Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Брюссель – Иркутск


Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Брюссель – Иркутск

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майЕсли вы хотите избежать наплыва туристов, это лучшее время. Плюс цены падают на 8%.

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июльПериод самого высокого спроса и роста цен, в среднем на 16%.

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  • Высоким сезоном считаются июнь, июль и август. Самый выгодный месяц для перелета — май.

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Меня интересует Иркутск. Можно ли сейчас туда улететь? Есть ли какие-то ограничения по направлению Иркутск?

Иркутск сейчас разрешает въезд без ограничений и самоизоляции?

Моя цель — Иркутск. Мне нужно делать тест на COVID-19 (коронавирус) перед вылетом?

Какие еще ограничения в связи с COVID-19 действуют в регионе (Иркутск)?

Сколько времени длится полет из Брюссель в Иркутск?

Какими авиакомпаниями дешевле всего лететь из Брюссель в Иркутск?

Как KAYAK находит такие низкие цены на авиабилеты Брюссель — Иркутск?

Как «Прогноз цен» от KAYAK определяет лучшее время для покупки авиабилетов Брюссель — Иркутск?

Что означает надпись KAYAK Mix на карточке рейсов Брюссель — Иркутск?

Зачем нужна опция «Гибкие даты» и как именно она поможет мне найти бюджетные авиабилеты Брюссель — Иркутск на KAYAK?

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Отзывы пассажиров

Плюсы: "I liked how generous they were with food and drinks"
Минусы: "Free WiFi could have made the flight a lot better"

Минусы: "Allow business passenger to use front bathroom."

Плюсы: "Perfect"
Минусы: "Nothing. Flight was amazing"

Плюсы: "Services is good ."
Минусы: "Food can be better"

Плюсы: "Crew were excellent"
Минусы: "Old aircraft. Uncomfortable seats in economy. Entertainment screens old and almost impossible to watch - watched my iPhone! No mobile phone charger."

Плюсы: "Confort and kindness"
Минусы: "It was too cold"

Минусы: "All of the less than good, obvious!"

Плюсы: "The crews were pretty great!"
Минусы: "The regulating of the temperature."

Плюсы: "Newer plane, crew was amazing, seats were adjustable"

Плюсы: "Great plane and staff"
Минусы: "Delayed"

Плюсы: "Friendly crew"
Минусы: "KLM lost one piece of my luggage"

Плюсы: "the trip was excellent and comfortable. LOved the windows that shaded out rather than the having to pull down the plastic blind. entertainment on board top notch screen huge One hostess , Helen was absolutely fantastic and the best I ve had on my many trips. I will recommend KLM whenever I can"
Минусы: "the headrest is hard. Apart from that- all was fine"

Плюсы: "Service is awesome. Food is great."
Минусы: "People with short connection are affected by the 15 to 25 minutes delay."

Минусы: "There was no wifi on flight"

Плюсы: "Everything was smooth and effortless."
Минусы: "Can’t think of anything."

Минусы: "Flight on time would have been good when you have a late evening arrival. Long wait for luggage at Birmingham airport."

Плюсы: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."

Плюсы: "Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️"

Плюсы: "One crew member was very good but all were not very available or checking on people. I had a seat that I purchased and it was very hard to recline I only found out that it did if fact recline it the last hour to hour and a half of the trip! It was a difficult push back to get it to recline"
Минусы: "If I knew how to recline my seat earlier. I did try several times"

Плюсы: "Nice aircraft"
Минусы: "Unexpected refueling stop. 2 hr delay Lost connection Reached destination after 18 hr delay"

Плюсы: "Comfortable seat, friendly crew. Crew were conscious of recycling which I like a lot as there is so much waste on flight. Anything we can do to reduce waste is very welcome."
Минусы: "Food wasn't very appetizing, pasta didn't have much flavor and I don't eat red meat so the other choice wasn't an option for me."

Минусы: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."

Плюсы: "Lovely crew, very helpful"
Минусы: "N/A"

Плюсы: "Seating is tight. The crew was great !"
Минусы: "As we landed we had to wait on the plane for an hour and a half because another plane (Spirit) was in our “parking spot.” This made it very difficult for people and connecting flights."

Плюсы: "Quick flight"

Минусы: "Faultless handling of weather delay, causing missed connection and flight transfer. A well oiled machine, thank you."

Плюсы: "Very personable staff. Food acceptable for airline fare. Ticket price was outstanding."
Минусы: "Paid for extra legroom, but very narrow seats not comfortable. Very difficult to sleep. Old plane--could not hear movies and unclear screen. Music sounded OK and choice was good."

Плюсы: "Last year I flew Lufthansa which was my worst experience flying ever. I thought the new standard was so low I would never fly to Europe again. I had heard KLM was good but I felt this was as good as could be expected actually much better. The food was even good."
Минусы: "I would have to dream something up."

Минусы: "Nothing special"

Плюсы: "Face recognition was amazing"
Минусы: "Too hot on plane"

Плюсы: "Staff very pleasant"
Минусы: "Evening snack was not the greatest breakfast was pretty food"

Минусы: "Very slow service at checkin, was not even available when I arrived at the airport"

Плюсы: "punctuality of boarding and flight time"
Минусы: "attitude of crew in business class: no sense of true hospitality"

Плюсы: "Good flight, very attentive crew."

Плюсы: "Flight crew was fine. Food was good."
Минусы: "Checking in was extensive for unaccompanied minor. But gate crew was very unnattentuve and though we showed up as first in line, they did not focus, and kept saying to wait. Ultimately our son was last person on the plane."

Минусы: "They stole my money"

Минусы: "At some point the luggage was lost. here."

Минусы: "Задержали вылет почти на час."

Плюсы: "Улыбчивый персонал, средне-хороший самолет. Пилоты, адекватные."
Минусы: "Кресла, не очень удобные. Питание, не соответствует статусу авиакомпании. Нет никаких разъемов или развлечений на самолете."

Плюсы: "Crew good flight was fine apart from delay due to fog in Amsterdam but kept informed"
Минусы: "Flight was delayed due to weather in Amsterdam area"

Плюсы: "Service provided by the staff"
Минусы: "The navigation of the entertainment system is not very friendly"

Плюсы: "The supplied pack of toothpaste/toothbrush"

Плюсы: "Staff both at the airport and in the plane were professional and welcoming. Depsite short distance sandwich and drink were offered."
Минусы: "Nothing to be honest . All positive."

Плюсы: "The pilot kept us informed periodically during our journey. I liked that we could choose our seating online. The entertainment was good."
Минусы: "The plane was dirty, all seats did not have pillows and blankets. Seating was not very comfortable, particularly as there was a box attached to one of the legs of the seat in front of me, making it necessary to move my legs to an uncomfortable angle."

Плюсы: "Nothing"
Минусы: "Flight from Amsterdam was 2 hours late. Caused me to miss connection on train from London to Leeds which then cost me 124 pounds to rebook. No information was forthcoming at all at the airport and there were 3 different departure times given. Absolute chaos. The airline is a joke"

Плюсы: "That we didn't crash"
Минусы: "Being delayed and missing my connecting flight. No entertainment onboard (for hours and hours)."

Плюсы: "Staff at Schipol airport were lovely and very helpful. Cabin crew were friendly and efficient. On board snack was nice."
Минусы: "Elbow room is a little bit awkward and I didn't get to sit next to my fiance WE will still definitely recommend KLM though!"

Плюсы: "Вежливый экипаж Достаточно места между рядами Наличие в фильмотеке фильмов на русском языке"
Минусы: "Отсутствовал USB для подзарядки"

Плюсы: "Удобные кресла, достаточно места для ног В наличии розетка и USB"
Минусы: "Экипаж посчитал, что будить меня для приема пищи не следует Проснулся когда все уже доедали и свою порцию получить так и не удалось. Был максимально голоден"

Плюсы: "Nothing with this company"
Минусы: "Yes, if refund my money due to canceled flight not by my fault"

Плюсы: "It was good"

Плюсы: "Evry thing but the dilay"
Минусы: "If we arrive on time"

Плюсы: "Helpful and friendly crew."

Плюсы: "Service, food"

Плюсы: "The on-flight crew was great, very helpful and friendly."
Минусы: "The check-in staff required me to check my poster (for an academic conference), which has never happened to me or any of my colleagues before because the poster fits on top of luggage in the carry-on bins."

Плюсы: "The crew was fine. The seats were as comfortable as economy class could be"
Минусы: "The food taste might have been improved"

Плюсы: "The coffee"
Минусы: "That I do not pay 50 € just for a piece of luggage"

Плюсы: "Crew"
Минусы: "Seat"

Минусы: "The headphone jack didn’t work so no entertainment system. 45 minute wait for luggage at SVO which is becoming much more common with Aeroflot. And it is their airport. They have control over this problem!"

Минусы: "Indifferent crew"

Минусы: "Out buggage was lost. We spent a lot of time to find our suitcase."

Минусы: "Seats were very close to each other"

Плюсы: "Вкусный сандвич из круассана"
Минусы: "Не работала розетка USB весь полет, не смог зарядить телефон"

Плюсы: "The crew was professional."
Минусы: "The seats are too close together. Aisles are too close together. Medical professional recommend getting up to walk and help with circulation. It is very difficult on these flights."

Плюсы: "The best crew ever. I was impressed with this airline"

Плюсы: "Вежливые проводники и умелые пилоты"
Минусы: "К самоллету везут так долго что начинаешь забывать о том что ты летишь))))"

Минусы: "Соседи сзади"

Плюсы: "Молодые, симпатичные стюардессы, неплохое питание, правда, не сразу нашли спецпитанип"
Минусы: "Обогревали салон слишком сильно. Дышать было невозможно. Посадка была жестковата"

Минусы: "Приехали в аэропорт за 2, 5 часа.Регистрация началась за 2 часа - очень медленно, больше часа в очереди. В результате после досмотра бегом в туалет и в очередь на паспортный контроль. О магазинах, кафе и пр. - забудьте. В итоге посадка за 10 минут до вылета и опоздание вылета на 40 минут. За 7 часов полета не нагнали ни минуты, наверное, экономили керосин. О том, что у многих пассажиров подвисли стыковые рейсы, командир, наверное, не думал"

Минусы: "The luggage was left behind. After waiting fir a very long time fir the luggage, was informed it was not on the plane to Israel causing missing a train schedule. Many hours extra traveling due to this problem plus no belongings. Very frustrated"

Плюсы: "Классный экипаж, профессионалы. Неплохое питание. Стюардессы умницы! Отличное владение языками."
Минусы: "Тесное размещение, нет развлечений и дисплеев на борту. Произошла задержка рейса, а по прилёту обьявили о прибытии совершенно в другой терминал (1 вместо 2), из-за чего лично у меня возникли некоторые проблемы!"

Минусы: "Задержка на 6 часов."

Плюсы: "Комфортные сидения"
Минусы: "Очень долго ехали на автобусе от гейта до самолета - около 25 минут. Притом было ощущение, что сначала ездили кругами. Проверка посадочных талонов при входе в самолет. Все остальные авиакомпании последний раз проверяют билет при входе в гейт, поэтому после прохода уже прячешь билет подальше. А тут потребовали предъявить. Пришлось долго искать в сумке, пока все остальные пассажиры ждали своей очереди на улице."

Плюсы: "Staff always polite, even speaking english"
Минусы: "Luguages did not make the connection but were on the next flight and I was still there, if not it would have been a pain since I was book on another flight not long after."

Плюсы: "Over all flight was pleasant"
Минусы: "Customer service at the JFK airport service desk was horrible. They need to train their employees to treat their customers with diginity. I was standing there with my father, he doesn’t speak English and they automatically gave us bad looks and they way they spoke was horrible. Please train your customer service to treat clients without any bias based on their enthinicity, color of skin or the language they speak."

Минусы: "Не работала обещанная развлекательная система"

Плюсы: "Seats were comfortable. Food was OK but not great."
Минусы: "I was the second person who boarded the plane in the business class. The flight attendant distributed ipads and headsets. She completely ignored me. When I asked her for one she said that they had only 15 of them and 16 people were in the business class. They do not have oe for me. I said why did you not give me one before she said I was sleeping which was a flat lie. Simply terrible and stupid service. Moreover, that flight attendant looked like a bar hostess than a professional person. Her English was very ppor. I talked to the bursar. She kept apologizing but it did not help. I am multi million miler and Diamond member with Delta, I never had an experience like this, AEROFLOT really needs to train their people better. Very bad experience."

Минусы: "Задержка рейса, при том, что другие рейсы вылетели в Иркутск без задержек. Как результат опоздал на свой следующий рейс"

Плюсы: "Понравилось всё!"

Минусы: "Очень небольшие расстояния между рядами. При росте 190 см это ужас."

Плюсы: "Комбинация характеров стюардесс Татьяны и Майи - идеально. Одна заботливая, другая веселая. Атмосфера в салоне была замечательная. Спасибо за шикарный полет"

Плюсы: "Good"

Минусы: "Went to SVO at 6 AM on June 11th for flight at 8:10 AM to Brussels. Waited in line to check-in untl 7:23 AM Because of long lines at check-in (Russia Day, apparently) and inadequate staffing for the large numbers, I succeeded in getting through passport control and security ten minutes before flight time, only to be told "no Flight" I had to buy another ticket for the next day at a second fare, all because of Aeroflot' s inadequate staffing. Aeroflot service desk only told me to " go back into the city" where I found an Aeroflot office. After meeting three staff members in succession there, they made no effort to make good on their error. I will avoid AEROFLOT on all future travel. Brussels and Amsterdam airports were so much better set up to handle the crowds"

Плюсы: "The most important part of a flight is arriving and returning safely, so in this regard, Aeroflot made the grade. The airplanes appeared new and on one of four flights, there seemed to be a decent amount of legroom in coach."
Минусы: "The crew...upon boarding, they literally say things like "come on, come on, hurry up" when you are moving as fast they allow you to move. It was just rude. In Moscow, the boarding staff were even more pushy and rude. The flight attendants are relatively polite, but definitely not friendly. The bathrooms smelled of urine upon boarding the flight. The movie system (while it was better than nothing) worked very poorly, froze up, would not take the button presses and aside from a couple of the movies, the majority were from the 1980's, 90's and early 2000's. Lastly, and the worst, the food was over cooked and tasteless. We were served a total of 6 meals on all of our flights. I had requested gluten free meals. I was served the EXACT SAME FOOD at every single meal! Worse yet, that meal consisted a 2"x 2" piece of chicken (which was palatable), tasteless yellow rice and a teaspoon glob of deathly overcooked spinach. A salad with just olive oil for the dressing. No vinegar, nothing. And a dry rice cake. Seriously, it was the worst airplane food I have ever endured. I would avoid Aeroflot if at all possible."

Плюсы: "On time, scheduling"
Минусы: "Food options.they didn’t let me check in in advance. Said there was a technical orooblem. They also didn’t let me choose a special meal in advance or save my selections. There was no option on board without meat. Unacceptable."

Плюсы: "Очень понравилась люлька для ребёнка. Ограничение 11 кг по весу чада."

Минусы: "Didnt’t get any of my luggage. When out of the airport with the only purse that I had, no clothes, no pajamas, and it’s the scariest feeling. Never taking Aeroflot again"

Плюсы: "Вылет и прилет по расписанию. Самолет достаточно новый. Бортпроводницы приветливые, хорошо выполняют свои обязанности."
Минусы: "Очень узкие расстояния между рядами. Нет никакой ни ТВ, ни аудио программы. И это для рейса свыше 4 часов!"

Минусы: "Я не ем мясо. Кратное количество раз отмечал в Аэрофлоте при покупке билетов, в Аэрофлот бонусе этот момент. Но компания игнорирует мои предпочтения и упрямо приносит мне мясо. Кроме того, люди прилетают из жаркой страны в прохладную Россию. Они чаще всего одеты не по погоде. Аэрофлот постоянно такие самолёты отставляет к лесу, потом все пассажиры долго мёрзнут в автобусе, долго едут через всё взлётное поле, а потом так же долго ждут багаж. - Сказочный русский маразм! Как раз в этот же день летел лоукостером Меридиана. Уровень примерно такой же. Только там нас к трапу подвезли. Аэрофлот экономит не на тех вещах. Ошибочный менеджмент. Отстойная зажравшаяся дешевая компашка. Стыдно."

Минусы: "Багаж не прилетел..........!...................."

Плюсы: "Hospitable easy beautiful attendants great varieriy of movies and generous meals"
Минусы: "N/A"

Минусы: "К самолету подавался автобус, а не рукав."

Плюсы: "Quick boarding, nice and friendly crew, lots of movies and shows to pick from"
Минусы: "Food tasted good but portions were really small, like kids meal. Crew was not updated with the times and left 45 minutes late which made us miss our connection flight and Im writing this while waiting for the next one we had to schedule. My 11 months old is with us and this was very inconvenient to say the least"

Минусы: "Забрали ручную кладь в багаж. Подход к ужесточению контроля за ручной кладью формально правильный, но Аэрофлот потеряет своих лояльных клиентов. Размер рамки не совпадает с размерами, утверждёнными мировыми практикам и соответственно выпускаемых мировыми брендами Samsonite, Tummi ручной клади. Подход "коверный" , в том числе и для бизнес класса, для Skype priority!!"

Минусы: "Самолёт прилетел в положенное время, но из заявленных 1,5 часа между рейсами, по факту было 40 минут, потому что не учитывалось время высадки пассажиров, если бы рейс задержался на минут 10 , люди бы не успели на рейсы"

Минусы: "Пожалуйста поменяйте упаковку для еды, эта ужасная бумажно-целофановая. Шуршит от любого прикосновения очень громко и когда ты на ночном рейсе хочешь заснуть, а все начинают есть, перелет превращается в кошмар."

Плюсы: "Внимание и профессионализм экипажа, питание на борту"
Минусы: "Отсутствие беспроводного доступа в интернет, надо на всех рейсах обеспечить WiFi"

Плюсы: "Летел как король в трех сидениях , питание норма. Экипаж приветливый."

Минусы: "The best teams ever!"

Подробнее об а/к KLM
Информация о COVID-19

Меры безопасности на рейсах Брюссель – Иркутск

Для удобства пассажиров авиакомпании, выполняющие рейсы Брюссель – Иркутск, изменили условия оказания услуг и ввели дополнительные меры безопасности. Внимание: условия оказания услуг разными компаниями варьируются.

Строгий санитарно-гигиенический контроль

Ежедневная чистка салона, HEPA-фильтры на всех рейсах Брюссель – Иркутск

Защитные маски

Маски от перевозчика для пассажиров всех рейсов Брюссель — Иркутск

Социальное дистанцирование

Места в середине ряда на рейсах Брюссель – Иркутск недоступны

Медицинские осмотры

Тесты на антитела, проверка симптомов перед вылетом на рейсах Брюссель – Иркутск

Гибкие условия отмены

Посмотрите билеты Брюссель – Иркутск с бесплатным изменением бронирования

Бронируйте дешевые авиабилеты Брюссель - Иркутск

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