Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Порт-Луи – Москва Внуково


Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Порт-Луи – Москва Внуково

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Зачем нужна опция «Гибкие даты» и как именно она поможет мне найти бюджетные авиабилеты Порт-Луи — Москва Внуково на KAYAK?

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"The miss my one bad bag. All of my cloths were in that bag"

Плюсы: "Everything"

Плюсы: "the seats in couch wwere the narrowest we have experienced! Very uncomfortable and difficult to get out of"
Минусы: "Better seats and the bathrooms were incredibly small. some of the lights did not work"

Плюсы: "Crew was great! For economy class, seat was comfortable."

Плюсы: "The seats are very uncomfortable. impossible to be comfortable."

Минусы: "The seats are a little tight and I paid for a bit of a larger seat. Next time I will upgrade for more room."

Плюсы: "Crew was great."
Минусы: "On such a long flight from Dubai to Boston, the seats in coach were criminal! Way to narrow, not enough distance to seat in front of you, seats do NOT recline enough to be able to relax & get needed rest, no footrest & way overcrowded. Although the price was good, we truly suffered on this trip."

Минусы: "All was ok just didn’t sleep to well on the long 8 hour flights"

Минусы: "It took a long time to get a beverage and food"

Минусы: "Too long of a wait for "parking" after landing"

Плюсы: "The flight was not packed so I got three seats to myself to sleep. Emirates has a lot of little touches like glow in the dark stars stuck to the cabin roof."
Минусы: "Couldn’t locate the call button for flight attendants and the lines to the bathroom were long."

Плюсы: "Worried that I wouldn’t have enough on my iPad to watch, didn’t even get my iPad out of my bag so much good stuff to watch even on a 14 hour flight. Thank you."
Минусы: "Not a vegan option for dinner. But the veg option was ok just some stuff I could eat."

Плюсы: "Crew was good"
Минусы: "Delayed departure, seats were not selected properly. We were 6 were the preferred seat for one of them was window. However, they selected seats in the middle till the last before window."

Плюсы: "The entertainment selection."
Минусы: "The watermelon in the salad was almost spoiled."

Плюсы: "Crew were helpful when man sitting in front reclined his seat & knocked a full glass of orange all over my legs & seat."
Минусы: "Couldn't get boarding passes for all three flights when I checked in. Screaming kids."

Минусы: "Very poorly organized boarding"

Плюсы: "This flight was as expected from Emirates airlines, They always make sure that the crew on flights to Europe and Usa is the best."
Минусы: "Comparing this flight on Emirates airlines which is from Bahrain going to spain with the previous flight on Emirates airlines as well but was going from Bahrain to Dubai there is a huge difference starting from Time professionalism and crew treatment and captain experience on making the flight comfortable the level of everything changes my flight to Spain was very comfortable and quite and the food was delicious the crew was very helpful and polite the captain is very professional and he made us feel very comfortable in this flight smooth take of and landing."

Плюсы: "Fabulous cabin crew. Found me celery sticks for my Bloody Mary."
Минусы: "Ran out of second meal option pretty quickly."

Плюсы: "Boarding was good"
Минусы: "Peanuts !! Ban them please"

Плюсы: "Most of the staff were supportive and caring and made me feel like nothing was too much to ask."
Минусы: "I didn't realise my kid wouldn't get her own meal and I ran out of food if prepared by the last flight as we were travelling 38 hours in total. Snacks were available on request but it was just crisps so I gave her most of my meals."

Плюсы: "Food as requested: Great Entertainment:great Crew: Nice 16 hrs flight didn’t seem boring at all"

Минусы: "Upgraded to "promotional" offer for business class. It was not the full experience. No lounge access etc. Though the flight part of it was great!."

Плюсы: "Lovely flight"
Минусы: "Nothing"

Плюсы: "Entertainment Comfort"
Минусы: "Crew are very lazy and not so attentive"

Плюсы: "Spacious for the kid to walk"
Минусы: "For this flight boarding was smooth as my previous flight was late and an Emirates employee ran us through security and to this flight on time. For the people reading this review who might think my kid would have been messy or cranky on the flight so we were treated this way, that was not the case, she not even cried once or made a mess. Same as my previous flight with crew, Crew were so late in responses, my wife actually walked to their place 2 times to get milk for the baby. Also she was not served food at all when they served breakfast. We requested Hindu meal and I was served hindu meal and she was missed and when they served lunch she was told she has not requested prior to the flight and can only be served a regular meal, which she gladly accepted. Kid was not served any food again, so we gave her solid from our meal. When we requested some food for the baby she was given a banana baby food(Kid did not even eat it). Taste of the food was edible(Not great). Overall do not fly emirates with a kid"

Минусы: "Почему-то нельзя было отправить багаж с получением в Санкт-Петербурге, надо было получать его в Москве. Хотя на рейсе из Питера в Дубай мы багаж не получали в Москве."

Минусы: "crew"

Минусы: "Hard sandwhich"

Плюсы: "Overall top service."
Минусы: "A little too directive, exemplified by ordering people to pull down their window shades, for my Americans can mentality. Otherwise great!"

Минусы: "They didn’t have enough landing cards in English, the aircraft temperature inside was too cold, the staff didn’t close the curtains to the galley area and made noise and light while everyone is trying to sleep, our baggage came out last despite having priority tags and the boarding process from the lounge in Dubai with lifts was very combersome"

Плюсы: "Loved the entertainment options."
Минусы: "Food was horrible. Yuck."

Плюсы: "Everything very, very good!!!"

Плюсы: "Crew is amazing. friendly. Professional. Food is great. Comfortable seating."
Минусы: "Inflight entertainment is a little stale. More recent movies would be great."

Плюсы: "Развлечения и комфортность сидений эконом-класса"
Минусы: "грязные столовые индивидуальные приборы"

Минусы: "Staff unfriendly on Baghdad flights most of the time"

Плюсы: "food and timing services staff behavior and treats excellent"
Минусы: "pls replace drinking water bottles (small) in the place of cups"

Плюсы: "Emirates allows you to start inflight entertainment as soon as you board and are seated. That makes any wait time more enjoyable."
Минусы: "This particular flight was full. And I believe they may have been understaffed. I received my special meal but then the drink service didn't come around until most people were finished with their regular meal service. They didn't serve drinks and meals at the same time, for some reason. And the meal clean up took place way after everyone finished eating. It was an unusually long wait. This was surprising coming from an Emirates flight."

Плюсы: "Facilities and Crewe in business class were great"
Минусы: "The food was not great. The pheasant was hard and dry and my mums gluten free meals where not very appetising"

Плюсы: "The service was excellent. Plane comfort make the flight a pleasent one and less tiring."

Плюсы: "We liked the selection of movies. The stewards were extremely helpful and kind."

Плюсы: "I requested a blanket for my Son and was told there was none available....."
Минусы: "On disembarking I notice a various overhead compartments with bags full of blankets. Why was a deny a simple Blanket? This is unacceptable in an airline that praises itself to be one with the best customer services.......Bad, really bad...."

Минусы: "after the origin flight was already 12 hours late, had to wait another 8+ hours at Dubai airport for this connecting flight."

Минусы: "Departure was delayed 20 min and luggage 1 waited 1 hour !!!! I missed my next fly . Connection was 2 hours . Bad management in Emirates in Madrid"

Плюсы: "Emirates business class is excellent."
Минусы: "Cannot think of anything to complain about."

Плюсы: "So so"
Минусы: "The first flight was late by over an hour and nobody could tell us why. They also serve food once and you don't get a snack or anything--you don't even see the attendants--for another 10 hours. Then they serve breakfast close to an hour before landing. The crew is constantly telling you to sit as if you weren't allowed to use the toilet at all when the seatbelt sign is on--and it's on the whole time. So you have to be asking permission to use the toilet when you are right next to the toilet door and about to go in because they don't allow you to use it. That's not healthy for someone to hold it."

Плюсы: "Air hostesses were very polite in general I like the leg space food was delicious"
Минусы: "- crew pick wake me up to ask for my blanket 30 mins before landing - pick up head set when i had 10 mins left on the movie - did not like not having enough space to fit my hand luggage into overhead compartment for the exit seat. - need free internet - could not get online at all"

Плюсы: "I got left alone! I watched movies, and slept most the flight!"
Минусы: "Nothing in particular. I just wanted to be out of the plane asap since my "fun" incident in Maldives. Safe to say that emirates has ruined my vision of the maldives for a while."

Плюсы: "Treated superbly!"
Минусы: "Absolutely nothing."

Минусы: "Had a tough time to get a replacement ticket."

"Long trip not enough snacks for the kids , crew are not very helpful"

Плюсы: "Wide airplanes, good crew members."
Минусы: "Food is OK, but now Turkish airlines is missing vine they served in the past."

Минусы: "Too tight seatings"

Плюсы: "Very friendly crew Decent food Excellent airport"
Минусы: "List friendly check in process At the check-in counter, he falsely claimed that he couldn’t accommodate a husband and wife together. I’m sure they could’ve Done better"

Плюсы: "Chem-in"

Плюсы: "Good crew and friendly"
Минусы: "Food was not good for lunch as if it was spoiled. I knew two others that did not eat I am 6.0 and seats were tight but that is common across all airlines"

Плюсы: "comfortable plane: new, new media systems, leg room. usb to charge my phone."
Минусы: "I ordered a special meal, and I did not get it. The response I got from the crew was: 'so you refuse to take the regular meal? we will report you didn't get what you ordered'. and I stayed hungry. In general, the crew wasn't very welcoming."

Плюсы: "эта вам не бюджетные душегубки. И покормят, и места для ног побольше ..."
Минусы: "Побалтывало, но притензии к погоде :)"

Плюсы: "Все отлично."

Минусы: "Hate Anadolujet"

Плюсы: "Smooth from beginning to end Well done !"

Плюсы: "Food is really decent in economy. Good portions and variety."
Минусы: "Leg room seems tight compared to other airlines."

Плюсы: "The flight from Dubai was fine. I am not a big fan of Dubai but their check-in and boarding process is efficient and straight forward."
Минусы: "The food on this short flight was not very good and looked liked it had some age to it. I chose not to eat it."

Минусы: "They lost my baggage. The in-flight crew and food is excellent, ground support is not good."

Плюсы: "."

Плюсы: "Еда, как всегда супер"
Минусы: "1. Было очень холодно 2. Платные места повышенной комфортности, оказались некомфортными, потому что всё время туда сюда ходил экипаж и невозможно было спать."

Плюсы: "Все"

Плюсы: "Все"

Плюсы: "Liked everything about it new planes good food on time excellent crew"

Плюсы: "Все"

Плюсы: "Все отлично!!"

Минусы: "Питание - ешь чего дадут. И нне вкусно."

Плюсы: "Every thing was excellent"

Плюсы: "Unlimited booze. Tons of movies. Classy airline"

Плюсы: "Ничего"
Минусы: "В связи с задержкой в аэропорту вылета мы не успели на пересадочный рейс. Авиакомпания предложила места в самом конце самолета на рейс через 9 часов. Ни upgrade, ни нормального размещения, только скудные ваучеры на питание. Замечу что задержка рейса целиком и полностью была на совести авиакомпании."

Минусы: "Entertainment system not operational"

Плюсы: "Typical short business class. Quality was still nice. Room to spread out and crew was accommodating"
Минусы: "No priority boarding for business. And still no beverage service before take off (alcohol)."

Плюсы: "Очень комфортное размещение - расстояние между креслами на порядок лучше, чем у аэрофлота. Питание понравилось - вкусно и большой выбор напитков - даже домашний лимонад предлагали (!) Я сидел рядом с отсеком проводников - когда кофе заваривали - аромат потрясающий по салону поплыл. Для самолетной кухни очень достойно. Видеосистема отличная - экран крупный, изображение качественное, наушники удобные. Фильмы, правда, только на турецком и английском. Посадка в Тайване была очень мягкая."
Минусы: "Полет долгий и, видимо, проводники подустали. Напитками, не очень часто баловали. Придираюсь :)"

Плюсы: "рейс задержали на 20 мин, но в Стамбул прибыли по расписанию. Удобно сидеть, отличное питание, приветливые бортпроводницы."
Минусы: "все было хорошо"

Плюсы: "Good"
Минусы: "Good"

Плюсы: "Кормят неплохо, как для самолета. Хороший выбор напитков. Чай заварен по-турецки, а не из пакетиков. И самолеты у них все достаточно новые. С развлекательным центром на каждом сиденье. Фильмы, музыка, игры. Но русский язык только в меню :) Фильмы все на турецком и английском."
Минусы: "Гейты 300-312, с которых идет посадка на Тбилиси – как колхозное поле. Просто все и всё на куче: очереди на посадку в перемешку с креслами для ожидания, магазинами. Внятных проходов просто нет. При этом 200-е и 700-е гейты у них очень удобно оборудованы. По расписанию посадка не началась. Вместо начала посадки один из сотрудников начал ходить среди толпы пассажиров и сверять паспорта с посадочными. Если все ок, то ставил штампик на посадочный. Приятно, конечно, что позаботились об экономии времени на проверку. Но организация процесса шокирует :) В самолете поддерживали температуру холодильника. Попросил стюардессу добавить тепла - покивала и поулыбалась, но теплее не стало. Реально пришлось в верхней одежде сидеть."

Минусы: "В салоне была жара, градусов 28. При этом рейс полностью загружен. Легко представить набор запахов через полчаса. На следующем рейсе это компенсировали - летели как в холодильнике :)"

Плюсы: "Boarding was completed very quickly. Flight arrived on time"
Минусы: "Screens were very small Issue with with overhead space"

Плюсы: "good flight"
Минусы: "na"

Плюсы: "Все организованно на хорошем уровне, без задержек, хорошее питание, дружелюбный и отзывчивый персонал."

Плюсы: "Рейс был без задержек, самолет не самый новый, но все понравилось. Питание отличное."
Минусы: "Бортпроводники были не оч. улыбчивыми, но хамства не было"

Минусы: "No space"

Плюсы: "мне нравится все кроме того что заранее до выхода в Стамбул неизвестен номер gate для полёта в в Одессу. В результате большая нервозность и много времени тратится на поиск этого номера, а потом -- бег чтобы успеть достигнуть место посадки вовремя."

Минусы: "Very Bed earing headset."

Плюсы: "On time Good service Just excellent It's first time for me with turkish airline but I love it"
Минусы: "No thing"

Плюсы: "Food was good. Entertainment worked."
Минусы: "I booked a window seat but the seat I got had now window. I couldn't do online check-in."

Минусы: "Internet"

Минусы: "Could not order my special meal in advance, because of turkish airlines website problems, and ended up fasting"

Плюсы: "Nice to have food on such a short flight."
Минусы: "No USB charging outlet."

Минусы: "Hardly any leg space"

Минусы: "Yes, everything was really good"

Плюсы: "We boarded on time, very well run, the food was great, great movie choice"
Минусы: "The seats could use upgrading. I've flown aturkish quite a bit. Some planes have comfy seats, some are very still"

Плюсы: "I like the flight and the crew on board . The airplane was comfortable and the entertainment on the plane was great."
Минусы: "I didn't like all the miscommunication at the airport due to cancelled flights. I spent two days in atlanta as well as three days in the istanbul airport. Out of two weeks of vacation I ended up spender at least six of them b in the airport. Istanbul was total chaos. I understand that the weather was a major factor but the Turkish employees should be better trained in how to handle such crisis and be able to better direct people were to go. Having to pay out of pocket m ok Neyland for food at the airport was ridiculous."

Плюсы: "Nice little commuter plane from one destination to another. Nothing particular fancy or negative to say other than a good charter plane to get to your layover for the final flight back home."

Плюсы: "The entertainment options, food, toiletry bag"
Минусы: "Stuardess service is very poor. For a 13 hour flight I would expect to have more than 2 beverage visits. Also, I ended up taking my requests to a first class stuardress since the ladies in coach didn't respond to me. I was also appalled to have my connecting flight delayed for over 24 hours without proper notification."

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