew was friendly and professional."
Минусы: "Main cabin seats were definitely better than other airlines, but still not the most comfortable for 8+ hours."
Плюсы: "Emirates is a top airline for comfort and extras. Even on short flights customers are treated well."
Минусы: "No suggestions"
Плюсы: "Everything else"
Минусы: "The crew didn’t have me the right food"
Плюсы: "Crew was amazing and meals were perfect."
Плюсы: "Nothing after being ripped off with false misleading baggage policies."
Минусы: "WTH matters now. I will not fly this airline again. As well as advise"
Плюсы: "Emirates always is outstanding service and comfort even for a Economic ticket, but...."
Минусы: "This time I had problems, I was in the seat 71 of A380 and I realized it is the worst seat to receive boarding service, I always was the last to receive food, so the fish option was “sold out” ... bad experience"
Плюсы: "Loved the service and the movie options."
Минусы: "The food was just okay. It was pretty bland."
Плюсы: "Comfort and food, good seats but extra cost."
Минусы: "Bad value Internet in this day and age."
Плюсы: "Service"
Плюсы: "The leg space and the entertainment. The crew were very nice."
Минусы: "The bathroom must be kept cleaner."
Плюсы: "The crew and food was great."
Минусы: "The insect repellant sprayed twice through the cabin was horrible."
Плюсы: "Everything was great!"
Минусы: "—-"
Плюсы: "the crew are nice"
Минусы: "food limited selection"
Плюсы: "The large collection of movies and the comfy seats"
Плюсы: "Crew very nice and helpful, food was really good and entertainment was very good. The plane was also very clean, i would definitely fly with emirates again"
Плюсы: "food and entertainment"
Минусы: "The non veg food got over . My wife waited , but they told they dont have any more non veg food Emirates should plan accordingly rather than doing these cheap things"
Минусы: "Terribly long flight. Unclean toilets."
Минусы: "Почему-то нельзя было отправить багаж с получением в Санкт-Петербурге, надо было получать его в Москве. Хотя на рейсе из Питера в Дубай мы багаж не получали в Москве."
Плюсы: "The crew helped me with a duct tape but it wasn't staying"
Минусы: "Had to wait 5 hrs to get my boarding pass"
Минусы: "The boarding gate space was quite small and there was no separate queue for business. So you literally had to push through people who were already in the queue to board as a business class. There was no space to go around."
Минусы: "We already quoted vegetarian but they failed to serve vegetarian, but they arranged substitute that is happy to me."
Минусы: "Seats very uncomfortable for a transatlantic flight"
Плюсы: "The shops were great, but not enough time to get to them due to multiple security checks.Emirates delayed takeoff by over 30 minutes to accommodate their passengers."
Минусы: "Wait time, due to multiple security checks, the staff that were performing them were inconsistent. KWI could do better."
Плюсы: "Crew is amazing. friendly. Professional. Food is great. Comfortable seating."
Минусы: "Inflight entertainment is a little stale. More recent movies would be great."
Минусы: "There is very little space between seats from Dubai to Cochin flight. Didn't have space to eat without hitting the next person. Ran out of food of choice"
Плюсы: "I loved it."
Минусы: "Service was bad."
Плюсы: "Развлечения и комфортность сидений эконом-класса"
Минусы: "грязные столовые индивидуальные приборы"
Плюсы: "I liked everything :) And the stuff was great I really enjoyed it ;)"
Плюсы: "The crew were Amazing, thank you Anastasia. Mark, Claudia and everyone on floght EK219. AMAZING job"
Минусы: "The food i wish there were more choices please."
Плюсы: "Nice trip"
Минусы: "Every thing"
Плюсы: "awosam"
Плюсы: "Great service; wonderful crew; best food & entertainment!"
Плюсы: "Great service, good food, lots of entertainment options."
Минусы: "Hard to sleep with multiple service times"
Плюсы: "General performance is good. Maintain the timing of arrival also the departure in Dubai as well as in the Boston .crew are good."
Минусы: "The food served.it should at least contains south Indian food .generally it's OK."
Плюсы: "All is good"
Плюсы: "Crew and food are great."
Минусы: "Great in-seat entertainment choices with ICE but screen resolution and touch sensitivity were terrible. Time to upgrade your equipment!"
Минусы: "I was not allowed onto this flight (Dubai to Hong Kong) because my previous flight (London to Dubai) was a little late, but I made it to the gate before it was closed. My fellow passengers from my flight were also not allowed onto the plane, and while we were arguing (including being told that the plane was full) other passengers from an even later flight were allowed on board! Instead I had to wait many hours in the terminal (because apparently there were no hotel rooms available!?) to get a flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (!!!?) where I could get a Cathay flight to Hong Kong. This meant I arrived 14 hours later than scheduled. Absolutely abysmal service, with no sympathy and no responsibility from any employees."
Минусы: "When you fly from Dubai boarding is a disaster and staff is rude"
Плюсы: "Aircrafts are new and good"
Минусы: "The ground staff needs to be more co-ordial and friendly. Am not sure how they are hired but they appear very rude and dry throwing instructions. I travel a lot and in many airlines and whatever the case, staff members of other airlines smile, tell issues if any, suggest solutions and work on it. Emirates staff, it seems, does not know how to talk or smile."
Плюсы: "Wow totally worth it. I'm now spoiled by how fantastic this airline is. Entertainment, service, food, and comfort. If emirates is flying to my destination I will for sure use them."
Минусы: "It is about 14 hour long flight. There should be m more number of meals served. Pizza served as As snack was cheap, ok but not that great, should have been a meal (lunch or dinner)"
Плюсы: "Solid service."
Минусы: "Departure was delayed 20 min and luggage 1 waited 1 hour !!!! I missed my next fly . Connection was 2 hours . Bad management in Emirates in Madrid"
Плюсы: "Food and Entertainment beat Delta hands down."
Минусы: "Unfortunately packed into a row with a lot of big guys"
Плюсы: "Food was terrific. Service was great."

Swiss air was really easy to fly- except for having to pay for extra baggage at the Lufthansa counter.

Плюсы: "Flight was cancelled. Kayak did not notify us. We found out by accident. There was no customer service from kayak. We had to solve with with the airline"
Плюсы: "Crew was very courteous and attentive"
Минусы: "More fruits and green (non-starchy) vegetables"
Плюсы: "Never got on the plane due to weather restrictions in the connecting flight prior to this flight. Called SWISS customer service on a Russian line, were told to get a paper from another Russian airport that no flights were leaving the city. Did that. when arrived to Moscow no SWISS customer representatives were at the stations and had to end up buying a completely new ticket to get home."
Минусы: "Have customer service representative available at the airport 24/7 knowing that some people arrive from all parts of the country."
Плюсы: "Again staff was very friendly and helpful."
Минусы: "That since it was a shorter flight no tvs."
Минусы: "My parents needed special assistance for boarding and changing flights in Zürich and SWISS was just phenomenal. Thank you very muc"
Плюсы: "Everyone was friendly, pleasant and very helpful. Upon arrival in Delhi our suitcase handle was broken."
Минусы: "One hour delay. Last minute change of seats."
Минусы: "Boarding was not clear! We were waiting for an announcement and none came. We got up when we saw the seating area clearing out. Earlt day International departures are sheer madness. The Check-in and security lines were crazy. Will take later flight next time."
Плюсы: "Efficient, excellent staff and service, beautiful plane"
Минусы: "There was a nearly impossible connection time in Zurich."
Минусы: "We didn't fly to Zurich. Instead, we flew from Berlin to Frankfurt to San Francisco to San Diego. Although the alternate airlines did a fine job and we had nice flights thanks to them, we only found out about the change when we arrived at the airport and it caused us multiple inconveniences throughout the day. Our flight from Berlin to Zurich was scheduled to board at 9am, so we left our accommodations at 6:30am so we could arrive at the airport around 7am. It was a rushed, hectic morning and we stayed up late preparing for it the best we could. When we arrived and found out our flight was canceled, we learned our new flight wouldn't board until 11am. So we rushed for no reason and had to spend a considerable amount of extra time at the airport that we could have spent enjoying coffee one last time at a local cafe or something. We planned to fly straight from Zurich to San Diego so we could participate in an interview for our Global entry application (which you can only do when arriving in the US from an international flight). Because we had a brief layover in San Francisco instead, we had no time for this and were unable to do the interview when we arrived in San Diego because it was a domestic flight. The change also caused issues with our luggage. We're not used to checking bags when we fly OR flying internationally with layovers in the US, so we asked the agent at the Swiss desk in Berlin how it would would with both of those aspects in our travel with the itinerary changes. The agent told us our luggage would follow us all the way to San Diego and we didn't have to worry about it. However, we learned once we got to San Diego that our bags were left in San Francisco because apparently we were supposed to pick them up and recheck them, but we had no idea. It was a huge bummer and we wish we would have had more control over our itinerary that day. People book certain flights for certain reasons and need to have a say when their flights need to change."
Плюсы: "The Boeing 777-300ER is ether new and clean."
Минусы: "Seating was super tight. Once the person in front of me declined their seat the screen of the inflight entertainment system was right in front of my nose (no, my nose is not particularly long). I’ll consider flying Lufthansa or United next time - even if It required a stopover in Frankfurt or Munich."
Плюсы: "The food."
Минусы: "They didn't offer hot drinks like coffee/tea."
Плюсы: "In time and fine boarding."
Минусы: "One of the stewards was a bit strange. Something between very alert and ignoring some passenger. The food on short flights are low quality. Would be nice if it was possible to buy something else."
Плюсы: "Punctuality, onboard service and the food served were all very good. Their app is very practical, no need to go to the counter except for dispatch of luggage."
Плюсы: "On Board Service"
Минусы: "Delays"
Плюсы: "Arrived safe"
Минусы: "Packed in like sardines on an overnight flight. Awful food. Cheap fair seemed like a bargain until you find out that you have to pay an extra charge for the dubious privilege of reserving a seat way back in the 34th row."
Плюсы: "Cabin crew were friendly, efficient, courteous Refreshments generous and excellent. Good movies."
Минусы: "Rather than boarding economy passengers by row number, there is a free-for-all at the gate, and tedious blockage in the aisles as passengers wait for others to place carry-on luggage. More leg-room than United, but still a bit crowded for tall people. VERY BAD DESIGN of arm-rests, which do not go up all the way into the seat but instead jut out at an angle."
Плюсы: "Comfortable flight."
Плюсы: "All went fine and the crew friendly. 12 hours from Switzerland to Sao Paulo is extremely long time to sit in an airplane, but temperature and air were fine and the flight was without delay."
Плюсы: "Check in easy"
Минусы: "Weren’t told enough about delays ... very tight seating crew was friendly"
Плюсы: "Air hostesses were very courteous, friendly and the cabin was clean and comfortable. My flight from jfk to Geneva (then Zurich) was cancelled due to weather in Geneva (Swiss 23) so I got upgraded to a delta flight to Brussels then to Zurich Comfort+ !!! Thank you!"
Минусы: "Flight from Zurich to Johannesburg: Swiss 288 (airbus a340-300) Sat in the last row of the Swiss air flight, economy, which was okay but our whole row video enternatinment system didn’t work. You’d pick a movie and it wouldn’t play. The games, camera and flight status animation all worked but not the movies. Air hostess tried resetting , still nothing. But it was a great opportunity to have a lovely conversation with my new German Friend Barbara and read my book! More lactose intolerant alternatives for breakfast which had much (cheese, yogurt, croissant) Other than those two , excellent flight. Thank you Swiss!"
Плюсы: "From the kind stewards to the easy meal service to my peace of mind, knowing I’ll be well taken care off - SwissAir is the same gem it’s always been."
Плюсы: "I bought 2 tikets from Chicago to oscow and back for me and for my son. I live in USA, son lived in Russia but he received immigration visa and I had plan fly to USA with him. From Chicago I used my ticket and say SWISS staff what my son will have trip only from Moscow. I paid for 2 tickets around $1700. Today when we should have trip back to USA, SWISS company said what ticket for my son do not exsist. And I spent for new ticket 220000 rubles about $3600. Nobody in SWISS company do not said me what my tocket for son canceled. I am shoked !!!"
Плюсы: "Crew was attentive and courteous. Everything from check in to landing was simple and streamlined."
Минусы: "no light over my seat and I reported it before the plane took off. the plane was old, the entertainment system not as expected - really poor"
Плюсы: "Crew was attentive and friendly"
Минусы: "Very disorganized boarding."
Плюсы: "I liked everything except my luggage"
Минусы: "I did not like the way Beatice of Swiss Air in Zurich completely rushed me at the gate without trying to talk to Mr. Mueller at checkin 1. I told her that He had starte an ardious process in recovering my luggage. She visibly tried to rush me through the process and told me there was othing that could be done. It felt really ugly to be lied to right to my face, when she diditn try to connect with someone from her own staff who had tried alot of heard to work to help me rectify the luggage question. For all we know, my luggage was in Zuruch, and her actions impeded the luggage from getting onto my plane."
Плюсы: "Fast journey despite a short delay it arrived on time."
Минусы: "Felt a bit hectic on the plane, possibly due to other passengers being slow to board."
Плюсы: "The staff was very attentive."
Плюсы: "Service."
Минусы: "Leg room."
Плюсы: "Very pleasant flight, excellent take off, didn't feel a thing. The crew was friendly and helpful."
Плюсы: "Entertainment was great, planes was very clean, the food was excellent and the staff was friendly."
Минусы: "flight and luggage deliver delayed. Missed meeting as a result"
Плюсы: "Passengers completely ignored the commands of the crew and crew was unable to take control of the crowd (passengers refused to follow crew's multiple demands to sit down during the high turbulence, finally crew gave up to force passengers to take a sit). Several times, standing passengers fell on the sitting ines. When at the end of the flight, the issue was pointed out to the captain and supervising flight attendant, both became aggressively defensive to the point of being rude."
Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "I was chrgwd to check in the only bag. Yhis is unheard of on intl flights"
Плюсы: "I liked the service, the food, the entertainement, the super kind personel, would only fly with them :) Thank you!"
Минусы: "Nothing to complain about"
Плюсы: "smooth flight, comfy seats"
Плюсы: "nice and efficient crew. seats had good space for flight"
Минусы: "no entertainment."
Плюсы: "non stop food was a great distraction from being on plane so long. Loved blanket and pillow and having own TV. Service was constant and the crew were so wonderful! I would be delighted to fly swiss air again."
Минусы: "Boarding was unorganized but I am sure that is no fault of your own."
Плюсы: "Registration and baggage check was fine, no line to wait im. The flight was moderately full. Good food and beverage service (although Lufthasa is a bit better)."
Минусы: "Zurich airport dining facilities are poor - no choice of warm food and pricey."
Плюсы: "It was nice to be given a 20 euro voucher for food and beverage, due to the 5 and a half hour flight delay."
Минусы: "There was much confusion and no one seemed to know what was going on with this flight. By the time I reached Schipol all trains and trams had stopped. I had to pay an extra 40 euro for cab home that night."
Плюсы: "Crew handled it well"
Плюсы: "Great customer service."
Минусы: "Breakfast was a strawberry yogurt, orange juice and a croissant. Sugar free options ie. Eggs, rye or whole grain bread are a few examples of sugar free breakfast items that could be provided."
Плюсы: "Flight attendants were polite and very nice."
Минусы: "Flight was delayed, as a result i missed the next flight to Washington DC. My whole schedule was messed up as i had to fly through Chicago. My luggage was lost and i only received it 2 days later. Will file the complaint."
Плюсы: "Staff is very friendly, courteous and helpful. Food and drink is excellent. I loved the screen showing the location of the plane on the flight path. Watching your own personal movie was great."
Минусы: "Economy boarding could be more organized. Seating is very tight. It would be nice to have a little more room."
Плюсы: "Nothing distinguishes itself for better or worse than usual in coach."
Плюсы: "Easy and comfortable. Service was good and with a smile. The planes were clean and arrived on time for my connection."
Минусы: "The WC was so small I could barely even stand in it."
Плюсы: "La mejor compañia con la que he efectuado este trayecto en económica! Muy recomendable."
Плюсы: "Plenty of empty seats so it was much more relaxing."
Минусы: "Seats are pretty crammed in (per usual) and on this leg of flight there were no overhead air flow things, so I couldn't get any air to blow on me. Prior flight did have them so I guess it depends on which plane design you are on. Air flow would be good on all planes."
Плюсы: "The flight went very smooth including boarding, transferring at Istanbul. The infotainment system was helpful in a way that you could see the real time camera feed of the ground and runway."
Минусы: "Fewer passengers on board. I know it’s about profits and financial feasibility, however listening to a prerecorded message about 1.5 social distancing while being boarded 20 cm from 2 passengers undermines the whole thing, isn’t it?"
Минусы: "Foddd no gud"
Минусы: "We were late, no TV screens, bad food and I can go on and on"
Плюсы: "Very professional and polite crew"
Плюсы: "Turkish is always good Didn't know kayak was associated with justfly Loved the kayak notifications. MADEAHUGE difference"
Плюсы: "Food, new plane"
Минусы: "Poor boarding process"
Плюсы: "эта вам не бюджетные душегубки. И покормят, и места для ног побольше ..."
Минусы: "Побалтывало, но притензии к погоде :)"
Плюсы: "Все отлично."
Минусы: "It took over an hour for Business class bags to come out. Not sure why I paid for business class if they don't know to offload them first in Dubai. Really ruined the first experience with Turkish Air."
Плюсы: "."
Плюсы: "Еда, как всегда супер"
Минусы: "1. Было очень холодно 2. Платные места повышенной комфортности, оказались некомфортными, потому что всё время туда сюда ходил экипаж и невозможно было спать."
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Все отлично!!"
Минусы: "The grilled cheese sandwiches. They've been in the menu for a while but my family does not enjoy them at all. Tuna sandwich on another flight was much better. Also lack of entertainment. They allow you to access it, then they turn it off. Is such a tease. Plane left late and kept us in very hot cabin."
Минусы: "Питание - ешь чего дадут. И нне вкусно."
Плюсы: "Nothing in particular. It was kind of the worst flight ever. The crew seemed inexperienced to manage a passenger that looked to be disturbed emotionally and mentally."
Минусы: "They kept moving the passenger to the back o free plane where I was sitting and I was so scared."
Плюсы: "Ничего"
Минусы: "В связи с задержкой в аэропорту вылета мы не успели на пересадочный рейс. Авиакомпания предложила места в самом конце самолета на рейс через 9 часов. Ни upgrade, ни нормального размещения, только скудные ваучеры на питание. Замечу что задержка рейса целиком и полностью была на совести авиакомпании."
Плюсы: "Elite member flying with my wife, no preference boarding for Elite. Were assigned to different group letter No good answers Dissapointed"
Плюсы: "Очень комфортное размещение - расстояние между креслами на порядок лучше, чем у аэрофлота. Питание понравилось - вкусно и большой выбор напитков - даже домашний лимонад предлагали (!) Я сидел рядом с отсеком проводников - когда кофе заваривали - аромат потрясающий по салону поплыл. Для самолетной кухни очень достойно. Видеосистема отличная - экран крупный, изображение качественное, наушники удобные. Фильмы, правда, только на турецком и английском. Посадка в Тайване была очень мягкая."
Минусы: "Полет долгий и, видимо, проводники подустали. Напитками, не очень часто баловали. Придираюсь :)"
Плюсы: "рейс задержали на 20 мин, но в Стамбул прибыли по расписанию. Удобно сидеть, отличное питание, приветливые бортпроводницы."
Минусы: "все было хорошо"
Плюсы: "Кормят неплохо, как для самолета. Хороший выбор напитков. Чай заварен по-турецки, а не из пакетиков. И самолеты у них все достаточно новые. С развлекательным центром на каждом сиденье. Фильмы, музыка, игры. Но русский язык только в меню :) Фильмы все на турецком и английском."
Минусы: "Гейты 300-312, с которых идет посадка на Тбилиси – как колхозное поле. Просто все и всё на куче: очереди на посадку в перемешку с креслами для ожидания, магазинами. Внятных проходов просто нет. При этом 200-е и 700-е гейты у них очень удобно оборудованы. По расписанию посадка не началась. Вместо начала посадки один из сотрудников начал ходить среди толпы пассажиров и сверять паспорта с посадочными. Если все ок, то ставил штампик на посадочный. Приятно, конечно, что позаботились об экономии времени на проверку. Но организация процесса шокирует :) В самолете поддерживали температуру холодильника. Попросил стюардессу добавить тепла - покивала и поулыбалась, но теплее не стало. Реально пришлось в верхней одежде сидеть."
Минусы: "В салоне была жара, градусов 28. При этом рейс полностью загружен. Легко представить набор запахов через полчаса. На следующем рейсе это компенсировали - летели как в холодильнике :)"
Плюсы: "Great flight"
Минусы: "Na"
Плюсы: "Все организованно на хорошем уровне, без задержек, хорошее питание, дружелюбный и отзывчивый персонал."
Плюсы: "Рейс был без задержек, самолет не самый новый, но все понравилось. Питание отличное."
Минусы: "Бортпроводники были не оч. улыбчивыми, но хамства не было"
Плюсы: "great"
Минусы: "long boarding"
Плюсы: "Great food and on board service"
Минусы: "I missed a bit more leg room to be able to sleep ok"
Плюсы: "Paying only half of what other USA airlines offered we had a one stop trip from (IAH) Houston to (TLV) Tel Aviv and were served two meals with offerings of other food if needed. I don't know what was served but it was good yet very different from what we eat in Texas. Then we had a 2 1/2 hour layover in (IST) Istanbul Turkey which gave us plenty of time to get off the plane, shuttle to the terminal gate then walk around the airport for about an hour before heading to the next gate for our connecting flight. The crew was very pleasant and the flight very smooth."
Минусы: "The landing in Instanbul Turkey was very poorly done, by far the worst I've ever experienced but the rest of the flight and connecting Turkish Airlines flight to Tel Aviv was great. The seats are very cramped but not much different than any other economy seat I've had on any other USA airline. The price of the ticket more than made up for the seat."
Плюсы: "The food and entertainment were okay."
Минусы: "The staff was rude. The entertainment consoles didn’t work well."
Плюсы: "The crew and the food were great."
Минусы: "There was a dispute about a seat assignment and the flight attendant stated that she did NOT have the authority to decide the outcome. One passenger was in another passengers seat and refused to leave because it was next to a relatives seat."
Плюсы: "I was very impressed that I am already looking to travel again with the airline on my next travel!"
Плюсы: "The staff is awesome and made the trip comfortable. I aldo liked how quickly we boarded!"
Минусы: "Expedia has doubled charged me for this flight and do not reimburse. You can't issue two seats for only one person. It's a scam."
Плюсы: "Meal,airplane"
Минусы: "A little turbulence"
Плюсы: "Loved the service, food and airplane itself."
Минусы: "Istanbul airport is large and difficult to manage. Had to walk/run for about 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight."
Плюсы: "Smooth ride"
Минусы: "Lack of air conditioning made it hard to breathe coupled with cramp seating made it unbearable"
Плюсы: "Crew members were nice People were good at check in as well"
Минусы: "It was ok but room to improve everywhere It's matter of process where it may help to choose international standards rather than follow ones preferences"
Плюсы: "We had a 13hr flight and it was a very stress free and relax experience!"
Минусы: "my USB charger didn't work in both 13hr flights"
Минусы: "Flight attendants are not very nice. Food got much worse compare to previous years Boarding was very long because of the crazy check"
Плюсы: "Pretty much everything except for the fact that they have no entertainment in Russian"
Плюсы: "best in all regards"
Минусы: "none"
Плюсы: "-"
Минусы: "How come a Business Class doesn't have sleeping masks? Unbelievable."
Плюсы: "It was not expensive"
Минусы: "It is difficult to say anything positive about a 13 hour flight in cattle class. It is just not comfortable."
Минусы: "seats in economy far too close together ... nose to back of seat in front of me about 9 inches. when seat back was back."
Минусы: "Service is horrible. Airline staff is rude. Airport staff in turkey is eually bad. Avoid this airline and country at all costs."
Минусы: "Staff is mean, impolite, and inefficient."
Плюсы: "Service was ok , but not trying too much"
Минусы: "Ask for some milk for my tea , I was egnored once ,second time got an answaer "there is non""
Минусы: "The boarding took too long, cabin service on the return flight was a lot poorer than I received on the initial flight. It questions my quality recommendation to other people."

Flight was on time and it was a smooth ride. They can definitely improve the food, but overall it was a comfortable flight experience.

Плюсы: "it's the second time delta breaks my checked bag"
Минусы: "it's the second time delta breaks my checked bag"
Плюсы: "On time arrival and departure."
Минусы: "Under the Covid circumstances, it was a good experience."
Плюсы: "The airplane seats and entertainment were 150% bettter than American"
Минусы: "The check in area felt cramped, understaffed and like a 4th rate airline"
Плюсы: "The seat was ok, but the crew was very good and helpful"
Минусы: "Good company, have the very good attendants"
Минусы: "Flight into Seattle delayed, flight out of Seattle to Minneapolis delayed flights out of Minneapolis to Bismarck delayed. Ran from gate F to gate c24 arrived at 10:23 p.m. Slight to the park at 10:25 p.m. and they closed the door on me as I was running up there. Ran across the entire terminal to get there and they would not let me on. Last Flight of the night to Bismarck. Missed my uncle's 90th birthday party. Would not give me food voucher. Delta gate agent told me she would lose her job if she did not close the doors 8 minutes prior. However the Minneapolis flight waited for 15 minutes for people to board that plane. How does that compute? Why would they not wait 3 minutes for me rather than pay the money to put me up in a hotel?"
Плюсы: "The crew on both legs of our trip were nice and accommodating."
Плюсы: "The flight crew was friendly and communicated well. They also had a friendly attitude."
Минусы: "A 1 hour wait for wheelchair assistance in Houston and then a 30 minute delay for wheelchair people to take my mom to baggage claim. Then the wheelchair attendant kept complaining she wouldn't receive a good tip to take us to the Lyft pickup area."
Плюсы: "They cared for the passengers, helped me with my baby’s bag"
Минусы: "Nothing @ this time"
Плюсы: "On time, smooth take off and landing."
Минусы: "The intercom was turned up too loud."
Минусы: "Delayed"
Плюсы: "Again, crew was very friendly. It's nice to be welcomed aboard. The male flight attendant found me a blanket after I requested it. Also I appreciate the free entertainment options on the WiFi."
Минусы: "Ambient low lighting was pretty much non-existent in that old MD88."
Плюсы: "The crew"
Минусы: "Very small plane"
Минусы: "Had to wait for the crew from another flight before boarding p"
Плюсы: "Flight Attendant Precious was just as her name precious and was very impactful in my amazing journey experience."
Плюсы: "Great crew"
Минусы: "AC was not working properly and it was very hot and miserable trip"
Минусы: "There really needs to be a way the airlines can better make seating assignments. I was in a window seat and the woman in the middle seat was so large that her arms took all of the arm rest and some of my seat area. Even crossing my arms I was unable to not have her arm up against me."
Плюсы: "Quick and easy."
Плюсы: "The staff was friendly and apologetic."
Минусы: "The flight was delayed an hour due to traffic on the runway. I missed my flight and won't get to my destination until the next day. I paid extra for a short flight, and I end up waiting 5 hours with no compensation. I was charged for the drink I ordered and not offered a food voucher or money back. This happens every time I fly with Delta and I will not be a returning customer."
Минусы: "Rude stewardesses; I was traveling with 3 children onanovernight flight. I just wanted the simplest things- blankets and headphones for them. I cannot believe that an overnight flight wouldn’t be stocked with pillows and blankets. We froze al the way across the Pacific."
Плюсы: "It’s was super smooth! Fast service and great customer service."
Минусы: "The intercom was a little messed up."
Плюсы: "Flight attendants were nice based on the situations beyond their control."
Минусы: "Flight was delayed for about three hours, due to mechanical issues with the second engine not starting. We sat on the the plane for over an hour and half. Some people that missed their connection flights were offered hotel stay. Others that had no connection flight was not offered anything for the several hours of delay that occurred."
Плюсы: "I enjoyed the upholstery and comfort of the chairs."
Минусы: "I prefer to be made aware of delayed flights sooner than an hour before the flight. I would much rather wait in the comfort of home or a hotel over waiting in the airport."
Плюсы: "Comfy on time and personable. Food was good too. Thank you."
Минусы: "It was all good."
Минусы: "not prepared in Maintenance to fix a very small problem in an efficient timeframe. Also, this plane was very dirty ..bathroom, walls, seat rails, floors....not good Delta"
Минусы: "The seat I was assigned did NOT recline !!! I have neck and back problems and I was in so much pain. You need to clearly indicate when a seat does not recline ( as in exit row seats, which are clearly indicated)."
Плюсы: "Все хорошо"
Плюсы: "my seat did not recline so i was very uncomfortable."
Плюсы: "The flights were smooth, it was an easy process"
Плюсы: "The crew was nice and friendly and the plane was half empty."
Минусы: "When are the Airlines going to start serving a decent coffee on board? It does not matter Delta is now serving Starbucks. Something they do that messes up the whole thing, probably overheat for too long."
Плюсы: "Seats and snacks were ok"
Минусы: "Entertainment wasn't that good. Small screen, headphone input didn't work on my seat."
Плюсы: "Service was fast and the inflight entertainment is free. Lots of movies to chose from, which is nice for the long flight."
Минусы: "It was the most cramped I have ever felt in a plane and also the longest flight. Horrible combination. Some of the crew were snippy."
Плюсы: "Clean and on time. Staff helpful and courteous. Great trip"
Плюсы: "A simple and pleasant experience!"
Минусы: "Everyone was professional and polite."
Плюсы: "The entertainment is good; several new movies"
Минусы: "The dirty seats, the awful food and wine"
Минусы: "Again, not enough leg room. Also, our luggage did not make the connecting flight and we didn't get our bags unit the next morniing - late."
Минусы: "We were arbitrarily re-seated due to equipment changes, back and forth and lost our original seat selection even though we wound up on a plane with the original configuration. An international call wait of 1.5 hours was required to just get us back into the economy plus section that we had originally paid for, Amsterdam check-in was chaotic. In-plane staff was not at all helpful with our desire to get seats on the outside rows of our section."
Плюсы: "The departure was slightly delayed (as always lately with Delta). For the rest it was fine."
Плюсы: "The departure was slightly delayed (as always lately with Delta). For the rest it was fine."
Минусы: "The plane was supposed to leave at 7pm. Instead we left at 2 am. In the meanwhile Delta has never offered us any food or beverages. Just some bottles of water. I had to stay a night in Orlando on my own, because they didn't give us a hotel. Just a total shame!"
Плюсы: "Быстрая посадка Неформальность общения капитана с пассажирами Внимание персонала"
Минусы: "Еда была холодная как из холодильника Маловат салон"
Плюсы: "Вкусная и горячая еда Очень приветливы персонал Удобный салон"
Минусы: "Набор фильмов на русском скудный Горячим кормят 1.5 раза (обед и сэндвич перед прилетом)"
Плюсы: "The flight attendants were very attentive and available."
Плюсы: "Boarding in St Thomas is always a mess, no matter what airline you fly. I usually fly Delta because the planes are clean and the people are nice. Well this time the staff went well above and beyond. My friend and I were sitting in the front row of seats in the lounge at the airport, facing the Delta gates. There was a mob of people milling about between us and the gate, so we could not see very well, but we thought we had a clear view of the door. Also it was very loud in the terminal. The flight had a delay, so we were relaxing and chatting, when I got a text from my mom asking if I was on the plane. So I went to the counter to inquire if they had started boarding our flight. The lady looked at me with surprise and said, "We have been paging you!!". Well we were both surprised! We had not heard anything over the general din in the airport. It turns out they had completed boarding and already rolled the stairs away from the plane! The ground staff talked to the captain and then they rolled up a set of stairs, opened the door to the plane, and let us on! The flight attendants said that they had never seen that happen before. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the crew at Delta for going the extra mile to make sure we made it on our flight."
Минусы: "There is nothing I didn't like about this flight!!"
Плюсы: "on time. great flight attendnant"
Плюсы: "I liked the in-flight service and the complimentary snacks and drinks despite the short trip."
Минусы: "I did not like that there was not enough room for our 50L Osprey backpacks to be placed under the seats."
Плюсы: "Everything"
Плюсы: "Helpful crew, more food than usual, entertainment system and choices."
Минусы: "Didn't get meal request even though we did on flight to Europe and despite phone agent working to generate and verifying them before both flights."
Плюсы: "Service was good. Attendants polite. Information good."
Информация о COVID-19

Меры безопасности на рейсах в Сан-Паулу

Для удобства пассажиров авиакомпании, выполняющие рейсы в Сан-Паулу, изменили условия оказания услуг и ввели дополнительные меры безопасности. Внимание: условия оказания услуг разными компаниями варьируются.

Строгий санитарно-гигиенический контроль

Ежедневная чистка салона, HEPA-фильтры на всех рейсах в Сан-Паулу

Защитные маски

Маски от перевозчика для пассажиров всех рейсов в Сан-Паулу

Социальное дистанцирование

Места в середине ряда на рейсах в Сан-Паулу недоступны

Медицинские осмотры

Тесты на антитела, проверка симптомов перед вылетом на рейсах в Сан-Паулу

Гибкие условия отмены

Посмотрите билеты в Сан-Паулу с бесплатным изменением бронирования

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Перелет туда-обратно: свежие предложения

2 перес.Delta
30ч. 10м.SVO-GRU
2 перес.Delta
36ч. 10м.GRU-SVO
48 290 ₽
2 перес.Delta
29ч. 30м.SVO-GRU
2 перес.Delta
35ч. 50м.GRU-SVO
48 443 ₽
2 перес.Delta
29ч. 30м.SVO-GRU
2 перес.Delta
36ч. 10м.GRU-SVO
48 596 ₽
2 перес.Delta
29ч. 30м.SVO-GRU
2 перес.Delta
44ч. 00м.GRU-SVO
49 208 ₽
2 перес.Delta
52ч. 50м.SVO-GRU
2 перес.Delta
35ч. 45м.GRU-SVO
49 361 ₽
39ч. 55м.DME-GRU
33ч. 30м.GRU-DME
58 851 ₽
39ч. 35м.DME-GRU
33ч. 30м.GRU-DME
60 917 ₽
3 перес.Несколько компаний
32ч. 25м.DME-GRU
3 перес.Несколько компаний
29ч. 10м.GRU-DME
61 453 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
43ч. 10м.SVO-GRU
3 перес.Несколько компаний
26ч. 50м.GRU-SVO
62 065 ₽
1 перес.Air France
17ч. 00м.SVO-GRU
1 перес.Air France
16ч. 55м.GRU-SVO
63 672 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
22ч. 00м.SVO-GRU
1 перес.Несколько компаний
16ч. 45м.GRU-SVO
64 131 ₽
1 перес.Air France
17ч. 00м.SVO-GRU
1 перес.Air France
20ч. 40м.GRU-SVO
64 361 ₽
1 перес.KLM
18ч. 30м.SVO-GRU
1 перес.KLM
23ч. 55м.GRU-SVO
64 590 ₽
1 перес.KLM
38ч. 45м.SVO-GRU
1 перес.KLM
23ч. 55м.GRU-SVO
64 667 ₽
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
25ч. 30м.VKO-GRU
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
30ч. 15м.GRU-VKO
68 264 ₽
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
25ч. 30м.VKO-GRU
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
25ч. 30м.GRU-VKO
68 570 ₽
1 перес.SWISS
17ч. 00м.DME-GRU
1 перес.SWISS
26ч. 45м.GRU-DME
70 483 ₽
1 перес.Lufthansa
28ч. 50м.DME-GRU
1 перес.Lufthansa
21ч. 00м.GRU-DME
71 937 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
32ч. 25м.DME-GRU
2 перес.United Airlines
39ч. 10м.GRU-DME
74 233 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
21ч. 50м.SVO-GRU
1 перес.Qatar Airways
27ч. 20м.GRU-SVO
75 304 ₽

Поиск по пересадкам

Поиск по а/к

Поиск по цене

Перелет в один конец: свежие предложения

3 перес.Несколько компаний
37ч. 55м.DME-GRU
33 673 ₽
3 перес.Несколько компаний
40ч. 30м.VKO-GRU
34 055 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
28ч. 25м.VKO-GRU
35 509 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
28ч. 50м.VKO-GRU
36 428 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
28ч. 15м.SVO-GRU
37 040 ₽
27ч. 05м.DME-GRU
38 724 ₽
1 перес.KLM
18ч. 30м.SVO-GRU
44 234 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
28ч. 45м.SVO-GRU
44 923 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
21ч. 50м.SVO-GRU
46 147 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
21ч. 50м.SVO-GRU
46 223 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
54ч. 05м.DME-GRU
49 055 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
53ч. 45м.DME-GRU
49 132 ₽
1 перес.British Airways
26ч. 20м.DME-GRU
49 667 ₽
2 перес.KLM
22ч. 00м.SVO-GRU
49 820 ₽
2 перес.KLM
22ч. 00м.SVO-GRU
49 897 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
33ч. 50м.DME-GRU
50 050 ₽
1 перес.British Airways
26ч. 20м.DME-GRU
50 892 ₽
2 перес.Aeromexico
52ч. 45м.SVO-GRU
54 718 ₽
1 перес.SWISS
17ч. 00м.DME-GRU
56 478 ₽
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
23ч. 55м.VKO-GRU
62 524 ₽

Поиск по пересадкам

Поиск по а/к

Поиск по цене

Внутренние рейсы: свежие предложения

1ч. 15м.GIG-VCP
1ч. 10м.VCP-GIG
3 980 ₽
1ч. 15м.GIG-VCP
1ч. 10м.VCP-GIG
4 056 ₽
1ч. 15м.SDU-GRU
1ч. 05м.GRU-SDU
4 133 ₽
1ч. 05м.SDU-CGH
1ч. 00м.CGH-SDU
4 133 ₽
1ч. 20м.SDU-VCP
1ч. 05м.VCP-SDU
4 209 ₽

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