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Оценки на основе отзывов пользователей KAYAK:
Singapore AirlinesОбщая оценка на основе 3914 отзывов
Отзывы пассажиров
Плюсы: "Amazing crew, very nice and helpful."
Подробнее об а/к Singapore Airlines
Плюсы: "Amazing crew, very nice and helpful."
Плюсы: "checking in at Changi Airport is always a pleasure, helpful friendly staff"
Минусы: "the food is disgusting"
Плюсы: "Amazing crew. Seat needs more padding."
Минусы: "Memory foam seats"
Плюсы: "Crew were helpful and attended to any needs that we requested. As I am a big person the seat is never that comfortable but Singapore Airlines seating is more spacious than other companies I have flown with."
Минусы: "The food was not too attractive, better variety of main meals"
Минусы: "This time Singapore Airlines Staff seem to be not so helpful. Previously they were happy to help with smiling face and approachable immediately. This time in spite of asking for help in the cabin no one turned up even after multiple requests. I could only get help when someone one walks next to me."
Плюсы: "Flight time shorter than scheduled. Food good. Crew great."
Минусы: "Somewhat limited recent release movies compared to Emirates."
Плюсы: "Good food. Friendly staff efficient airports."
Минусы: "Confusion at check in on baggage constrains. Conflict between what the agent told us and what was documented on our ticket contract. Plane very cold Unable to recline seats for much of the flight under guidance of flight attendants. Unable to sleep as a result."
Плюсы: "Flight was full but crew was attentive and very pleasant. Star Alliance Lounge at LAX had a good variety of food and drinks - Asian, western, small bites, snacks; red, white, bubbly and even a bartender who'll mix up cocktails. I love flying SQ."
Минусы: "For a premium economy service, it was really good."
Плюсы: "Ok boarding, plane was new, entertainment system was up to date"
Минусы: "Premium economy service is even worse than economy as crew is never around and busy in economy. Seats are bigger but not really comfortable. Food is same as economy. Doesn't worth it to buy premium economy."
Плюсы: "Kindy flight attedances,,smooth boarding,,delicious food"
Минусы: "Nothing"
Плюсы: "one of the crew was rude. my spouse forgot to fold-up the cup holder, the hostess heat the holder so hard while walking. I don't know but it appeared as very very rude."
Минусы: "Improve the process for boarding people were standing there for 45 minutes to 1 hour. People there needs training"
Плюсы: "Amazing crew."
Минусы: "Food focused on Japan on both legs, LAX to NRT and NRT to SIN. Variety would have been nice."
Плюсы: "Handset to control screen didn’t work. Airline reimbursed me with $75 voucher for inflight duty-free shop."
Плюсы: "On time Smooth landing and take off Airport was beautiful, nice clean toilets Lovely and polite staff on board Food was okay Nice range of in-flight entertainment"
Минусы: "Air port does not have automatic internet connection We were there for 8 hours with no internet because we had no international roaming to receive the PIN via SMS. The four PINS generated by the counter staff did not work. We all took turn to try to no avail. by then we have walked too far from the counter we could not be bother going back. No airport that I've been to had poor internet service connection like this airport, yet it is supposed to be THE WORLD'S NUMBER ONE AIRLINE. We boarded at 11.30pm, last time we flew with them they gave us supper. Last night they gave us only water. We went to sleep hungry till the morning. Since when they started to operate like those cheap airlines that you have to pay for your food? And the night package did not have eye mask.... how could we sleep... ? Singapore airline could learn from Qtar. Very very disappointed."
Плюсы: "The customer service at the Check-in, the flight attendants, the movies and the meals. More than my expectations! Will definitely use Singapore Air in the future in my travelings! Will recommend it to my circle of friends and relatives! Thank you very much. You are the best airline I've used since 1976!"
Минусы: "Nothing."
Плюсы: "personel provided excellent service"
Минусы: "food was ok. A faulty entertainment system did make our flight feel longer."
Плюсы: "Being one of the best airlines in the world, you can really go wrong with these guys. Always a good experience."
Минусы: "As always, economy class is getting tighter. But economy here is still better than the western airlines."
Минусы: "The toilets were a little unsanitary."
Плюсы: "Food, service"
Плюсы: "In general it was all very good - I flew Premium Economy but I didn’t see much difference at all between that and Economy. There was a bit more leg room but that was about it, Having said that Singapore Airlines overall is pretty good - toilets kept nice and clean and everyone well taken care of."
Плюсы: "Very comfortable"
Минусы: "I don’t see anything I didn’t like"
Плюсы: "Brand new aircraft, excellent service and food"
Минусы: "J class seat, 12A window. Top of my seat curled around my sides, which blocked vision thru 1.5 of the 3 windows I had access to. The enclosure also protuded into my left bicep when I had my elbow resting on the arm rest. Table on my right hand side was too close to my body, and to high to reach a drink easily, I literally had to lift my whole right arm to pick up a glass."
Плюсы: "Excellent crew"
Минусы: "My seat was very hard"
Плюсы: "It’s worth it to pay a bit more for the extra legroom seats."
Минусы: "No entertaining at all, only old movies. The seats are very tight. There was a guy snoring during the flight keeping everybody awake. The breakfast was mediocre, just a a bun with fruit"
Минусы: "We were not provided vegetarian food on two legs of journey although we had earlier informed the airlines."
Плюсы: "Singapore airline crew is always top notch in terms of service and attentiveness. It's a direct flight from Singapore to Canberra! Beats the layover in Sydney or Melbourne."
Минусы: "Business class seats were uncomfortable compared to other business class. They're not lay flat seats, and I can't get the seat even close to flat because my feet jam in to the bottom of the seat in front of me. The food wasn't great, some of the meal which was supposed to be served hot was still cold."
Плюсы: "Service is always excellent"
Минусы: "Food however was very disappointing. Surprising as Singapore Airlines pride themselves on quality and the food was poor :-("
Плюсы: "Modern aircraft , nice crew"
Плюсы: "Great crew, good food (best I've had on an airplane), plenty of drinks, and a good entertainment system."
Минусы: "Nothing bad to say about this flight. Great airline."
Плюсы: "Comfortable seats roomy 30kg allowance good a ttention form staff witohut fussing'"
Минусы: "nothing"
Минусы: "Food wasn't the greatest but it was adequate considering shirt trip"
Плюсы: "I've always flown Singapore airlines wherever possible. Standards are unbeatable until this flight..."
Минусы: "The dinner was terrible. I am a long time customer of Singapore Airlines and I know where the standard are. The food on this flight was the worst I've seen. The starter (vermicelli) was overly salty, dry and severely undercooked. The main course was acceptable but the portion of chicken was more like side dish not main. Missing sides."
Плюсы: "The people were excellent."
Минусы: "I had planned to check an extra piece of luggage, gifts and purchases for church needs. They wanted to charge me $3,655(!!!) for that. Absurd. I had to leave the suitcase behind. I will probably fly on a different airline whenever I go to Russia now."
Минусы: "Our flight to Bali was cancelled due to the volcano eruption. We did not receive any compensation, but Singapore/Silk Airlines told us they were able to get us a flight home to LAX instead, but that it wouldn't be until the next day. We spent money on a hotel and food and waited until the next morning, got to the airport early for check in only to find that Singapore/Silk had in fact, given up our seats that they had promised us. They said that we now would have to wait another day just to get a flight from Singapore to LAX. We asked to speak with a manager, and eventually were able to get two seats due to cancellations. This was intended to be a very special and romantic trip that was essentially ruined. Since no one could have anticipated that the volcano would cause cancellation, we should be refunded for our flights. We are so crushed that we did not get to go to Bali, and now we may NEVER get to go because we are out of money. At the VERY least, the leg of our flights from Singapore to Bali, and Bali to Singapore, should be refunded. We are extremely disappointed."
Плюсы: "The service, kind and pleasant."
Плюсы: "Great service always"
Плюсы: "Food was delicious!"
Плюсы: "Can't think of. We have been using Singapore Air for years and they were good. However, our recent few flights with them have been disappointing (hence the need for this review) - there's nothing to be happy about."
Минусы: "Writing on behalf of my wife. All staff that she met have sour face, perhaps to signal the passengers not to approach them? True enough, the cabin crew did not help her to place her bag in the luggage compartment; the cabin crew did not serve water when requested, and on second attempt, the cabin crew told her to request at the ground. The cabin crews she has encountered clearly expressed their unwillingness to serve with their face and action. Is this the new direction of Singaore Air? The entertainment system requires installation of an app, hence is practically useless since we do not have the app preinstalled in our device."
Плюсы: "Staff are very friendly and good ."
Плюсы: "Everything was pretty great. Crew is very nice. Food was very good actually. 2 meals with snacks when asked. Hot towels were given a couple of times. Drinks were served and offered throughout the flight. Socks and toothbrush also given. Entertainment was great with a good mix of movies. Chairs were comfy and leg space was ok."
Минусы: "I don't think I would complain about the space otherwise except that the person in front of me decided to recline their chair all the way back. It was a tight and fairly uncomfortable ride the rest of the time."
Плюсы: "Red wine was good"
Минусы: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"
Плюсы: "Clean aircraft. First rate and very attentive cabin staff. High Quality food and mid flight snacks. Its clear a lot of thought has gone into the making and running of this airline. My first experience and quite frankly I will fly SIA whenever possible."
Минусы: "Cabin was to me a little warm during initial taxi at LAX. But not overly so."
Минусы: "Old plane. Old in flight entertainment."
Плюсы: "The comfort and food plus drinks."
Минусы: "Delay in food distribution, over waiting because of many people but only twogroups of serving crew"
Плюсы: "got us there, efficient and effective crew."
Минусы: "old facilities"
Плюсы: "Crew staff were excellent. Food was pretty good. Overall trip was flawless including and early arrival."
Минусы: "The movies choices in the in-flight entertainment were wanting."
Плюсы: "What did I like??? Um, EVERYTHING! First off I got a great price under $850 round trip to NRT from LAX was a steal! They let you check two large suit cases plus a carry on and a personal item. That all FREE!!! I travel pretty light but it was great to know they don't Nickle and dime you for bags or anything else for that matter. Staff looks amazing and treats you first class even when your in economy. They are so polite and really genuinely want to give you a above and beyond experience. And they over achieve at it! They meals are great and very satisfying. The planes are big and roomy even in economy seats. On our return flight we had a brand new plane which had a sleek touch screen monitor and controller. There mad tons of media available (articles, language games, games, movies, tv shows and more) with USB ports to charge devices on each seat. Plus 10inch personal monitors. Earbuds were included free of charge, aswell as socks toothbrush and tooth paste. They have is two big meals on our direct flight (awesome that they have direct flights). Plus, they offered free snacks too and gave us a full can of soda vs. a small cup. They come through several times offering coffee, tea, water and snacks. All free of charge. This was my first time flying Singapore Airlines and I loved it!!! I wish Everyone was this amazing! Norwegian Airlines was the opposite as far as charging for everything! Had to pay each stop for any luggage ($100 per checked bag). No meals free or charge. They wanted money for everything! And yea a skimpy sandwich was $9.00 :(."
Плюсы: "nice food, plenty of water, good service, quite comfortable & on board wifi if you need it"

I request for vegetarian food but they are asking me what kind of food you want. Service is slow.

My luggage was left at doha nd flight landed houston. Horrible experince i had this time.

great crew - very efficient. Food was restaurant quality and good choices. Large movie selection, but a little weak with the music, games seemed OK.

Cabin services as expected from a reputed airline. Not impressed with the food though. Excellent ground service in Doha.

Really I can’t think of anything that could’ve been better. Thank you for an excellent trip

Seats weren’t clean. Screens need to wiped correctly.

Плюсы: "Qatar Airways ground staff and cabin crew were excellent throughout the journey. The cleanliness and comfort of the plane was also fantastic."
Минусы: "I can't think of anything that wasn't good."
Плюсы: "Crew is amazing and very courteous. The seats were very comfy and food was awesome. Thanks."
Плюсы: "Crew was terrific. Great service. New aircraft are comfortable too."
Минусы: "Food. Meals are of poor quality. Bland in taste and rubbery texture."
Плюсы: "Amazing aircraft! Amazing crew!"
Плюсы: "The food its disgusting"
Минусы: "Better service and better food"
Плюсы: "Crew was very polite and helpful."
Минусы: "Quality of food could be better Hindu meal was not as good as expected"
Плюсы: "Qatar Airlines treats you very nicely and doesn’t try to charge for little extras. They include the nice extras as part of your travel experience with them. I highly recommend Qatar!"
Плюсы: "Food selection. However, the snacks need to be readily available on long flights."
Минусы: "Entertainment is lacking behind other international carriers"
Плюсы: "crew was ok. they RAN OUT OF WATER. THEY RAN OUT OF MILK."
Минусы: "stock the fridge"
Минусы: "Boarding by bus at Doha is lengthy and not very comfortable."
Плюсы: "Летел Бизнес классом, питание, сервис, место все отлично плюс индивидуальный подход к каждому пассажиру."
Минусы: "Все отлично"
Плюсы: "Attentive crew, good menu"
Минусы: "Providing in-ear noise-canceling headphones instead of the typical around ear noise-canceling headphones"
Плюсы: "как всегда у Qatar Airways отличный сервис, мягкие взлет и посадка, хорошая система развлечения, за шестичасовой полет два раза покормили. Большое спасибо за такой полет."
Плюсы: "Food was good, and the crew were very patient and polite - went out of their way to make us comfortable."
Минусы: "The aircraft seemed to be really old. The entertainment system on the seat I was allotted did not work, and I had to change seats. In the new seat, the entertainment system worked, but the seat didn't recline, and I had to change seats again - from an initially allotted aisle seat, to a middle seat. Also, the food service time was weird - we got a full lunch about an hour before we landed, which didn't make sense, and had to wait almost 5 - 6 hours between brunch and our next meal - a movie snack. Most passengers were famished by the time the lunch was served. Also, why was there no wifi?"
Плюсы: "The leg room was huge, the food was excellent and a lot and the customer service was great not my first time to fly with Qatar and it won’t be my last, the made my trip worthwhile. Thank you"
Минусы: "No complaints so far so good"
Плюсы: "Food was great."
Минусы: "Passengers in the back seat kept shaking my seat. I told them to stop, but they kept doing that."
Плюсы: "Service and food were excellentpA"
Минусы: "Announcement volume too loud"
Плюсы: "Qatae Airways is second to non as always"
Плюсы: "The service and food."
Плюсы: "decent leg room. the staff was accommodating"
Минусы: "the brea was har. some of the food was overheated thus making it hard to eat"
Плюсы: "Все отлично, но на дневном рейсе А321, не совсем комфортно."
Минусы: "Мало фильмов и музыки, нет ВиФи. Старые экраны. USB зарядка очень слабая."
Плюсы: "Food crew and entertainment were all good thanks"
Минусы: "A child behind me kept kicking the back of the seat all the time and the mother did nothing about it"
Минусы: "Transit 9 hours without hotel"
Плюсы: "Food and entertainment"
Плюсы: "Cabin crews were politie"
Минусы: "Waiting area outside gate was crowded and slow service, plane take off was delayed Plane wasnt clean enough food wasnt good taste horrible"
Плюсы: "Good quality planes with lots of leg room! Also, pretty and young crew...unlike most domestic airlines."
Плюсы: "Excellent customer service, from the check in process, to boarding, to flying 21 hours from Boston to Phuket with infant- we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was so accommodating and helpful as we traveled with our 7 month old a lot g distance."
Плюсы: "the flight was empty and lots of room to get comfortable snacks and food were good boarding was easy"
Плюсы: "The seats were very comfortable and there was more room for our legs than most airline provide. The entire staff as well as the pilot certainly know what the term “service” means!"
Минусы: "The flight attendant dropped a suitcase on my head when I was sleeping. I had terrible headache, nauseous, and dizzy with some really uncomfortable neck pain. The staff tried to get me to take medicines that I could not read for nauseous but I would not. They said they were prescribed by a doctor! What doctor. The flight was the longest worst ever! 14 hours - nothing to eat or drink! In addition, the head flight attendant said the baggage compartment over my head was a problem as it opens all the way down and bags fall easily out. The bag was easily 30 pounds and landed directly on my head. I suffered a concussion."
Минусы: "My flight was delayed almksr 3 hours...nothing more. It's very frustrating because the problem could have been avoided if they were more careful but oh well. I'm making this review very short compared to my others because I know that if I start on a rant, I won't stop. Trust me, I'll safe that for the phone call complaint I'll be making in a few hours..."
Плюсы: "The lack of passengers on this flight gave me an amazing amount of room. Really makes the flights enjoyable when I can spread out."
Минусы: "The food could use some work. The quantities are perfect. But the quality is definitely lacking"
Плюсы: "Everything was perfect! From boarding the flight, decor, hospitality, clean, comfortable and my special meal selection was always right. The flight attendants greeted me before meals and insured me that they received my meal order."
Минусы: "I had a long trip and as a result I had lost my voice, and the crew had no patient at all. I feel like she just wanted to check the box instead of really making sure I got what I wish for food wise."
Плюсы: "Very friendly crew. Plenty of food and options. Always coming by with snacks, or towels, or drinks."
Минусы: "Seat width is always an issue in economy, but nothing unexpected."
Плюсы: "The aircraft from US to Qatar was upgraded and looked new. I love the new on demand video streaming, the touch controls are precise and better than previous version"
Минусы: "I wish the airline was a bit more organized with boarding. I saw people with other zones boarding even when they were not called. The air hostess was friendly but I kinda got a feeling that she is doing me a huge favor when I asked for something more."
Плюсы: "The crew lead for Doha to Dhaka flight was very responsive and proactive. The food on this flight was very good."
Минусы: "Air vent was not available for Business class between Doha and Dhaka; which made the temperature hotter than my liking."
Плюсы: "Upgrade to business class was a nice gesture and the service was impeccable.."
Минусы: "Just a tad delayed in getting off the plane...not sure what took unexpectedly long"
Плюсы: "Smoothe landing"
Минусы: "Old plane, some kind of tablet thing with an attached remote almost impossible to figure out even how it works. 7hr flight and I only saw the steward twice."
Плюсы: "Over all it was a good experience"
Минусы: "IEvery thing was fine."
Плюсы: "The crew was fantastic!! They saved this rating."
Минусы: "Old plane. No power outlet, no wifi, entertainment system was glitchy... if it was not for the crew, this would have been the poorest u could get. Doha security and transfer were unruly, long, and a mess. Terrible experience there. Nearly missed connection. Dreading going through there on return flight"
Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "No entertainment"
Плюсы: "Spacious air craft with comfortable seats, crew was very friendly , and efficient"
Минусы: "Service,"
Плюсы: "Good legroom with respect to others airlines.. the plane is clean.. multiple bathroom so no long waits Dinner was tasty.. however the breakfast was not."
Минусы: "Cheap headphones will not isolate sound from airplane engine for such an expensive entertainment"
Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "NA"
Плюсы: "Keeping time"
Минусы: "There should be wi=fi."
Плюсы: "Brought me to liberty. The Kingdom of Thailand. Great Airline. Reasonable Price. Excellent treatment at Dubai international airport. TSA was also good at Liberty International Airport."
Минусы: "Long boarding lines at Liberty International Airport."
Плюсы: "Good performance of ground staff in kabul"
Минусы: "On time flight not delay"
Плюсы: "All"
Минусы: "To be cabin in business class"
Плюсы: "Great crew and entertainment"
Минусы: "Business class seems to have slipped..... A little more cramped and not quite as comfortable.... (might be me getting old"
Минусы: "Excellent as usual"
Плюсы: "Seats weren’t all that comfortable."
Минусы: "Service and meals were good."
Плюсы: "Direct flight"
Минусы: "South African airlines allowed me to reserve a seat. But Emirates didn't have it in the system when I checked in."
Минусы: "Baggage claim in Newark horrible and slow. Not the brightest people here."
Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "The plane was old and tatty I booked a window seat to actually get the window seat with no window. I had just come off another Emirates flight but this was old tatty plane, the seating squashed. The plane was delayed on the runway for around 40 mins but no announcement made, the stewards were unresponsive when people pressed the buzzer."
Плюсы: "Ya"
Минусы: "I like it"
Плюсы: "Dinner was good, breakfast a bit ordinary"
Минусы: "business class seats didn’t go flat/horizontal, which wasn’t great for a night flight. Would be good to have a fast track through customs... took about 30-40 minutes"
Плюсы: "entertainment"
Минусы: "food and long layover"
Минусы: "Почему-то нельзя было отправить багаж с получением в Санкт-Петербурге, надо было получать его в Москве. Хотя на рейсе из Питера в Дубай мы багаж не получали в Москве."
Плюсы: "Access to airport through metro is very nice."
Минусы: "Prayer area is very small in the airport. Most of the time it's very crowded."
Плюсы: "Emirates is a great airline with friendly staff and an amazing fleet of aircraft"
Минусы: "I had updated for my flight from Jeddah to Dubai, but found that business class passengers were not given priority boarding and had to wait for all other passengers to board. The plane also took off late."
Минусы: "Food. And also seats. We r silver class and should have been assigned better seats."
Минусы: "Emirates checkin staff in India charging fees unnecessarily. Don’t know it is Emirates decision or Indian staff . I hate to travel again through Emirates ."
Плюсы: "The ICE entertainment program & the food"
Минусы: "my TV screen didn't work"
Плюсы: "The food was good for economy"
Минусы: "My seat was about 70% of the size of a normal one. It gave me back pain and shoulder pain as the wall encroaches into the seat space. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take the window emergency exit seats. They charge you extra but don’t warn you that they are tiny. I am of relatively normal (althletic) build not overweight or unusually tall etc. They initially told me there were no other free seats so I ended up sat on the floor. Turns out there were free seats. They lied."
Плюсы: "quality and friendship"
Минусы: "Electronic Entert can be more accessible More access to news"
Плюсы: "Emirates are very good"
Минусы: "Fly Dubai is not good and poor service"
Минусы: "Takeoff was a bit delayed, but the biggest problem is that we waited over an hour for our bags in Newark."
Плюсы: "Everything. The service, food, entertainment. This airline is phenomenal!"
Минусы: "I didn't like my seat placement this time round. Was put in the seat infront of business class as no other option. Really uncomfortable."
Плюсы: "Great crew good food"
Минусы: "Crew was not really engaging with a smile. Seemed like they were avoiding longer conversation or even eye contact."
Плюсы: "Развлечения и комфортность сидений эконом-класса"
Минусы: "грязные столовые индивидуальные приборы"
Плюсы: "I loved the bigger screens and the fact that I could watch movies from the monument I boarded and did not have to wait until take off! I also loved the use of real cutlery in economy. The flight was fantastic. The toilets in economy are spacious too."
Минусы: "The leg room could be a wee bit better. Then again, I was in economy."
Плюсы: "Everything is perfect"
Минусы: "Maria was very rude and not pleasant."
Плюсы: "Everything!!!!!"
Плюсы: "Good, friendly service. Also was given a meal for a 1.5 hr flight!"
Плюсы: "Everything was fabulous.. 10/10"
Минусы: "Nothing"
Плюсы: "Crew was pleasant and friendly."
Минусы: "The plane seemed old compared with my flight to Dubai the morning of May 4, 2017."
Плюсы: "food and drink selection and quality very good. The service and attention paid to children is outstanding. Very much appreciated."
Минусы: "I did not use much of the entertainment other than radio/music so can not really rate."
Плюсы: "This two legged journey on Emirates was my first experience with this airline and the impression was an excellent one. Entebbe - Dubai - JFK went smoothly and comfortably."
Плюсы: "The New York office was good enough to call and get the necessary information from me, Yet, in the end I had to call many times to locate the whereabouts of the missing bag."
Минусы: "Emirates did not offer to deliver it to my house."
Плюсы: "Comfortable and well cared for during the flight"
Минусы: "Wheelchair help in Dubai is horrible. They need a disabled or aged person on their staff to understand our problems Too many carriage changes and unnecessary location changes. We do not need a guide to understand where to go and lead us along. We need physical help."
Плюсы: "Very good services by Emirates, flight was on time, leg room between seats was sufficient, meals were good and staff behavior was good"
Плюсы: "Flights were booked back in May and Emirates did not make major schedule changes"
Минусы: "Consistently late departures. Did not keep passengers informed about updated departure times. After serving the food, it took more than one hour to take the leftovers away. During the flight from Dubai -Chicago, hot beverages were served 1.5 hours after the food was served. Crew was not friendly at all. During the Chicago-Dubai flight a crew member basically yelled at passengers "open the windows" and I had to tell him to "ask nicely please). Emirates comes nowhere close to Singapore, Thai, or Turkish in terms of service."
Плюсы: "Food good"
Минусы: "All flights were delayed Boarding experience is not that great Not sufficient leg room, so cramped up Food was very average"
Минусы: "Well Emirates left me 1 day in Boston and it wasn't my plan...Also Emirates front desk clerk tell my boyfriend he smell very hard to alcohol and maybe couldn't go in the flight and he didn't drink any alcohol."
Минусы: "Departure was delayed 20 min and luggage 1 waited 1 hour !!!! I missed my next fly . Connection was 2 hours . Bad management in Emirates in Madrid"
Плюсы: "Very few passengers on the plane allowing to use more space than normal"
Минусы: "Shaking air over India for multiple hours which wasn't too pleasant but not the fault of the airline"
Минусы: "Inflight Entertainment System completely dead. Was offered a piece of chocolate from biz class. Haha."
Плюсы: "Everthing"
Минусы: "I liked everything"
Плюсы: "Неожиданный апгрейд до первого класса - нужно ли тут что-то ещё писать? :)"
Плюсы: "NA"
Минусы: "NA"
Плюсы: "Crew was very accommodating of my needs."
Минусы: "The flight left 2 hours late. This is a problem in the bigger picture of air travel. The process of boarding, the service, and actions of the crew were all great."
Плюсы: "Seats and crew are the best"
Минусы: "Flight time, also business class was almost empty, if I received an email I would have bet for upgrade"
Минусы: "more movie choices"
Минусы: "Mechanical troubles caused a 2 hour delay in departure. Otherwise, the flight was good as usual."
Плюсы: "Crew was friendly, flight was relatively empty so comfortable."
Минусы: "The flight was delayed two hours... three and a half separate times. Finally left around 7 hours late."
Плюсы: "The thing that i could come back home"
Минусы: "The attendants missed me in every serving including meal and giving out documentation forms. No idea how to skip passengers within their sight..."
Плюсы: "Boarding was very slow. Check in was also slow"
Плюсы: "I liked the time and care that they took to help those that needed assistance."
Минусы: "In Tbilisi boarding was delayed and there was no information about the delay. The gate wasn’t even announced until the expected boarding time."
Минусы: "Food."
Плюсы: "The plane was clean and we arrived early."
Минусы: "Service of food and drinks was very disorderly."
Плюсы: "Excellent flight attendants and customer service"
Минусы: "Informing travelers that flight was late."
Минусы: "There was no personal entertainment system nor USB port for charging."
Плюсы: "Little snacks, USB ports, clean"
Минусы: "Video and music are kinda out of date"
Минусы: "Luggage didn’t arrive and it will arrive tomorrow or next day Horrible experience,flight was delayed one hour but they promised my luggage would arrive.Shame on them"
Плюсы: "The plane was nice."
Минусы: "6 hours late. No explanation. No apology from any Air Astana employee."
Плюсы: "The chairs were comfortable and the Chicken dish was delicious."
Минусы: "Boarding the plane was hectic and unorganized."
Плюсы: "The crew was super friendly and the plane itself was nice, but the seats were uncomfortable and there was no inflight entertainment."
Минусы: "Delay from Almaty to Aktau about 1hr. Other perfact"
Плюсы: "Service"
Плюсы: "Price Travel Kit Relatively new aircrafts"
Минусы: "I experienced the same things in both of my flights. Flight attendants did not even asked me what I wanted to drink. I have to yell them to receive their attention. They really nee some training."
Плюсы: "Price Travel kit"
Минусы: "The flight attendants ignored me every time they serve drinks. Even when I push the button it took them 10 minutes to get there and then they forgot to bring my water. I had to ask again. There were some Kazak people in front of me, it did not even take two minutes to bring their water. I don't understand, I guess staff is afraid of speaking in English. The aircraft was old and not comfortable."
Плюсы: "Last half hour was through storms. I doubted we would be able to land. Not only did we land, but it was one of the smoothest set-downs I have experienced. These guys/gals know how to fly in winds."
Минусы: "Absolutely full place, slow boarding."
Плюсы: "Every seat taken, but with a 2/2 configuration, it was fine. Didn't even have long lines for the toilet. Both landings were super smooth, and one was extremely skillfull - we had been bouncing around in a storm, and the pilot still put us down smoothly."
Минусы: "Don't like boarding by bus."
Плюсы: "Almaty airport needs to be improved and pictures on Air Astana web are much better than real ones. Also check in counter personals are really unskilled."
Минусы: "check in counters"
Плюсы: "Everything was fairly comfortable. Staff was friendly and attentive."
Минусы: "The entertainment system could have had more options. Announcements do not come through head phones and are not easy to hear."
Плюсы: "Всё хорошо!"
Плюсы: "Thank you for having enough legroom for someone taller. Makes life much easier"
Минусы: "Weather delays, however nothing anyone can do about that"
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Flight attendants were really warm welcoming and benevolent. Food and drinks are good"
Плюсы: "Punctual, comfortable."
Минусы: "The transfer from international to domestic flights is not well signposted. It's also odd that even though it's the same building, you have to go outside, walk some minutes and then go back inside. At that time of the year it was quite cold outside!"
Плюсы: "Crew was great"
Минусы: "No legroom or entertainment"
Плюсы: "Crew"
Минусы: "Lack of communication when flight was delayed. No communication at all."
Минусы: "Turbukence...terrible.."
Плюсы: "The crew was extremely pleasant. We received real food with real silverware. The seats were comfortable. I like the little cute bags filled with an eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush and even socks!"
Минусы: "Push come to shove I would say the entertainment system needs to be updated since there was no individual tvs."
Плюсы: "It is very nice"
Плюсы: "Gave us a hot snack sandwich and drink for a short less than 2 hour flight."
Плюсы: "The flight was on time, the plane was new, the crew was polite."
Минусы: "Nothing really."
Минусы: "The flight was delayed by 3 hours. They did not even attempt to text, though they knew the flight would be delayed. When I asked the check in agents about this, they said what can they do? This is a serious lack of taking personal responsibility. What can they do? They work for the company! There are several steps they could take, but they chose to abdicate responsibility instead. Even though I'd been there for several hours and specifically asked for a window seat and been granted a window seat, during boarding, they changed my seat to a middle, which was the icing on the cake. Also, during announcements, the pilot did not even give an apology. This is poor management And I'm disappointed in Air Astana."
Плюсы: "Decent food. Direct flight. Good plane."
Плюсы: "Empty plane."
Минусы: "Ran out of Sauerbraten."
Плюсы: "Plenty of leg room therefore comfort on the plane. The staff were courteous and helpful."
Минусы: "The selection of movies seemed on the whole dated."
Плюсы: "The first leg from Bangkok to Almaty was amazing. A great crew, a nice airplane and overall a nice flight in economy."
Минусы: "The second leg was the total opposite. An old plane and a less than ideal flight. That airplane has to be taken out of service or upgraded. Its like we were flying on a plane that hadn't been upgraded since the day they bought it 30 years ago."
Плюсы: "Good ground handling staff that dealt with my special baggage requests well. Clean new plane. Pre-departure beverages even in economy class."
Минусы: "No service offered. No drinks, nothing. Admittedly it was only a 35 minute flight but at least water would have been nice in-flight."
Минусы: "No individual screens for movies for an Intl flight. I'd be better to fly Turkish Air instead"
Плюсы: "Air Astana consistently has clean and comfortable equipment"
Минусы: "Had confirmed special meals for myself and family. On board crew did not handle lack of special meals. Forced to eat standard meal if I wanted to eat. Had a few other issues on service."
Плюсы: "Ground crew in Bishkek are consistently excellent."
Плюсы: "All flights were on time! Thanks for that"
Минусы: "Entertaining programs radio music is boring"
Плюсы: "Schedule. Price."
Минусы: "Level of service."
Плюсы: "Welcome crew"
Минусы: "Poor aircraft, very small seats and no entertainment"

Long drawn out boarding process with multiple delays and unnecessary security checks. No priority for business class passengers. Poor food for business class my remote stopped working mid flight and the attendant suggested I deal with it for the remainder of the flight even though they’re were multiple empty seats in the cabin. Flight crew barely spoke English which shouldn’t happen on a international flight. Overall mediocre for the money I spent. I will stick to Qatar Airways from now on for my travel needs.

Минусы: "They haven't all update information about covid update, workers had no idea about anything, rude and unhelpful I had to miss my flight because of their mess, stay at the airport for 4 hours to get my luggage back and get a hotel."
Плюсы: "friendly staff"
Минусы: "encouraging passengers to do more social distancing at gates"
Минусы: "Vegetarian food. 30% of people are vegetarian"
Плюсы: "Crew was good but could be better...timeing was very good."
Минусы: "Food, entertainment"
Минусы: "My bags were misplaced I have to wait for an extra day to get it"
Минусы: "they allowed either carryon or a personal pack"
Плюсы: "Food and crew from SFO to Istanbul were the best. I couldn’t have asked for better. However , arriving in Istanbul the service severely deteriorated. Had to wait a long time for a wheelchair and then was just dropped off at the gate. When I asked for assistance down the jetway I was told “it’s just a short walk”. All of the business class people gathered in a group and charged when the door opened. I was afraid but walked down"
Минусы: "No assistance at Istanbul airport turned my opinion of Turkish airlines. The is not my first bad experience at Istanbul with wheelchair service but thought it would be better since I flew business class this time. Movies are old and need to be updated"
Плюсы: "эта вам не бюджетные душегубки. И покормят, и места для ног побольше ..."
Минусы: "Побалтывало, но притензии к погоде :)"
Плюсы: "Все отлично."
Плюсы: "Smooth from beginning to end Well done !"
Плюсы: "Attentiveness"
Плюсы: "food and service"
Плюсы: "."
Плюсы: "Еда, как всегда супер"
Минусы: "1. Было очень холодно 2. Платные места повышенной комфортности, оказались некомфортными, потому что всё время туда сюда ходил экипаж и невозможно было спать."
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Все"
Плюсы: "Все отлично!!"
Плюсы: "The food, comfort and wine on Turkish Airlines was wonderful."
Минусы: "Turkish Airline’s needs to improve their online experience. Please just pay someone to fix it - you don’t have the city of Los Angeles as a option for home address. In case TA’s web developers are reading this, Los Angeles is the city with LAX in it. I guess you don’t have to know every city, but maybe download a complete list of cities and use that? There are lots of open source options and I can help you, if it gets confusing. Or, alternatively, allow users to type their city with a keyboard. Scrolling through every city in the state of California is not easier than typing Los Angeles. Especially when arriving at Los Gatos and thinking “wait... did I miss it?” That’s not the only thing wrong with your website, but start here. Look Turkish airlines is wonderful, I’m just saying that it was hell actually buying a ticket and signing up for your rewards program."
Минусы: "Питание - ешь чего дадут. И нне вкусно."
Плюсы: "Ничего"
Минусы: "В связи с задержкой в аэропорту вылета мы не успели на пересадочный рейс. Авиакомпания предложила места в самом конце самолета на рейс через 9 часов. Ни upgrade, ни нормального размещения, только скудные ваучеры на питание. Замечу что задержка рейса целиком и полностью была на совести авиакомпании."
Плюсы: "Очень комфортное размещение - расстояние между креслами на порядок лучше, чем у аэрофлота. Питание понравилось - вкусно и большой выбор напитков - даже домашний лимонад предлагали (!) Я сидел рядом с отсеком проводников - когда кофе заваривали - аромат потрясающий по салону поплыл. Для самолетной кухни очень достойно. Видеосистема отличная - экран крупный, изображение качественное, наушники удобные. Фильмы, правда, только на турецком и английском. Посадка в Тайване была очень мягкая."
Минусы: "Полет долгий и, видимо, проводники подустали. Напитками, не очень часто баловали. Придираюсь :)"
Плюсы: "рейс задержали на 20 мин, но в Стамбул прибыли по расписанию. Удобно сидеть, отличное питание, приветливые бортпроводницы."
Минусы: "все было хорошо"
Плюсы: "Service over all"
Плюсы: "Кормят неплохо, как для самолета. Хороший выбор напитков. Чай заварен по-турецки, а не из пакетиков. И самолеты у них все достаточно новые. С развлекательным центром на каждом сиденье. Фильмы, музыка, игры. Но русский язык только в меню :) Фильмы все на турецком и английском."
Минусы: "Гейты 300-312, с которых идет посадка на Тбилиси – как колхозное поле. Просто все и всё на куче: очереди на посадку в перемешку с креслами для ожидания, магазинами. Внятных проходов просто нет. При этом 200-е и 700-е гейты у них очень удобно оборудованы. По расписанию посадка не началась. Вместо начала посадки один из сотрудников начал ходить среди толпы пассажиров и сверять паспорта с посадочными. Если все ок, то ставил штампик на посадочный. Приятно, конечно, что позаботились об экономии времени на проверку. Но организация процесса шокирует :) В самолете поддерживали температуру холодильника. Попросил стюардессу добавить тепла - покивала и поулыбалась, но теплее не стало. Реально пришлось в верхней одежде сидеть."
Минусы: "В салоне была жара, градусов 28. При этом рейс полностью загружен. Легко представить набор запахов через полчаса. На следующем рейсе это компенсировали - летели как в холодильнике :)"
Плюсы: "Great flight"
Минусы: "Na"
Плюсы: "Все организованно на хорошем уровне, без задержек, хорошее питание, дружелюбный и отзывчивый персонал."
Плюсы: "Рейс был без задержек, самолет не самый новый, но все понравилось. Питание отличное."
Минусы: "Бортпроводники были не оч. улыбчивыми, но хамства не было"
Минусы: "After returning home I found items had been stolen from my luggage. Specifically about half of the items in my first aid kit were taken. Total cost of replacement will be approx $30."
Плюсы: "great"
Минусы: "long boarding"
Плюсы: "Courteous staff. Comfortable plane."
Плюсы: "Food was better than other airline."
Плюсы: "great entertainment, pretty comfortable, good service"
Минусы: "a little bit of a delay"
Плюсы: "The food was great and the service was very good."
Плюсы: "Food, entertainment, crew"
Плюсы: "The service was impeccable!"
Минусы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Policy"
Плюсы: "Everyone did a great job handling the new ban of all large electronics. This new rule imposed by the US is completely ridiculous and rather illogical; however, Turkish Airlines did a great job of making it as minimally burdensome as possible."
Минусы: "Splitting passengers up into male and female lines in order to be processed before boarding the flight seemed to create a lot of anxiety for passengers traveling with their significant others. I would advise figuring out a way to efficiently process groups without having to split them up by gender."
Минусы: "Flight attendants are not very nice. Food got much worse compare to previous years Boarding was very long because of the crazy check"
Плюсы: "Pretty much everything except for the fact that they have no entertainment in Russian"
Плюсы: "best in all regards"
Минусы: "none"
Минусы: "I didn't hear the boarding call in English."
Минусы: "Arrived 30mins late; flight full and cramped"
Плюсы: "It was a smooth flight."
Минусы: "Food was so so. Turkish offers free excursions into Istambul for passengers staying over 6 hours. The excursion departs at 12p.m. This flights arrives at 11.25 a.m., but the lines in immigration are stupidly long. We arrived at the counter at 12.15. In a very unfriendly way, they explained the excursion had left, and no possibilities for joining it in Town. So, we were stuck at the airport for several hours. How stupid is to offer an excursion to passengers in layover, but program a flight with 300 passengers to arrive just in time to miss the excursion? Somebody has to think this over. This excursion should leave at 12.30, and it would avoid dozens of passengers stuck and unhappy."
Плюсы: "I liked the aircraft. They were fairly new and well maintained. New inflight entertainment and movies. Fairly spacious for a medium sized person."
Минусы: "I feel the food could have been better."
Плюсы: "They were out of the chicken in meal even before they got to a quarter of people. They did neither had an option of vegetarian diet. So basically you cannot eat anything but the sandwiches if you don't eat beef."
Плюсы: "Crew was very attentive and respectful"
Минусы: "I asked to be upgraded to the first class since I wasn't feeling well. There were many vacant seats and I was willing to pay the difference but I did not given any response other than they couldn't do it while boarding."
Плюсы: "Entertainment options"
Минусы: "There was no food for me and my wife. I don't eat Beaf or Fish and wife is a pure vegetarian. We placed our special order during booking but were told that we had to inform the airline 1 day before to make special order booking. Leg space is very less in flights."
Информация о COVID-19

Меры безопасности на рейсах на Пхукет

Для удобства пассажиров авиакомпании, выполняющие рейсы на Пхукет, изменили условия оказания услуг и ввели дополнительные меры безопасности. Внимание: условия оказания услуг разными компаниями варьируются.

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Ежедневная чистка салона, HEPA-фильтры на всех рейсах на Пхукет

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1 перес.Несколько компаний
31ч. 10м.IKT-HKT
1 перес.Несколько компаний
24ч. 05м.HKT-IKT
28 198 ₽
1 перес.Air Astana
30ч. 55м.DME-HKT
1 перес.Air Astana
14ч. 00м.HKT-DME
31 247 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
23ч. 25м.DME-HKT
3 перес.Несколько компаний
29ч. 40м.HKT-DME
34 752 ₽
1 перес.Air Astana
30ч. 55м.DME-HKT
1 перес.Air Astana
14ч. 00м.HKT-DME
34 829 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
20ч. 05м.DME-HKT
3 перес.Несколько компаний
29ч. 40м.HKT-DME
34 905 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
15ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
1 перес.Qatar Airways
18ч. 20м.HKT-SVO
34 981 ₽
1 перес.Etihad Airways
14ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
1 перес.Etihad Airways
18ч. 55м.HKT-SVO
35 057 ₽
1 перес.Air Astana
30ч. 55м.DME-HKT
1 перес.Air Astana
14ч. 00м.HKT-DME
35 133 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
32ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
1 перес.Qatar Airways
17ч. 15м.HKT-SVO
35 210 ₽
1 перес.Etihad Airways
14ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
1 перес.Etihad Airways
18ч. 55м.HKT-SVO
35 438 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
32ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
1 перес.Qatar Airways
17ч. 15м.HKT-SVO
35 591 ₽
1 перес.Etihad Airways
14ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
1 перес.Etihad Airways
18ч. 55м.HKT-SVO
35 819 ₽
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
14ч. 30м.DME-HKT
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
16ч. 10м.HKT-DME
36 353 ₽
1 перес.Уральские авиалинии
21ч. 30м.DME-HKT
1 перес.Уральские авиалинии
18ч. 35м.HKT-DME
36 582 ₽
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
22ч. 55м.DME-HKT
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
22ч. 35м.HKT-DME
36 810 ₽
1 перес.Emirates
17ч. 10м.LED-HKT
1 перес.Emirates
20ч. 35м.HKT-LED
37 191 ₽
1 перес.Emirates
17ч. 10м.LED-HKT
1 перес.Emirates
20ч. 35м.HKT-LED
37 648 ₽
прямойУральские авиалинии
7ч. 05м.IKT-HKT
прямойУральские авиалинии
6ч. 55м.HKT-IKT
40 697 ₽
1 перес.S7 Airlines
16ч. 50м.VVO-HKT
1 перес.S7 Airlines
29ч. 30м.HKT-VVO
44 355 ₽
1 перес.Аэрофлот
32ч. 05м.MRV-HKT
1 перес.Аэрофлот
31ч. 20м.HKT-MRV
50 376 ₽

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1 перес.Несколько компаний
14ч. 10м.IKT-HKT
17 681 ₽
1 перес.S7 Airlines
21ч. 20м.DME-HKT
19 205 ₽
1 перес.S7 Airlines
19ч. 25м.DME-HKT
19 510 ₽
1 перес.Несколько компаний
16ч. 10м.IKT-HKT
19 510 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
28ч. 55м.DME-HKT
19 815 ₽
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
22ч. 55м.DME-HKT
20 882 ₽
1 перес.Уральские авиалинии
21ч. 30м.DME-HKT
21 111 ₽
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
22ч. 55м.DME-HKT
21 187 ₽
1 перес.Singapore Airlines
22ч. 55м.DME-HKT
21 263 ₽
прямойУральские авиалинии
7ч. 05м.IKT-HKT
21 873 ₽
1 перес.Etihad Airways
14ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
21 949 ₽
1 перес.Etihad Airways
14ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
22 406 ₽
1 перес.Air Astana
30ч. 55м.DME-HKT
22 635 ₽
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
14ч. 30м.VKO-HKT
22 635 ₽
1 перес.Turkish Airlines
33ч. 00м.VKO-HKT
22 711 ₽
1 перес.Air Astana
30ч. 55м.DME-HKT
23 854 ₽
9ч. 30м.SVO-HKT
28 884 ₽
1 перес.Qatar Airways
32ч. 20м.SVO-HKT
28 960 ₽
1 перес.Finnair
15ч. 15м.LED-HKT
36 200 ₽
1 перес.Emirates
23ч. 20м.LED-HKT
40 621 ₽

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Внутренние рейсы: свежие предложения

прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.BKK-HKT
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.HKT-BKK
4 649 ₽
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.BKK-HKT
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.HKT-BKK
4 725 ₽
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.BKK-HKT
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.HKT-BKK
5 411 ₽
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.BKK-HKT
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.HKT-BKK
5 716 ₽
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.BKK-HKT
прямойBangkok Airways
1ч. 30м.HKT-BKK
5 792 ₽

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Авиабилеты на Пхукет

Аэропорт назначения:

Пхукет (HKT)Таиланд

Рейсы туда-обратно:

Пхукет - Россия

Аэропорты вылета: