Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Аллентаун – Москва


Найдите дешевые авиабилеты Аллентаун – Москва

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Аллентаун (ABE)
Москва Шереметьево
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Общая оценка на основе 29 994 отзывов
Отзывы пассажиров

Минусы: "I recently requested an urgent response from Delta's customer service and received a reply stating reply time is 14-21 days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased work load and decreased work force my response time is approximately 14-21 days."

Плюсы: "Feeling Covid safe."
Минусы: "More attention to those not wearing masks properly ."

Минусы: "connecting flight left without 1/6th of its passengers. Stuck at airport now because of Deltas laziness"

Плюсы: "Crew was excellent, seats are never excellent"

Плюсы: "Pretty much everything"
Минусы: "Food somewhat expensive..... boarding off the plane - people with no luggage should get off first then there should be some kind of control instead of everybody just getting in the aisles trying to get their luggage and holding everybody up"

Плюсы: "The airplane looked old. There was no entertainment available on the flight from AMS to SVO, but definitely more leg room then the newer airplanes. No having entertainment available made it a very long flight."
Минусы: "No entertainment available."

Плюсы: "Crew was very congenial, upbeat, and accommodating. As there were several rows with no passengers, the crew offered me a seat in an empty row for my comfort and it was most appreciated"
Минусы: "Nothing I can think of."

Плюсы: "The flight crew was friendly and communicated well. They also had a friendly attitude."
Минусы: "A 1 hour wait for wheelchair assistance in Houston and then a 30 minute delay for wheelchair people to take my mom to baggage claim. Then the wheelchair attendant kept complaining she wouldn't receive a good tip to take us to the Lyft pickup area."

Плюсы: "Flight cancelled"
Минусы: "Flight not cancelled"

Плюсы: "Seat 4 A. The flight attendant working first class was very attent"

Плюсы: "Food and movies"

Плюсы: "Entertaining crew"
Минусы: "On time arrival (we were late)."

Плюсы: "Crew was gr8, seats comfy and space between seats was great, great space for legs"
Минусы: "The quality of the forks and knife, I had meat for dinner and the fork broke two times. Coffee needs to be a little more stronger. Keep it up!"

Плюсы: "The crew very nice and helpful"

Плюсы: "The crew was very polite and accommodating."
Минусы: "Seats are uncomfortable and tight."

Плюсы: "William the flight attendant was very friendly and provided great service! When the row next to us was open he suggested me to move over, making the flight spacious and comfortable! We had to gate check our bags, but the crew was efficient and we didn’t have to wait to get them when we deplaned. Great service."
Минусы: "Great flight!"

Плюсы: "I liked the service to see if there was a chance to upgrade because of the connecting flight and even though there was a delay in the plane arriving to Alaska, the quick turn was excellent and we were in the air within a short period of time."
Минусы: "The comfortability and that’s rear even if I had the middle seat. I had it on my way towards Alaska and didn’t have any issue"

Плюсы: "See Below.. Inflight WiFi Entertainment Options"
Минусы: "Flight was delayed hour due to missing crew. Boarding involved a bus taking to stairs-only-access tiny plane, in pouring down rain. Grumpy flight attendant. All Carryons taken. Ran out of snacks and beverage service."

Плюсы: "The service is very good from the beginning. The flight attendant is very caring thanks so much."

Плюсы: "Quick boarding, great seats and everything went on schedule."

Плюсы: "Are usually fly international, and I really enjoy it. Flying domestic inside the US is bad because you never know when you will get flight delays, like we got. It wasn’t the fault of Delta, but it sucked."
Минусы: "Small seeds, no food, the flight delay"

Плюсы: "Our flight arrived ahead of schedule and the crew was great. Quick boarding although due to weather we were a bit late boarding aircraft however made up for lost time."
Минусы: "The aircraft was a bit warm and there was no ice for beverages which were warm"

Плюсы: "I araised safely in New York and all my luggage finally arrived. I suppose that is good but so much else was bad, very bad."
Минусы: "The morning of my flight I got a notice the departures time was changed by one hour later but to still arrive at the airport at the same time. So I ended up spending almost four hours at the airport before leaving. Boarding was a mess as "groups" were not called but everyone just rushed the gate in mass and we're let on. Staff were functional but looked and acted surly. It was a functional flight in that I arrived at my destination but it was not managed and I did not feel my business was wanted-only my money."

Минусы: "90 minute delay leaving LAX. Stuck on plane. 30 minuet delay getting to gate after landing at SFO. Stuck on plane again."

Плюсы: "Все хорошо"

Плюсы: "The food that was served was good. The crew was attentive and nice ."
Минусы: "Comfort seats didn’t seem like much different than reg seats. Didn’t like the cattle call boarding process at lax ."

Плюсы: "Love the entertainment options."
Минусы: "Very limited snack options and seats are very narrow."

Плюсы: "Smooth take off and landing"
Минусы: "N/A"

Плюсы: "Good selection of movies/shows."
Минусы: "Flight was delayed half an hour due to “medical emergency”. Guy passed out as we were about to take off so we turned back to the gate and sat on the plane for over 30 mins while we waited for medical personnel to check the guy out. Then had to wait another 15 mins for the fuel truck to refill us because we had burnt so much sitting there. I understand that we had to turn back due to his condition but why was he not removed from the plane and put on a later flight when he felt better instead of making all of us late? You would think after all this the crew would be kind and appreciate our patience but 2 of the flight attendants were the exact opposite of that. Both of them were very short with people and the one kept rolling her eyes at people as they were handing out drinks. The only thing I would give 5 stars is the tv entertainment. My seat wouldn’t even recline for me to enjoy though."

Плюсы: "Tons of free entertainment on the screen in front of your seat! Movies, games, and details on your flight, all available on your touch screen. USB charging is also available."
Минусы: "No one told us they wanted everyone with a roller carry-on to.check their bags. An attendant told my sister that her bag needed to be checked. We did not receive this notification until we were at the gate, boarding."

Плюсы: "We were delayed one hour in Mexico city but when we were in flight the crew definetly made up for it. The crew served us a great meal with drinks of choice as quick as possible followed by a hot cup of coffee cookies and kept coming around to check if we needed any thing els. Way to turn things around Delta."

Плюсы: "The boarding process was smooth, friendly staff."

Плюсы: "Empty seat next to me and actually got to stow my bag overhead. Good entertainment options. On-time departure and arrival."
Минусы: "Wi-Fi not functioning for second flight in a row. No food available for purchase, not even snack boxes. Best I could get was three bags of almonds."

Плюсы: "Liked choice of Biscuit, almonds or pretzel"
Минусы: "I used mobile checking and did not get seat assignment till Boarding started"

Плюсы: "Kayak tells u the baggage claim and the new gAtes"

Минусы: "Missed our connection due to a 30 flight delay because crew duty day and crew rest and had to rebook on a later flight on the same day. Downgraded from first class by the airline without any compensation."

Плюсы: "I LOVED the free movies. Great idea and newer movies. Finally was able to watch a movie I'd wanted to see for a long time."
Минусы: "Flight was packed which always makes for a more cramped ride. Again, boarding. Flight boarded late and just seems boarding from the back to front would be faster."

Плюсы: "Boarding was easy. Mess up at JFK left us on the tarmac for an hour before getting to our gate. Pilot kept us informed. Pleasant crew."

Плюсы: "I was going for weekend trip and because of delays I would've been there less than 20 hours. But Delta was terrific in giving me a refund and essy to work with via Twitter. 2 hour phone delay but they called me back to complete refund."
Минусы: "Chaos at gates. Changed gate 3 times. No real updates."

Плюсы: "The departure was slightly delayed (as always lately with Delta). For the rest it was fine."

Плюсы: "The departure was slightly delayed (as always lately with Delta). For the rest it was fine."

Минусы: "The plane was supposed to leave at 7pm. Instead we left at 2 am. In the meanwhile Delta has never offered us any food or beverages. Just some bottles of water. I had to stay a night in Orlando on my own, because they didn't give us a hotel. Just a total shame!"

Плюсы: "Быстрая посадка Неформальность общения капитана с пассажирами Внимание персонала"
Минусы: "Еда была холодная как из холодильника Маловат салон"

Плюсы: "Вкусная и горячая еда Очень приветливы персонал Удобный салон"
Минусы: "Набор фильмов на русском скудный Горячим кормят 1.5 раза (обед и сэндвич перед прилетом)"

Минусы: "My flight got to New York so late!!!! I missed my international flight."

Минусы: "Flight left late and missed connecting flight in Atlanta. It's 9:30 pm and I'm still stuck in Atlanta airport."

Плюсы: "I am not one who enjoys flying. I don't think there ever will be a time that I enjoy flying. However, the pilot, stewards, and all other workers on delta were very nice."
Минусы: "I don't like flying so there really wasn't anything I liked."

Плюсы: "The crew addressed me by name"
Минусы: "Wasn't lonng eough"

Минусы: "I fly Delta quite often, and am usually pleased with their service, but the morning of June 23 was terrible. I got to the airport in Denver at 5:30 am for a 7:30 am flight to Atlanta, and the line to check a bag was about 40 people long. I waited 55minutes to check my bag, as they kept moving the ski priority people, and people in danger of missing their flight, to the head of the line. There were obviously not enough Delta workers on staff to process all the flights at that time."

Подробнее об а/к Delta
Информация о COVID-19

Меры безопасности на рейсах Аллентаун – Москва

Для удобства пассажиров авиакомпании, выполняющие рейсы Аллентаун – Москва, изменили условия оказания услуг и ввели дополнительные меры безопасности. Внимание: условия оказания услуг разными компаниями варьируются.

Строгий санитарно-гигиенический контроль

Ежедневная чистка салона, HEPA-фильтры на всех рейсах Аллентаун – Москва

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Маски от перевозчика для пассажиров всех рейсов Аллентаун — Москва

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