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Минусы: "Hi, Pliz sort out the menu,the food was rubbish."
Подробнее об а/к British Airways
Минусы: "Hi, Pliz sort out the menu,the food was rubbish."
Плюсы: "Short flight"
Плюсы: "Amy was absolutely amazing! She was attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly! One of the best flight attendants l have ever met."
Минусы: "The seats are small as it is. Putting boxes under the front seats hurts after a few hours ... whoever designs this should be forced to fly long-howls himself"
Плюсы: "Separate lines for boarding"
Минусы: "No transfer or ticket agents to be found to change/upgrade flight."
Плюсы: "No"
Минусы: "Baby sharing seat with parent was very crowded"
Плюсы: "Nice friendly crew, happened to mention it was our anniversary and they kindly presented us with a glass of champagne from the posh end!"
Минусы: "A plane made any year after 1990... Last minute flight switch caused great discomfort and VERY narrow seats"
Плюсы: "LCY very efficient baggage drop, flight arrived ahead of schedule"
Минусы: "Initial delay and then take off delay because slot time had not been updated. Our family missed connections. Disaster follow up in terminal!!! So far far we have been over six hours from check in and are still not through immigration. This for an hour flight."
Плюсы: "Crew was friendly and professional, food was quite good as far as airlines go, chicken korma not bad at all."
Минусы: "The premium economy seats are hard, and you really notice that on a long-haul flight. It was at least spacious and offered a reasonable degree of recline. WiFi was expensive and unreliable."
Минусы: "The people handling the boarding were rude and inefficient. Not a way to staty an 11 hour flight."
Плюсы: "Pasta or rice for lunch, ice cream, pizza."
Плюсы: "Boeing 777 seating is comfortable, other is not so much."
Плюсы: "I like everything."
Плюсы: "Polite and helpful crew members."
Минусы: "N\A"
Минусы: "Flight was over hour and a half late. Flight attendant forgot about me and my drink order on board. They didn’t pick up the trash we had to ask for it. Gate wasn’t ready upon arrival"
Минусы: "Separating me from my party to extort a fee to sit next to each other"
Плюсы: "Everything was wonderful. Staff was courteous, plane was great, food on the flight was exceptional. Compared to Icelandair, this was a dream!"
Минусы: "N/A"
Плюсы: "This is my first and last time taking British Airways. When I was boarding the flight. The flight attendant literally stood in the aisle in front of me talking to a patron. Instead of moving into the empty seat and letting the rest of us move to our seat. He refused and ignored us. As we waited,the captain made a brash announcement and the plane started moving. Twenty patrons included me were not seated. I never had a plane move when we were not seated. I have to squeeze by flight attendant to get into my seat. No courtesy. He didn’t care about me at all. I had a carry on and a baggage. How could he not care about the rest of the people who was standing Experience. To make it worst, I got sick from the pasta and spent to hours with stomach cramps, heats sweats, and nauseous. Will never do again."
Минусы: "They have the most inefficient boarding pass that literally turns into a mob madness."
Минусы: "It was a smaller aircraft than the one on the way there. So a lot more cramped. And it was SO HOT. I dont know why they give blankets when they keep it so hot. I thought I was going to lose it."
Плюсы: "The crew was considerate in taking care of children with families and assigning new upgraded seats to those adults who were looking for sleep and quiet. They were also helpful in getting me a special gluten free meal even though I did not order it in advance."
Плюсы: "Customer service was awesome"
Плюсы: "Food was better than I thought it was going to be (not that I have enormous expectations for airline food, but it was quite good)."
Минусы: "Economy class is cramped, and it was a packed flight. Obviously, this is not a BA-only issue. It may have been me in my dehydrated state, but the cabin was also quite a bit warm."
Минусы: "Very lethargic service and no serving of snacks in between meals"
Плюсы: "Crew were lovely, although they never came back to do a second drink service and didn’t answer call button, so anyone in PE had to walk back through Coach to get a drink. Not great. Food was tasty."
Минусы: "Premium Economy barely worth it and not as advertised - no amenity kit, in flight service identical to Coach (except for upgraded meal), seat super uncomfortable with an awkward footrest and a non working headrest."
Плюсы: "Great cabin crew"
Минусы: "20 minutes "to reposition the gate to make it safer for exitong the airplane" - sounds like nonsense to me. No meal - and that really is nonsense."
Плюсы: "Flight was over all comfortable."
Минусы: "No snacks were provided."
Плюсы: "The trip was short flight and on time"
Минусы: "Сотрудники компании посчитали, что они умнее всех и раз они не видели такой документ - значит не посадят на самолёт. Все планы на день и неделю пошли насмарку. Спасибо другой авиакомпании, которая прежде что либо говорить, позвонила в иммиграционную службу и выяснилось, что никаких проблем с документами нет. Поэтому аккуратнее с этой компанией."
Минусы: "no free dinks, including paid coffee, tea... I think it's ok. to pay for drinks, but not regular coffee, tea and water even it's short flight"
Плюсы: "Very rapid flight. Landed far before scheduled arrival(at least 25 minutes). Checked baggage was delivered before schedule arrival time. Crew was pleasant/helpful."
Минусы: "Flight was changed from what was originally scheduled and purchased. I was informed of the change after the purchase before traveling. Thus I had 4 1/2 hours between flights."
Плюсы: "NA"
Минусы: "The transfer from T5 to T3 was chaotic. Queues to join queues to get the transfer bus. People were getting caught on a moving escalator because the crowd in front had nowhere they could go to make room. Extremely dangerous! It took longer to get from T5 to T3 than it did to get from Dublin to London. Boarding in T3 for the flight to Denver was almost as bad. Bodies everywhere, no organisation and no help. Then the aircraft itself was so old with uncomfortable seats and an almost unwatchable screen. I will never transit through LHR again."
Минусы: "We had to go back to philadelphia after flying for 2.5hoyrs, landing at Bangor, waiting for the maintenance team to figure out the problem. We then had to wait for another flight for 4h before being able to go to paris.."
Плюсы: "I made it finally to Prague."
Минусы: "British Airways did not have a plane available in timely manner. They were jerking us around with the departure time. They changed the departure time over 6x. The range was zero to 3 hours late. Finally, we departed about 80 minutes late. The blame was on weather but I did not believe them. I looked from the window - weather was fine with slight drizzle and about 3000 ft overcast. Also, the flight to Prague had no food but mostly no drinks no sodas. I'm questioning their business practices when they were asking about 5 pounds for a drink. I will fly with some other airlines next time."
Минусы: "Poor food, poor movie choises"
Плюсы: "Boarding was swift and timely, seats ok"
Минусы: "There was an engine problem and they told us while we were taxiing. Went back for more check nd fierce several trials they had to repair the problem. This cause a delay of two hour during which we had to sit in the plane and no drinks or snacks of any kind were offered. But what’s worse there were vague, confused and misleading information given both by the captain and the crew regarding the connecting flights. As matter of fact, although I arrived with a two hour delay and had only one hour for my connection, I followed the instructions and run like hell(literally)to the boarding gate. I made it for a few minutes. The personnel was very friendly and helpful and they made all they could to check me on the flight just to find out BA had cancelled my booking even before my arrival to London. I made it home and they apologized but this is not how I expected BA to handle a delay(which I understand can happen)."
Плюсы: "Attention"
Минусы: "I was not allowed to board, because I was told I needed a Turkish Visa, even to change planes, and may have lost my ticket payment."
Плюсы: "The entertainment on the plane was plentiful. The overall comfort was superb. The staff was very kind."
Минусы: "Everything was pretty enjoyable, however, the food really needs to step up. The food at business class lounge and on the plane were below average comparatively to other airlines and their business class offerings."
Минусы: "This was a 3.5 hour flight and the only food offered was an egg and onion sandwich. Pathetic."
Плюсы: "Ковровые и заботливые стюардессы"
Плюсы: "Ковровые и заботливые стюардессы"
Плюсы: "Everything was on time."
Минусы: "It is a very good flight i seen. The flight was timely. Landing was very good."
Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Didn't serve two meals despite the price; uncomfortable seats (seated right behind the bathroom); being offered a drink was few and far between; and we have two wait over two hours due to a delay at our layover city because of BA system failures"
Плюсы: "Arriving safely."
Минусы: "The temperature was annoyingly hot on board."
Плюсы: "Arriving safely."
Минусы: "The temperature was annoyingly hot on board."
Плюсы: "Everything was good on this flight. The staff were excellent, very professional, and were very helpful. When they heard about our plight at LHR Term. 5 when connecting to this flight, they were very considerate and offered to send in a report (still waiting for the result of this, no contact yet 6 days later). Again, the luggage space and lie-flat seats (Club World) and meals (except my gluten-free meal) were very good, as was entertainment and cleanliness of the plane and lavs. This flight was supposed to be delayed by two hours, but in the end, they managed to take off at the originally scheduled time. More good news: the flight was smooth and arrived on time and most importantly, safely. Luggage arrived quickly and in good condition on the carousel. BA is really good!"
Минусы: "Lavs: Lavs were clean, which is always good, but there was no red/green availability lights on this aircraft, those would be helpful."
Плюсы: "ALL crew members were attentive, courteous, pleasant, and welcoming. Food & entertainment was better than other US based airlines. I'd definitely consider flying with BA again via Transatlantic route."
Плюсы: "Efficient staff, quick boarding of passengers, staff went the extra mile to verifiy that my puppy was safely being transferred from another British air plane and then I watched through the window as he was boarded on my flight to AMS. Caring employees directed my attention out the window, prior to me boarding. A happy sight watching my puppy boarding my plane. Comforting!"

same as before

Плюсы: "Food service was very good - and the crew kept going even after we hit turbulence. I'd already been served, but I know from past experience with other airlines that there's nothing worse than smelling the hot food and being told that service is being discontinued,,,,while you're now hungry"
Минусы: "Lisbon airport was stressful, perhaps more guidance before releasing us into the melee. I found an Air Portugal email about Lisbon Airport just now"
Плюсы: "The crew."
Минусы: "Fake marketing! They said it will be some snacks for economyXtra, and then 2 hours before the flight sending an email saying that the snakes will be charged! Disappointed!"
Плюсы: "The crew was super nice. Everything went smoothly."
Минусы: "My gluten free meal had a carrot cake... the first ingredient was Wheat! If you have any type of allergy do not trust their food!"
Плюсы: "It was one of my best flight"
Минусы: "Everything is perfect"
Минусы: "Ok, it's TAP, it's a bargain, but the "breakfast" was a pitiful piece of meat on a stale piece of bread"
Плюсы: "Great flight"
Минусы: "All great"
Плюсы: "Great food!"
Плюсы: "Very friendly crew, nice plane"
Минусы: "Very expensive extras like seats and luggage"
Минусы: "The plane was delayed 20 minutes, then another 20 minutes, then another 20 minutes, ended up leaving over an hour late"
Плюсы: "Great crew. That’s about it."
Минусы: "Absolutely horrible business class on the A330-343. Honestly, they should be ashamed of flying this airplane. They have four of these from Singapore Airlines and of course on both flights I was unlucky enough to get stuck with it. The cabin looks horribly outdated, is worn out, and smells."
Минусы: "The Airbus 330 is onder Verizon with classic beats with less place and pedals. Also the personal screens are far outdated"
Минусы: "A little too warm but not unbearable. We paid extra for seats together but did not get to pick them. We would have preferred a window but were in the middle 2 of 4."
Плюсы: "In time. Plane half full. Perfect."
Плюсы: "Nice paid business class upgrade"
Минусы: "Seat 1F gets hit quite often during service"
Минусы: "Boarding took longer than expected. Flight was delayed then was delayed a second time once everyone was boarded. Smaller plane than the usual TAP planes, but okay flight."
Минусы: "My luggage did not make it to Florence from Lisbon. Very unhappy about that."
Плюсы: "Easy to get on board"
Минусы: "Just it was delayed"
Минусы: "Tap changed the times on my original flight from Portugal to Rome then changed the times from my first flight from Boston to Portugal making it impossible to connect from Portugal to Rome.both flights were tap airlines. We were charged 462.00 extra to take the next flight out 3hours later. We were charged twice for the same flight from Portugal to Rome. It was not our fault that we could not connect in Portugal, every other airlines would make resonable accommodations with out any extra charge. We both feel cheated by tap airlines and it made our vacation very stressful trying to resolve the double charge. It has not been resolved as of yet and we our very disappointed on how we were treated. can’t get anything other than the blame being passed around."
Плюсы: "Nice crew, tasty snack, new plane with comfortable seats"
Минусы: "Huge bag charge for anything over 8 kg! Sign said last call 40 min before flight when agent told us to check board 30 min before flight for gate assignment!"
Плюсы: "Friendliness of ground and cabin crew"
Минусы: "2 hour delay, but nobody at Manchester Airport Kept us indormend. Food on aircraft was poor (basically a coleslaw sandwich). Long drive from plane to terminal. Bags took forever to come"
Минусы: "Book wheelchair assistance for flight, all went well. At destination Lisbon, no wheelchair no assistance very poor service."
Плюсы: "overall good service; seats are full recline leaning type, which isn't the most comfortable solution, but ok."
Минусы: "TAP connecting flight was three hours late"
Плюсы: "Flight was only 15 minutes late"
Минусы: "Food and drink (esp. non-alcoholic) is terrible. Not offering a vegetarian option - even on short haul - is ridiculous in the 21st century."
Минусы: "Seats are very tight had more room on earlier jet blue flight"
Плюсы: "2 meals, headphones, blanket and pillow all included. Flight was good - but being hit with surprise bag fees was not appreciated. (Was not notified at the time of booking)"
Минусы: "Was charged $92 USD per checked bag at airport. Very displeased."
Плюсы: "I was on a 7 hour flight and the TAP airline service was very good. I had requested a vegan meal and they were able to accommodate me with no problem. Also they had a great selection of movies."
Минусы: "I didn’t like that all the soap dispensers in both bathrooms were empty the whole flight. But good thing for the wet naps they offered and antibacterial I had in my purse."
Плюсы: "I liked the foot rests and leg room. The gluten-free meal was wonderful."
Минусы: "Although I had a delicious gluten-free dinner roll with the main meal, I was served a soggy rice cracker for breakfast. Why not another roll?"
Плюсы: "Very friendly personnel at gate."
Минусы: "Arrogant crew. Hid in galley behind curtain for most of the flight. For several hours not even the offer of a cup of water! No possibility to charge electronics in economy class. Charge of $ 75.00 for first bag on an international flight?!? We're not talking about a budget airline, but THE airline of Portugal!"
Плюсы: "People were very nice that worked on the flight. Smooth flight."
Минусы: "Seats were hard as a rock"
Плюсы: "Best flight I have ever taken. Hands down"
Плюсы: "Not much"
Минусы: "Long flight uncomfortable seats"
Плюсы: "Good entertainment system"
Минусы: "Flight crew could have been more polite"
Плюсы: "Plane didn't crash"
Минусы: "Customer service on TAP IS TERIBLE. Employees are apethetic and useless. Don't fly this airline ever"
Плюсы: "The crew was exceptional. Very, very friendly and professional. It stood out."
Минусы: "The airplane was pretty old and it's time for a makeover."
Плюсы: "Price"
Минусы: "First flight was delayed by just a half an hour and we arrived in Portugal. We had a connecting flight to AMS with also TAP and had a two hour window to make the next flight with the same company (TAP). We were in line for passport and then security and talked to several TAP employees and they said we would be have time and wouldn't have a problem catching the second flight. Well, we got through the lines with 30 min before our next flight and they wouldn't let us on. Customer service and organization of the airline is really poor. The aircraft had minimal room and no entertainment. We got on our next flight five hours later and all they gave us was a $10 food voucher. So poorly managed."
Плюсы: "Price"
Минусы: "Carrying your luggage downstairs is crazy. And then taking a crammed bus to board the plane -- seems very 1960's"
Плюсы: "They fed us and provided good entertainment. Seats have plenty of room and are comfortable."
Плюсы: "lots of food and drink"
Плюсы: "Meal was good."
Минусы: "Service was poor, the seat was not comfortable."
Плюсы: "They served a sandwich."
Минусы: "I flew TAP in sept 2016. It was full service invoked TAP again because of this and then had to pay for a small checked bag at the airport. Also there were a lot of sick people on this flight. Two people near me theew up."
Плюсы: "The flight was great the crew members were excellent and help ful the food was great"
Минусы: "They keep us inside the bus trapped for more than 20 min, before boarding, very bad experience."
Плюсы: "Everything ran as expected or better. Great plane, crew, entertainment, and food. We will definitely fly TAP again."
Минусы: "I'm vegetarian and I can't chose the option when I made the checkin"
Минусы: "Connecting flight cancelled"
Минусы: "This airline consistently overbooks all of their flights. I bought my ticket 3 months prior and checked in 10 hours beforehand and was put on standby along with 5 others in the same situation. When we spoke to the TAP people at the gate they proceeded to tell us that they are used to this and it happens on every flight!!!!! I cannot believe that their is an airline that is so greedy that they purposely overbook their flights! It almost ruined our entire trip because we almost missed two connection flights and they did not care at all."
Плюсы: "The best thing was the attention and kindness of the crew on board: Excellent! Although I do have some complaints, I would say Tap is a quite good airline that should improve some aspects."
Минусы: "The boarding in Lisbon was not efficient. It took a lot of time to get people on the plane and the land personnel in charge were not nice at all. I would even say very bad humoured! Plus the majority of passengers were kept standing for a very long time before entering the lounge at the gate because even though it was full of empty seats we were not allowed to enter the area. The food was not good and the entertainment system on board needs a refreshment to modernise it."
Плюсы: "Again, the crew was delightful!"
Минусы: "Customer service to get a veggie option on the flight was really hard to work with. We did get veggie options but they were not very good at all. Movie selection is terrible, but the screen worked a little better, more leg room on this flight than the flight to Lisbon."
Плюсы: "Good service and a very kind attention"
Минусы: "Food is not good"
Минусы: "The flight was delayed for approximately 3 hours for mechanical problems."
Плюсы: "The crew was nice!"
Минусы: "Just a small plane, subject to turbulence. Not much that can be done, though if they ever redo the seats for a little more cushioning, that would be nice."
Плюсы: "Fast wi fi and decent selection of in flight stuff on devices. Landed early!"
Минусы: "Flight was delayed"
Минусы: "I was sitting two rows from the bathroom and the entire time the bathroom reeked of urine. It was unbearable."
Плюсы: "Nothing really- we were on the tarmac for an hour for a flight that was 46 minutes!"
Минусы: "An on time departure- and a better / bigger aircraft."
Минусы: "I had a very large man in the middle seat next to me. I was in the window seat. He leaked over into my seat which made it very uncomfortable especially when he fell asleep. I know the airlines can't do anything about this but he should pay for a larger seat."
Плюсы: "Did not really like it."
Минусы: "More communication from the boarding staff. The delays kept increasing. Due to weather, we were delayed 4 hrs. They only decided to accommodate everyone with water and snacks 3 hrs into the delay."
Плюсы: "Pilot spoke with confidence and crew handled delay will"
Минусы: "options for new rider poor"
Плюсы: "We landed in NYC -- although it was first announced as Dulles."
Минусы: "This flight was on Canadian Air under the auspices of United. I was not allowed into the United Club lounge despite the fact that I had business class ticket. I was informed that a business class ticket isn't sufficient for using the lounge when flying domestic. It is only good when flying international. They call that customer service. I generally avoid domestic airlines because of the customer service. The flight attendants were not happy to serve you. It's a small flight but they didn't even offer a snack -- you had to ask for it. And then they brought over a small basket with nuts, chips, candy bars, and a muffin. I took a muffin and it stuck to the roof of my mouth -- very poor quality. When I asked for a snack the flight attendant replied cocktail or soft drink never saying whether or not a snack was available.. She said this a couple of times before I could repeat that I wanted a snack to which she replied you want something to drink with that. I've been on many short flights in Asia and they will deliver a full meal and you don't have to ask for it. There was no entertainment but United did send an email explaining how I could purchase entertainment to play on my own device."
Минусы: "We were forced to use another airline and we landed in NYC about 5 hours later."
Плюсы: "The flight time was short"
Минусы: "Cabin crew seemed cold and distracted I was done of the last to board because I came off a connecting flight. And I was made to check my carry-on at the gate, however when I boarded the plane I saw plenty of overhead room. The carry-on bag that I had to check was scoffed."
Плюсы: "I liked that I got to my destination safely"
Минусы: "You offer WiFi that doesn’t work and expect coustomers to pay for movies but don’t have headphones for sale. The flight attendants on both flights were rude"
Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Pilot admitted error. They did not even know what was going on. 3 hours late due to last min maintenance after the plane had been on the ground since last night. No supervisor came even though we asked the captain to contact one. We were ignored. Total clusterfuck. Pilot was courteous and professional but front desk was Frazzled and incompetent. We were hugely inconvenienced and missed our obligations with no offer of compensation. Then when we finally get on the plane they kick us off!!!!!!!!!! Now they are saying a 630 departure for a 2 pm flight. This is beyond acceptable and I am about to call the local news and am sending them video of your gross incompetence. I want to be contacted at 815-527-1935 immediately. My time is valuable and no part of this delay is acceptable. I want full flight vouchers for this debacle"
Плюсы: "Отличный самолёт, сервис - вполне, развлечения отлично - большой выбор интересных фильмов."
Минусы: "Если не повлияло 1 января, если аэропорт Newark всегда так загружен, то это - ужас! Я с двумя дочками 8 и 12 лет приехала за 1 час 40 минут, летела из этого аэропорта впервые, выстояли очереди на оформление багажа, check-in и потом в зал, где начались очереди на паспортный и пограничный контроль. Мой багаж отправили на детальный осмотр, как потом оказалось, из-за обычного ноутбука. Передо мной сотрудница то ли таможни, то ли пограничница, изучала багаж такого же человека 20 минут, и по мере моих просьб только замедляла скорость. На мои просьбы о том, что началась регистрация на рейс, что осталось 25, 20 и в итоге 10 минут до вылета !!!!она ответила только: «Не мешайте мне делать мою работу». Дети мои пережили мамин стрес и наблюдали мои отчаянные попытки взять себя в руки. Рядом в истерике билась ещё одна такая же, как я. За 10 минут до вылета нас, наконец, пропустили, стараниями ее коллеги, который меня пожалел. все это время мы бежали к нашему Гейту, который оказался в другом конце терминала. Это был адский ад. Сам полет был вполне хорош, если не считать того, что по прилету в Киев мы не досчитались чемодана младшей Ани, его потеряли на пересадке в Мюнхене. Слава Богу, сообщили только что, что вроде нашёлся, прилетит на следующий день, ждём. 2018 год для нас начался с большого стресса!"
Плюсы: "On time departure and arrival"
Минусы: "You better get rid of basic economy."
Плюсы: "The crew The entertainment options The power options The drinks"
Минусы: "10 minutes earlier and the food would have been better. Then again, 10 minutes earlier and wouldn’t have made flight."
Плюсы: "Air Canada seats were much more comfortable than the United flight seats."
Минусы: "I had to leave the terminal and pass through security again. United did not let me reserve my seat on Air Canada. They did not even tell me where my connecting flight could be found."
Минусы: "NA"
Минусы: "Самолёт лететь 3 с лишним часа, но не дали еды ни разу. Америка могла бы быть на уровне..."
Плюсы: "Despite delay, flight arrived at gate on time."
Минусы: "Insufficient meals available for the passengers. Flight time was moved back twice and then up. It can really cause problems for people when departure times are moved up. In flight programs were good but no headphones provided. Good thing we brought some!"
Плюсы: "Seats"
Минусы: "Very narrow seats"
Плюсы: "Shuttle helped me get to where I needed to go which was great because I am disabled. Flight attendants were nice."
Минусы: "Didn't put my bag on the conveyor right and instead of being explicit as to what was wrong, the TSA officer just kept yelling at me I was doing things wrong and I was holding everything up. Could have been so much more pleasant. Also give wrong data a couple of times but got through it ok."
Минусы: "Both flights were delayed, and was charged a $200 oversized baggage fee for a bag that actually isn't oversized according to the measurements on the United website"
Плюсы: "Seat was ok in stiffness and padding"
Минусы: "Don't like sitting with my knees propped on the seat in front of me when I'm only 6' tall. feel like you could give a touch of extra legroom for times like when you want something out of your bag crammed below the seat and you have to jar your neck sideways to reach it and try not to be in your neighbors lap while doing it."
Плюсы: "It was running on time."
Минусы: "The seats were super tiny and cramped! I paid for wifi and had to keep refreshing the whole time and it never really worked at all. I was sort of banking on using that flight to work and now I am late on some deadlines."
Плюсы: "We had a four hour delay. Absolutely no reason given. Even the the guys at the counter admitted they didn't know why the plane was delayed. And best yet, neither did the pilot. Customer service was great at the airport. But the airline itself was pathetic."
Минусы: "We had a four hour delay. Absolutely no reason given. Even the the guys at the counter admitted they didn't know why the plane was delayed. And best yet, neither did the pilot. Customer service was great at the airport. But the airline itself was pathetic."
Плюсы: "everything's awesome"
Минусы: "economy seats so small. also can't even access flight maps if you don't buy the directv package."
Плюсы: "Nice comfortable seating. Fell straight to sleep"
Минусы: "Nothing"
Плюсы: "Fast boarding, smooth flight, almost on time landing despite light snow in NY, flight was not full which was a big plus, there was enough room in overhead bins thanks to fewer passengers on board, bigger than average built in seats monitors"
Минусы: "Direct TV too expensive, no other entertainment option"
Минусы: "The air hostess were horrible!! It felt like they didn't know what they were doing. We sat for hours. I had a messages that the fight was delayed before they announced it. The first gate cancellation was never announced. New passengers boarded and it was a free for all . Those passengers lied about seating and pushed their way on. We believed them until one said that United offered them an earlier flight and choice of seating."
Плюсы: "I like that after my 1st flight was cancelled, they booked me on another flight that is so delayed I'm still waiting at the airport!"
Минусы: "I'm still waiting at the airport"
Плюсы: "The seats were much more comfortable than the regional jet and I was able to get some rest."
Минусы: "N/A"
Плюсы: "The comfy seats"
Минусы: "The fact that I had to pay to watch tv. Maybe people should have to pay for movies, but not for watching tv. Flights and till we takeoff can take a while. It would be nice to have some free entertainment. The plane was very hot when we were boarding."
Плюсы: "Captain personally kept us updated on the situation concerning the delay due to mechanical problems"
Минусы: "Reassurance about what would happen if a replacement aircraft could not be found should be provided up front."
Плюсы: "Comfortable seats and lots of leg room. I was not crowded at all. It was so nice to not feel cramped and to have plenty of room around me. It was one of the most comfortable flights I have experienced in years!"
Минусы: "The flight attendants were disrespectful to not only me but to other passengers. They were not attentive! The plane was dirty."
Минусы: "UAL announced one hour delay due to no plane availability which I could understand after an early day thunderstorm. But shortly after, I received a text from (booking) announcing delay moved to 30 mins and boarding had started. Thank goodness for"
Плюсы: "Boarding was well organized. Crew was great."
Минусы: "Magazine was old with torn out pages including the inflight food list. Connecting to the in-flight entertainment system on my Apple Mac was confusing and took too long -- it could have been explained better vis-a-vis browser caveats, etc. -- which is too bad because I found a movie I wanted to watch but missed the end as it had taken so long to load the proper software. Seats were too small and cramped."
Минусы: "I spent 4 hours waiting for a connecting flight the scheduled wait was 45 min"
Минусы: "The only snack available was a mix that had dairy. Other airlines, like JetBlue not only have a selection from which to choose, but at least one option is vegan."
Минусы: "Bad"
Плюсы: "It was also 2 hours late."
Минусы: "The crew was very rude and argued with me for not saying thank you to him after he gave me water. I had actually said Thank you but he didn't hear it. I don't mind saying it again."
Минусы: "Some inspector idiot decided that the exterior cover stickers weren't "up to code" literally half an hour before my flight, delaying us 2 hours. I got onto a different flight at the last second, then the same thing happened to that plane. Brilliant on their parts. I almost lost a job interview thanks to your people."
Плюсы: "Nothing."
Минусы: "Wobbly takeoff from Denver, then an aborted landing at LGA, I won't be flying United again anytime soon."
Плюсы: "Quick, pleasant, & timely"
Минусы: "Flight attendant asked if my boyfriend was my son, then went from son to husband to friend. I told her boyfriend. We are 2 years apart in age. Flight attendant was pleasant but she should have just kept her mouth shut if she was unsure. Our relationship status is none of her business. She meant well & is pleasant bur I was on call before & did look tired. Asking if my boyfriend was my son did not help the situation."
Минусы: "There was confusion on where to go check luggage and what duty free items could be carried on board."
Плюсы: "The flight was short"
Минусы: "The flight was short so no entertainment was needed. After the nightmarish flight I had just endured it felt like first class accommodations."
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Меры безопасности на рейсах Москва Домодедово – Нью-Йорк ЛаГардия

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2 перес.British Airways
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2 перес.United Airlines
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2 перес.United Airlines
34ч. 31м.LGA-DME
38 334 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
41ч. 14м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
15ч. 28м.LGA-DME
38 563 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
40ч. 00м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
35ч. 51м.LGA-DME
39 020 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
19ч. 54м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
21ч. 00м.LGA-DME
39 401 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
37ч. 05м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
23ч. 25м.LGA-DME
39 630 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 04м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
21ч. 00м.LGA-DME
39 859 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
40ч. 05м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
26ч. 45м.LGA-DME
39 935 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
19ч. 29м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
19ч. 13м.LGA-DME
40 011 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
22ч. 51м.DME-LGA
2 перес.Несколько компаний
20ч. 25м.LGA-DME
40 163 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
18ч. 09м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
18ч. 00м.LGA-DME
40 316 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 00м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
17ч. 51м.LGA-DME
40 468 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
19ч. 54м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
16ч. 30м.LGA-DME
40 697 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
19ч. 29м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
19ч. 05м.LGA-DME
40 773 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 08м.DME-LGA
2 перес.United Airlines
23ч. 20м.LGA-DME
40 849 ₽
2 перес.British Airways
19ч. 30м.DME-LGA
2 перес.British Airways
17ч. 45м.LGA-DME
41 535 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
19ч. 00м.DME-LGA
2 перес.Несколько компаний
19ч. 35м.LGA-DME
42 221 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
20ч. 00м.DME-LGA
2 перес.Несколько компаний
14ч. 26м.LGA-DME
42 602 ₽

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2 перес.Несколько компаний
34ч. 09м.DME-LGA
22 254 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
35ч. 04м.DME-LGA
24 464 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 30м.DME-LGA
24 540 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
22ч. 02м.DME-LGA
24 769 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 00м.DME-LGA
24 845 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 14м.DME-LGA
24 921 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 08м.DME-LGA
25 226 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
23ч. 13м.DME-LGA
29 037 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
18ч. 09м.DME-LGA
29 189 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
18ч. 03м.DME-LGA
30 104 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
20ч. 08м.DME-LGA
30 485 ₽
2 перес.United Airlines
21ч. 24м.DME-LGA
30 789 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
15ч. 47м.DME-LGA
34 448 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
15ч. 47м.DME-LGA
34 676 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
15ч. 47м.DME-LGA
36 734 ₽
2 перес.Несколько компаний
19ч. 29м.DME-LGA
37 191 ₽
3 перес.Несколько компаний
34ч. 55м.DME-LGA
39 935 ₽
30ч. 50м.DME-LGA
40 468 ₽
3 перес.Несколько компаний
22ч. 02м.DME-LGA
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